Four Social Media Marketing Mistakes that can Harm Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, it can be easy to channel all your energy into your SEO or PPC efforts. However, in a world dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to use social media as a key marketing platform. Social media channels present many opportunities for businesses to gain publicity, drive sales and expand their client base. In the current digital age, adopting an effective social media marketing strategy can ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. To make sure that your business takes full advantage of the many marketing opportunities presented through social media it’s important that you avoid the same mistakes as your competitors. Here are some of the most common errors you should steer clear of in order to maximize your conversion rates.

Avoid overselling

While it is important to regularly share posts, try not to push your brand too hard. Spamming your newsfeed with endless advertisements and promotions will turn away existing and potential clients. Moderation is key. Make sure that you occasionally post blogs and share articles that do not directly advertise your services. This will help build trust and establish a loyal client base.

Misuse of hashtags

Hashtags are a key promotional tool that can be used across various social media platforms. They are a great way for businesses to extend their reach and gain publicity. Trending hashtags that relate to your product, services or target audience will dramatically increase your brand awareness. However, irrelevant or excessive hashtags can be annoying and turn away sales. Make sure that you use hashtags appropriately to ensure that your business reaps the rewards of this fantastic promotional tool.

Forgetting to proofread

Poor spelling and grammar will negatively affect your brand. If your newsfeed is riddled with errors you will lose credibility. Uphold you professional image by taking the time to proofread posts before uploading. Sloppy grammar will discredit your business model and overall expertise.

Ignoring your followers

It’s important to directly engage with your target audience by establishing a positive flow of communication. Your followers need to know that their opinions are being heard. By ignoring comments and tweets, you will quickly lose followers.

Social media is one of the best online platforms for propelling a business ahead of the competition. Build your brand exponentially by adopting an effective social media marketing strategy free of errors that can negatively impact your conversion rates.