Benefits of TikTok Ads

Benefits of TikTok Ads

TikTok is the latest video-sharing app to explode in popularity, having racked up over 2 billion downloads globally. Achieving similar reach to Facebook and Instagram, TikTok allows users to record and share up to 15-second video snippets, with the ability to stitch multiple clips together for a total of 60 seconds of video. The Millennials and Generation Z groups are responsible for the bulk of TikTok’s userbase, making it the ideal platform for products and services aimed at young people.

TikTok For Business is the platforms’ all-in-one solution for marketers. It simplifies the process of leading a powerful TikTok ads campaign, as you develop a brand message that resonates with the platform’s enormous audience. By following a strategy that capitalises on TikTok’s complex algorithms, your business can benefit from increased visibility and conversions. Considering 90% of TikTok users open the app multiple times a day, a superior TikTok advertising strategy can achieve rapid growth and give brands a massive headstart on a platform that’s only going to get bigger.

Connecting Brands with Consumers

Connecting Brands with Consumers

With so many regularly engaged users, TikTok has quickly become an awesome destination for brands wanting to expand their reach. However, engaging with youth culture is difficult at the best of times, as trends promptly come and go from one day to the next. A carefully considered TikTok marketing campaign grows engagement through views, likes and comments, but knowing how to achieve this is the big question. With the help of Primal, an experienced marketing agency for TikTok, we can design a content strategy that’s going to push your videos onto an exponential amount of ‘For You’ pages and dramatically boost your brand’s visibility.

TikTok is hugely exciting for brands because it can be approached in a variety of ways. It’s not only about creating viral dance videos, but it helps to have lively content that engages your audience and encourages them to interact with your brand. For instance, fashion brands can create runway-style videos that showcase their products, while easy-to-follow assembly guides are another type of content that customers could find incredibly useful.

Advertising Options Available on TikTok

Advertising Options Available on TikTok

Part of what makes TikTok great is its wealth of advertising options. Our TikTok media agency can help your brand adopt a strategy that reaches your target market in a plethora of ways. One common approach is to launch your own brand channel to upload relevant content that highlights your products and provides fans with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business.

Similar to platforms like Instagram and YouTube, brands can also benefit from influencer marketing on TikTok. By forming partnerships with brand ambassadors that share a target market comparable to your own, it’s possible to significantly expand your customer base. With trusted influencers conveying the advantages of your products to their followers, it helps potential customers understand why they should choose you over a competitor.

TikTok also has a variety of display advertising options. There are attractive video ads, ranging from quick three-second clips to fully immersive 60-second videos. Plus, there are In-Feed ads that are ideal for telling brand stories, while Branded Hashtag Challenges and Effects are an innovative way to creatively inspire your audience.

Tik Tok Best Advertising Practices

Tik Tok Best Advertising Practices

Alongside a talented TikTok marketing agency like Primal, we can develop a clear personality around your business. However, this only has an impact on your bottom line if you find a way to reach the screens of your target market. To do so, TikTok’s hashtags function much the same as other platforms, with brands able to create content around trending topics and ride them onto relevant users’ For You pages. Meanwhile, video captions are also incredibly important, with a short and sharp brand voice proving to be the most effective style.

Productive TikTok advertising also requires a detailed approach to music and sounds. By using songs that are trending across the entire platform, you can gain a massive boost in terms of discoverability. Getting started on TikTok might sound tricky, but our TikTok advertising agency ensures the process is a breeze. Our team will find an approach that attracts your customer base, outshines your competition, and positions your business as fresh and lighthearted, with our professional TikTok agency helping your business grow into the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many effective ways to advertise on TikTok. Brands can take a broad approach by developing their own profiles, working with beloved influencers and generating attractive display ads.

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TopView, Brand Takeover and In-Feed ads are each great for increasing engagement, while Branded Hashtag Challenge and Branded Effects are fun ways to showcase your company’s personality and creativity.

To advertise on TikTok, brands need a strategy that’s going to achieve their business goals. Engaging video ads spread brand awareness about your products, while In-Feed ads generate more conversions.

Every brand’s approach is going to be different, but a comprehensive TikTok marketing strategy is one that combines your own profile’s content with creative display ads and influencer outreach.

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