Blog Posts & Copywriting

Blog Posts & Copywriting

Copywriting for any online publication or source is always a key aspect of any creative and campaign to ensure your brand message is always on-brand. Primal puts in the care and dedication having the required lens to keep your blog posts or copywriting relevant. Primal is a progressive, advanced content agency delivering a full suite of services helping organisations increase their visibility and market presence. Let Primal help you curate the best and most relevant content for your brand or company.

Banners & Creatives

Banners & Creatives

Primal has a reputation for delivering exceptional creative work to drive content related results to businesses regionally including in Thailand. Our creative gurus are an exceptionally talented group of people with a broad and deep understanding of how to create eye-catching engagement for your company, helping you to educate and engage your market. We work hard to ensure that we’ve always stayed on top of trends and using the latest graphics software to deliver unmatched banner designs and creative work.

Video Production & Editing

Video Production & Editing

Video production and editing is at the forefront of online marketing today. With today’s millennial generation of short attention spans and high social media usage, video is the only way to engage and story-tell in a short period of time. Enhance your content with motion graphics or real video footage to help give your content strategy a real kick. Primal can help to produce company introductions or even aerial footage.



Educating your prospects and your clients with infographics is a sure-fire way to build trust and drive content related traffic to your website. Let Primal help you deliver exceptional content and infographics that will allow your content to be shared and placed within relevant social bookmarking sites. Infographics are a key component in delivering value and an easy way to communicate complex product or service offerings.

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"We are Primal. A client-centric, results-driven group of the top digital marketers in Thailand"

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Bring your ideas to life with an experienced content marketing firm.

Bring your ideas to life with an experienced content marketing firm.

This is the perfect long-term strategy to give your business the edge over your competitors. Primal combines the best content marketing tools available with our top creative teams to enable your brand to be fuelling passions or solving problems through content. Do you find yourself wondering what is content marketing? Speak to Primal’s content experts today.

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