What you will receive from our SEO specialist

  • Full SEO audit with recommendations
  • Set-up and review of your tracking to enable meaningful analysis of your results
  • Keyword research analysing those related to your business
  • Creation and editing of SEO content for Google to better understand your website
  • Quality backlinks each month (off-page SEO)
  • Monthly and quarterly SEO reports with recommendations
  • Increase in website visibility and traffic to gain more customers

We Implement Proven Traffic Exploding Techniques To Your Website

These methods go against everything you’ve ever been told by SEO agencies

Leading eCommerce brand 284% traffic increase in 12 months

Leading eCommerce Brand

12 Months

Leading healthcare provider 382% traffic increase in 12 months

Leading Healthcare Provider

12 Months

Leading B2B brand 8200% traffic increase in 12 months

Leading B2B Brand

12 Months

Get Higher Rankings

Get Higher Rankings

Simply put, if your company hopes to stay competitive now and, in the future, then the answer to the question of whether SEO is important or not is a resounding ‘Yes!’. As the world is increasingly embracing the Internet as a place of commerce, every company wishing to stay competitive must use all the tools available to them, with SEO being at the top of the list.

SEO in Bangkok and everywhere else represents the fundamental aspect of an entire range of digital marketing tools that companies can use to maintain their competitiveness in a digital economy. Without the proper use of SEO, other digital marketing tools are useless. You must optimise your website before it can be used for digital marketing. If you don’t have the in-house talent and resources to get the job done, consider working with a specialist SEO agency who can guide and train you.

Boost Organic Traffic

Boost Organic Traffic

Whether you’re building an agile and flexible multi-national company that sees the whole world as one market, or a small-to-medium enterprise looking to expand your market reach beyond what you’re currently attaining, SEO can help you succeed in your endeavour. And we’re not just talking about online business; traditional bricks-and-mortar stores need good SEO too. For that reason alone, working with SEO specialists is worth it, particularly an award-winning SEO company like Primal.

We begin every new client relationship with a thorough consultation. Once we understand your brands’ goals and requirements, we then build a powerful campaign that helps you grow in ways that are most important and meaningful to you. Whether it’s more traffic, higher conversions, better rankings or more significant revenue, we can assist with all these objectives and more. All businesses need SEO, and all companies need an SEO strategy tailored to their particular market, goals, budget and product/service.

Dominate Your Market

Dominate Your Market

You should choose the best SEO agency in Bangkok based on verifiable results which have been achieved by the agency for other companies who have needed the same, or similar, type of SEO assistance. You should ask specific questions about the agency in question, to find out if they are the best fit for your company and your needs. Have them list out their services and give examples of measurable results they’ve achieved for each of the items listed. If the results match your expectations, they may be the SEO company in Bangkok for you.

In addition, ask them how they will structure both a short- and long-term SEO strategy to meet your ongoing and evolving objectives. Don’t sell your business short; only work with the best SEO agency you can find. Remember, when it comes to SEO, one size doesn’t fit all; you need to work with an adaptable and agile agency, able to pivot course quickly and easily stay on course.

Become an Industry Leader

Become an Industry Leader

Primal is an award-winning SEO specialist agency in Bangkok, Thailand. SEO is a significant part of our full suite of digital marketing services. We help organisations of every size increase their visibility, market presence and performance. We address the needs of our clients in our SEO practices, no matter how complex or straightforward they may be. We can insert key phrases across your entire website or target separate keywords and phrases to individual pages within one big website.

By choosing to work with the best SEO company in Thailand, you’ll increase your chances of generating more traffic to your website and steering less towards your competitors. Select Primal, the leading SEO firm in Asia, as your digital partner and become an industry leader and dominant force. By working with the SEO in Thailand experts, you’ll increase your chances to reach, engage and convert more customers, more of the time.

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Case Study

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MK | mk.co.th

MK were looking to generate more organic traffic and be present on SERP for relevant keywords as previously they invested heavily on Paid Media.

Of Keywords On Page 1 Within One Year
Increase In Organic Traffic Within 1 Year
Increase In Unique Users From Organic Traffic

"We are Primal. A client-centric, results-driven group of the top digital marketers in Thailand"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimisation aims to increase the visibility of a website or web page to users of Internet search engines. It includes unpaid, organic search results; excluding advertising and outreach.

Internet users rely on search to answer questions, learn more about products/services and find companies. Getting to the top of SERP (via good SEO) will bring with it more customers.

SEO only lasts if you work at it. As soon as you stop, your SERP ranking will start slipping. To maintain its effectiveness, it requires ongoing time, effort and budget.

The top benefits of SEO are: better user experience; increased leads; higher conversion rates; greater brand credibility and awareness; and even a rise in foot traffic to a physical store.

SEO is achieved via four steps: 1) target market analysis; 2) keyword research and development; 3) content optimisation and submission; and 4) continuous testing and measuring.

If you have an online store, company website or blog, you need SEO to get targeted traffic (i.e., quality potential customers) from search engines like Google.

It takes upwards of 6 months to start seeing results. It depends how old your site is, what platform it’s on, content quality, link profile, prior SEO work etc.

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