Time to Look at Your Advertising Budget

Time to Look at Your Advertising Budget

You’ve decided on the best type and format of ads to use depending on your content, but now you have to determine the size and how many ads you can run. You will have to use a bit of display advertising management to make good use of the advertising budget you have to work with. This will play a large part in how successful your ad campaign is in the long run.

Are having small and expensive ads the best route for your brand to take? Or will consumers respond better to fewer, but larger ads?

These have been the two big questions that advertisers have asked themselves ever since the dawn of the advertising age. However, in the new age of digital marketing, these questions can be a lot more complicated to answer with any certainty.


There are many factors to consider. First, you have to take into consideration the costs of creating the ads and the contents as well. Does it need a large format to deliver its message? In other words, does it have detail so fine that it would be impossible to see on a small screen? This can be important in video and rich media ads. It can also be vital if you’re targeting mobile viewers.

Finally, you need to take into account the different conversion rates of the different types of ads. Image and rich media ads will generate a much higher click-through rate than text ads, but they will be shown less often.

This is because multiple text ads can be shown within a single block, but only a single image or rich media ad can run. Therefore, image, video and rich media are more expensive ads to run in a particular block. You have to have to outbid the combined total of the text ads to earn a place in that block.

If all this sounds too confusing to make an important strategic decision that will affect the bottom line of your brand, maybe you need an objective opinion.

Primal Can Help You Make the Right Ad Placement Decisions

Primal Can Help You Make the Right Ad Placement Decisions

Primal is a Google display advertising company in Bangkok, Thailand. If you plan to embark on a Thailand display advertising campaign, Primal can show you the correct choices to make.

We can help you decide right from the beginning, which of the four types of ads are most advantageous and get the most out of showing your products and services and provide you with the highest returns on your advertising budget.

We can offer examples of the strategies and results of past campaigns concerning products and services similar to your brands. We can also help decide which formats, sizes and amounts would spread the word about your products and services most effectively.

Best of all, when you work with Primal, you’ve gained a long-term partner in your advertising campaigns. We can monitor your campaign’s progress and keep you updated on the click-through and conversion rates of each and every ad you have running throughout the advertising campaign. We can help you become a success and put your brand ahead of your competitors.

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Choose the Type and Format of Display Advertising that Fits Your Products or Services

Having a Google Adwords account is a must for any retailer who wants to sell their products or services online. But if you have opened a Google Adwords account, you have been faced with numerous choices. These choices have to be made in order to fully utilise the power that your Adwords account has in being able to reach your target audience and potential buyers.

But deciding on the best types of ads, formats and sizes for your display advertising, can determine how successful your Adwords campaign will be for your brand. Hence, these choices have to be made carefully.

There are four main types of ads to choose from and a multitude of formats and sizes. The four main types are:
Image ads

Image ads

Popular among brands that feature services as their major revenue stream. They allow you to explain your services in detail.

Video ads

Video ads

Popular with brands offering services instead of individual, visual products. They consist of a headline and two lines of text. Advertisers can create a number of these ads and monitor which one provides the most effective content in attracting consumers.

Text ads

Text ads

Static image that completely fills the entire ad block. You can custom-create your imagery and include embedded text within the image.

Rich media ads

Rich media ads

The newest innovation. These include interactive features and animations. Rich media represents a new way for brands offering products or services to engage with their target audience and often provide higher click-through and conversion rates.

The next step is deciding the best format to use to display your ad. There are also four main formats to choose from in determining how your ad will appear on a webpage.
The types of ad you use and the content they contain should be taken into account when choosing a format. The formats are:
Squares and triangles

Squares and triangles

Just what the name suggests. They are squares and rectangles in different sizes. If you decide on a video ad or rich media ad, these can be your most appropriate formats.

Leaderboard ads

Leaderboard ads

Also known as banner ads. They are offered in several bold sizes that often occupy a large portion of the webpage on which they appear.

Skyscraper ads

Skyscraper ads

Vertically-formatted ad blocks. While they can be effective for text-based ads or static image ads, they generally are a challenge for video and rich media ads.

Mobile ads

Mobile ads

Simply ads designed to be viewed on smartphones. Rich media ads go particularly well with smartphones as the interactive features of rich media ads can be operated via touchscreen.

Each of these formats is offered in a variety of sizes. For determining the size, your overall advertising budget and the number of different ads you want to run will have to be taken into consideration.

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