What is a Google Penalty?

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google penalty indicator takes the form of a sharp drop in your previously high-ranking website. This can be disastrous if you are in close competition with several brands in your industry. Even if you are not facing stiff competition, it can mean that your website doesn’t show up in the first page of search results and you are left in the dust in terms of viewer site recognition and awareness.

The thing to be aware of is that the rules that Google has decreed are aimed at making the browsing experience as easy and informative for the viewer as possible. They don’t hand out a Google penalty maliciously. Penalties should be looked at like learning experiences. If you follow the rules, you will make it that much easier for people to find your website and explore your products and services. Following the rules creates a win-win situation for both the brand’s website and the viewers visiting it.


The rules have been created to account for trends in the way viewers navigated the Internet and reward those websites that make it easier and more informative for viewers. But you can’t reward a website that is already highly ranked. So Google resorted to a negative inducement by assessing a Google penalty to those websites that committed an infraction of the rules.

How to Check a Google Penalty?

How to Check a Google Penalty?

If your website experiences a sudden drop in the rankings, you may be guilty of a violation. You should log-on to your search console and check to see that all your data is up to date. There are Website Penalty Indicator tools you can use that are available on the Internet.

Google assesses penalties that are caused mostly by violations in two general areas. The most common area is links. Links can cause a range of problems, with the most frequent violation being simply too many links, or links that are inorganic, meaning they offer little or no quality or relevance to the host content.

Quality is a term you will hear a lot, and it refers simply to ease of use and the gathering of useful information by viewers. Google aims to make the browsing experience as easy and informative as possible and links, though at times they can be helpful, too often get in the way of browsing a website easily.


Having many links that lead to websites that offer little relevant text are definite no-nos. They can lead to something called the ‘Cupcake Effect’. This refers to a website that contains so many links that the website simply serves as a platform of links to other websites. It is like a bland cupcake that is top-heavy with icing. Websites that are guilty of having too many links need to undergo a process of link-pruning to get rid of worthless links in order to rebuild the website’s ranking.

Another area that invites a Google penalty is content. A website’s content needs to be relevant, informative and, above all else, original. It should contain keywords in the correct percentage of the total word count. Anything above that correct percentage invites a Google penalty for padding that content with unnecessary keywords.

The content should also be relevant and informative in relation to the keywords or key phrases. In other words, a website that viewers found because they entered the key phrase ‘car repair’ and then goes on to have content describing property for sale is not in keeping with the rules of Google and will incur penalties for having misleading content.

But the biggest rules breakers are those who post unoriginal content to their websites. Google takes a dim view of plagiarism and websites that repeatedly commit this cardinal sin risk having their website banished from the Google search engine. Plagiarism is illegal and Google has been thrust into the unenviable role of acting as the police of the Internet.

How to Avoid a Google Penalty

How to Avoid a Google Penalty

There are some other ways to incur a Google penalty that apply more to the technical way a website has been set up and how it presents information to the viewer. But the two areas described above account for most of the infractions by users. So how does a company ensure its website doesn’t incur a Google penalty that may cause their brand to suffer? The simplest way is to let a professional SEO company handle the maintenance of your website.

Primal is an SEO company in Bangkok that has expertise in avoiding these penalties. By putting your website in our hands, you can be sure of never incurring another penalty.

It is part of our job to keep up on all the changes that Google implements, or is planning to implement and that can affect your website and your ability to conduct business on the Internet. We are proactive in keeping up to date with Google’s policies, and we will notify you of any upcoming changes to the rules that will seriously affect your website and cause us to make radical changes to the website in order to stay ahead of them.


We are fully compliant with Google’s ‘best practices’. This means that we fully investigate any requested links before using them on your website, we only post thoroughly original, informative and fresh content and we fully abide by the list of banned website tools such as hidden links and hidden text.

Primal is in the business of helping you make your company succeed. Your business is working at a disadvantage if your website is being penalised by Google. We help keep your website running as smoothly and profitable as your brand.

At Primal, we are in partnership with you and your brand. We have developed a sterling reputation for providing quality SEO services to companies both in Thailand and abroad. That means we have established a best practices code for our own company as well as abiding by the best practices that Google has established.

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How to Avoid a Costly Google Penalty Assessment

Conducting your business over the Internet means you have to play by the established rules that Google has laid down. Unfortunately, these rules tend to change over time, meaning that companies who do not stay abreast of the rule changes risk being penalised for violating them.

Punishment for violating any of the rules that Google has put into place comes in the form of a penalty. For any company trying to be competitive in a digital marketing environment, this can be critical.

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