Increase Brand Awareness and Stand Out

Increase Brand Awareness and Stand Out

Online content marketing is about creating transparent, honest and useful content consistently for an ideal buyer profile, as part of a holistic digital marketing strategy. The goal is to use the publication and promotion of unique content to drive organic website traffic, increase qualified lead generation and increase sales. Another key benefit is that it’s cost-saving, with content marketing priced at a fraction of traditional marketing tactics.

Traditional product marketing focuses on product-specific and sales collateral. In contrast, content marketing broadens the net to include educational booklets, e-books, videos, entertainment articles and webinars, all of which supply answers to specific questions. The goal is to stand out from the online noise and provide potential online customers with the information they can’t get somewhere else. By becoming a reliable resource on topics that matter most to real people, you’re more likely to be found by the right audience at the right time.

Boost SEO with Strategised Content Marketing

Boost SEO with Strategised Content Marketing

Regardless of what type of marketing methodology you use, and whether you go it alone or use a professional SEO content agency, reliable content marketing should be part of your overall strategy, not something separate. Indeed, good quality content assists every facet of marketing:

  • Inbound marketing: Strong content drives incoming traffic and leads.
  • PPC: Every successful PPC campaign is backed-up by great content.
  • PR: Substantial PR strategies discuss topics the public cares about.
  • SEO: Search engines reward businesses that publish high-quality content.
  • Social media: Quality content is eye-catching and makes people stop and look.

Every day millions of people are accessing search engines like Google looking for information. Without questions, if you’re in the business of selling (product or service), you want to be at the top of the search results. Answering people’s questions via blog posts, e-books, videos and other content assets is a pivotal way to make this happen. If you’re not playing the content marketing game, you’re missing a golden opportunity to reach, engage and convert more potential customers.

 Keys to Content Marketing Success

4 Keys to Content Marketing Success

To reap the benefits of content marketing, you’ll want to consider the following content marketing services:

Copywriting is a vital aspect of all creative online campaigns. The text must be on-brand, consistent, unique, informative and captivating, incorporating everything from blogs posts and advertorials to FAQ pages and press releases.

Striking visuals are the heart of any great online campaign. Images that stand out from the crowd during a quick online desktop or app scroll are more likely to catch a user’s attention. Getting readers to stop is the first step in getting them to engage with your brand. 

An infographic is a collection of charts, images and text that provide an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. Educating potential customers with infographics is a guaranteed way to build trust, expand brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. 

Given the short attention spans and high social media usage of today’s online shoppers, video is the perfect way to reach and engage with this active online user group. From motion graphics to real footage, company bios, testimonials and adverts, video is where it’s at.

Dominate with Thailand’s Content Marketing Experts

Dominate with Thailand’s Content Marketing Experts

Primal has a reputation for delivering exceptional creative work to drive content-related results to businesses across the region. Our content marketing agency employs an exceptionally talented group of people with a broad and deep understanding of how to create eye-catching engagement for your company, helping you to educate and engage your market. We strongly believe that content marketing is the perfect long-term strategy to give your business the edge over your competitors.

Our Bangkok content marketing agency combines the best content marketing tools, know-how and best practices and creativity for optimum results. If you still find yourself wondering what content marketing is all about or need help with execution, speak to our digital marketing experts today. Our content marketing services can be tailored to the size and scope of your business. Contact us today to discover why we are considered the content marketing in Bangkok specialists. We will set your business on a course to exponential sales growth and significant market expansion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is a form of strategic marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to a target audience to bring about profitable customer action.

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The best content marketing strategy is based around 3 questions: why are creating content; who you are trying to help; and how will you help them differently than others.

Yes and no, depending on your goals and how much you can do in-house compared to outsourcing. The cost will depend on the complexity, research, skill and workforce required.

To run a successful content marketing strategy you need to consider three key elements: 1] what content should be produced, 2] how often and 3] posted where?

Yes! Need proof? On average, when it comes to brand retention, companies who deploy customer-focused content are seeing a 5 -10% better retention rate with potential customers.

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