Avoid Google Penalties and Prosper

Avoid Google Penalties and Prosper

A Google penalty indicator takes the form of a sharp drop in your previously high-ranking website. Even if you are not facing stiff competition, it can mean that your website doesn’t show up in the first page of search results and you are left in the dust in terms of viewer site recognition and awareness. The thing to be aware of is that the rules Google has decreed are aimed at making the browsing experience as easy and informative for the viewer as possible. They don’t hand out a Google penalty maliciously.

Penalties should be looked at like learning experiences. If you follow the rules, you will make it that much easier for people to find your website and explore your products and services. Sticking to the guidelines creates a win-win situation for both a brand’s website and the viewers visiting it. If the worst happens, don’t panic, Google penalty recovery is possible, and you will learn some valuable SEO lessons along the way.

Ensure Google Promotes Your Content

Ensure Google Promotes Your Content

If your website experiences a sudden drop in the rankings, you may be guilty of a violation. A quick search of Google itself will reveal that there are many ‘website penalty indicator’ tools available to help you run an SEO penalty assessment.

Penalties are the result of breaches in two general areas. The most common area is links. Links can cause a range of problems, with the most frequent violation being simply too many links or inorganic links, meaning they offer little or no quality or relevance to the host content.

The second area that invites a Google penalty is content. A website’s content needs to be relevant, informative and, above all else, original. It should contain keywords in the correct percentage of the total word count. Anything above that exact percentage invites a Google penalty for padding that content with unnecessary keywords.

Develop Search Engine-Friendly Content

Develop Search Engine-Friendly Content

While there are ways to incur a Google penalty that apply more to the technical way a website has been set up than how it presents information to the viewer; the two areas described above account for most of the infractions by users, so how does a company ensure its website doesn’t incur a Google penalty that may cause their brand to suffer? The simplest way is to let a professional SEO company handle the maintenance of your website, so you never have to worry about how to avoid a Google Penalty. Of, if the worst has already happened, let them handle the complicated recovery process.

Otherwise, there are three golden rules to keep in mind: 1) Don’t buy links. Links passing in and out of your site should look natural and authentic and lead to/from quality content. 2) Don’t overuse keywords. Stuffing your content with a repetitive key phrase or word will do the opposite of what you want; it will hurt your search engine ranking. 3) Don’t copy or steal chunks of content. Provide original, useful information that enhances the user experience.

Stay on Google’s Good Side

Stay on Google’s Good Side

Primal is an experienced Google penalty agency in Bangkok that has the skills and expertise necessary to help any company avoid being penalised. By putting your website in our hands, you can be sure of never incurring your first, or indeed second or third, penalty.

Conducting your business over the Internet means you must play by the established rules that Google has laid down. Unfortunately, these rules tend to change over time, meaning that companies who do not stay abreast of the latest developments (i.e., updates like Panda and Penguin) run the risk of being penalised for non-compliance.

We are fully compliant with Google’s latest best practices. For example, we thoroughly investigate any requested links before using them on your website; we only post wholly original, informative and fresh content on your site; and we fully abide by the list of banned website tools, such as hidden links and hidden text.

To know more about our Google penalty services, contact Primal’s digital marketing specialists today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Penalties can be the result of a search algorithm update (i.e., Panda and Penguin), suspicion of black-hat SEO tactics, dodgy links, keyword-stuffing, etc. The result is a drop in rankings.

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There are two kinds: Manual penalties are usually link-related and you’ll get a notification via Webmaster Tools. Algorithmic penalties come without warning and you’ll have to figure out what’s wrong.

If you fear the worst and didn’t receive a warning message via Webmaster Tools, it’s likely you have been automatically penalised in conjunction with an update. Both require immediate remedy.

There are two ways to check. Use Google Search Console to confirm it or use Google Analytics’ reports to compare search traffic with the dates when significant Google updates occurred.

Manual penalties can be recovered quickly when suspect links are removed. Algorithmic ones take longer as Google doesn’t warn you and only runs data refreshes every few months.

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