Social Media Marketing Agency Bangkok:
Put your brand in the spotlight

Social Media Marketing Agency Bangkok: Putting your brand in the spotlight

Facebook marketing

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media network and the world’s third most popular site. Thai businesses can’t miss this service – nearly 70% of the country is on Facebook. Whether you’re a local or a multinational business, Primal will help your brand with social media marketing Bangkok and get noticed in one of the world’s busiest market places. Let us create a tailored campaign that creates deep connections with your customers.

Generate leads
with Instagram

Show your good side. More than 100 million photos, videos and GIFs are posted every day to Instagram’s switched-on user base, making it one of the internet’s most popular sites. With a range of sophisticated marketing features built in, you’ll have everything you need to build a beautiful, stylish brand for your company with help from one of Thailand’s top social media agencies and social media services.

Convert B2B audiences
with LinkedIn

Make your company a darling of the corporate world. Primal will help your build a brand that speaks to LinkedIn’s 380 million professional members, opening the door to new business partnerships and deeper client relations. Let Primal help you build a profile and outreach program that connects with your customers and generates tangible ROI. Our social media agency Bangkok will Boost your website traffic, forge new professional relationships and become a thought-leader in your industry with help from a leading social media marketing and consulting firm.

Build your brand
on YouTube

The world’s second-most popular site, YouTube offers a rich platform for beautiful, high-definition video content. Primal’s social media managers can advise you on how best to leverage your YouTube presence to forge more meaningful connections with customers. Let us show you using social media services Bangkok how to make meaningful changes to your YouTube ad campaign that allow you to reach more people in more places. Show off more of what your business has to offer and build a deeper relationship with help from Primal, Social Media Agency Bangkok and YouTube.

Break the ice with LINE

The place to go for news online, LINE is the ideal platform for agile, fast-moving companies looking to give their brand a voice. With the help of Southeast Asia’s most progressive social media marketing agency Thailand, you will be able to grow your reach and leverage your followers for real ROI. Have a readymade audience for all new announcements and product releases, and a clear channel for communicating with customers. Primal will help you become a thought leader in your industry with a winning LINE strategy.

What our client say about us

"Extremely helpful in running our digital campaigns, the Primal team are extremely responsive and efficient in meeting your every needs - I'll definitely recommend Primal to anyone looking for all round digital marketing solutions."

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