What is e-commerce SEO?

What is e-commerce SEO?

E-Commerce SEO is SEO aimed specifically at maximising the benefits of selling your products and services on your website. When you don't take advantage of e-commerce SEO, there's a good chance your sales will not pick up.

Let's look at an example. You've been selling a line of products for some years now. But you are getting tired of negotiating with the retail stores that have been carrying your products. You are also getting tired of having to reduce your wholesale price to keep your products competitive with similar products in the marketplace.

You have been reading up on the boon in e-commerce and decide that it is time to take the plunge, so you buy a domain name and hire a website developer to build a website for your company that lists all your products and features an online ordering and payment system. You also arrange for a company to handle the shipping for you. Then you launch the website with great expectations and wait for the orders to roll in.


Weeks later, you've hardly had a nibble. Your products were selling in the stores, so why aren't they selling on the Internet? Well, it's because you have forgotten to include probably the most important component of an e-commerce website: a partnership with an e-commerce SEO company.

How to create an e-commerce Website

How to create an e-commerce Website

E-Commerce websites are different from a normal website. They have tools and add-ons that help you deal with the volume of sales expected in e-commerce.

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, most companies choose an e-commerce platform such as Magento or Woocommerce to provide them with the tools they need to conduct business over the Internet and build their websites using these platforms.

There are many customisable options to take advantage of; in these types of platforms, so you can make your e-commerce website look much the same as your old website. But these platforms still require the knowledge of e-commerce SEO specialists to provide you with the optimisation that will make them competitive.

One of the first unwritten rules of e-commerce is to work with an e-commerce SEO company to keep your website ranking high. This is especially important if you are competing in an industry with a lot of other brands. You need to ensure that your website shows up on the first page of a Google search result if you want your business to succeed.


The scary fact is that only 4.8% of prospective buyers even visit the second page of search results. On the other hand, if you are the top ranking website on the page, you will get over 30% of the inquiries.

People assume that websites are ranked as they are due to how often they are visited. And in the minds of many users, they equate the number of click-throughs to popularity, even though it actually has little to do with popularity. Being at the top of the rankings actually creates the popularity.

How high your website is ranked is consistent with how skilled your e-commerce SEO company is. Partnering with an experienced and talented e-commerce SEO company is probably the best investment you can make in your e-commerce website.

How to Do e-commerce SEO

How to Do e-commerce SEO

The reason why e-commerce SEO companies are so important to an e-commerce website starts with the potential buyers' use of keywords in the searches they do by the millions, every single day. Learning what the terms they use in their keywords, and the percentage of the most favorite terms, has become an exacting science.

The basis of e-commerce SEO is to attract as many organic searches to your website as possible. This also serves as the basis for your page ranking. An e-commerce SEO company will perform in-depth keyword research to find the most popular keywords and add them to your website.

These researchers include keywords that focus on buying intent rather than a request for information. This is an important distinction that is manifested in how the keywords are phrased. This focus on buying intent in the phrasing of keywords is at the heart of an e-commerce SEO company's success.

Long-tail keywords are inherently more specific than short keywords. They set off the 'potential buyer' alarm bells. For instance: "a short, white, double-breasted jacket" is much more specific than "a white jacket". The former implies that the browser is intently looking for a specific type of jacket. Whereas the latter means that they want to look at a number of jackets fitting that general description.


How your website is setup also makes a difference in how attractive it is to navigate to potential buyers. You want your visitors to be able to find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. When you enter into a partnership with an e-commerce SEO company they may want to reorganise the layout of your website to make it easier to navigate.

Even if you are proud of the design of your website, you should never fall in love with it to the point where it's hurting your conversion rate. Trust the experts. They know what they are talking about. Allow them to make any changes they feel are necessary to boost your conversion rate.

The length of your product descriptions, the URL's used and the implementation of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are just a few of the many tools that an experienced e-commerce SEO company has at their disposal to help your website get ever closer to the coveted top ranking.

An Experienced e-commerce SEO Company in Bangkok

An Experienced e-commerce SEO Company in Bangkok

If you have a company in Bangkok and you want to venture out on the waters of e-commerce, you would have no better partner to help you navigate those waters than Primal. We're a respected e-commerce SEO company here in Bangkok who are talented and skilled in negotiating the e-commerce business in Thailand and abroad.

We can help you raise the ranking of your existing website and supply insight if you are still in the formative process of developing an e-commerce website. Making us a part of your team as early in the pre-launch phase of your e-commerce business is the best way to ensure that your website launches successfully and garners a lot of organic traffic.

We have helped many other companies grow their business along with their website ranking by using the sciences of e-commerce SEO services in partnership with our clients' stated goals.


Whatever type of industry you are in, we are sure that we can help you navigate the world of e-commerce successfully by implementing proven techniques that will help you rise above the competition. If you are considering starting an e-commerce website, give us a call to set up an initial consultation.

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If You Plan To Get Into e-commerce, You need an e-commerce SEO Company's Help

If You Plan To Get Into e-commerce, You need an e-commerce SEO Company's Help

Getting into e-commerce can be rewarding if you go about it correctly. One of the first things you need to do is partner with an e-commerce SEO company that can optimise your site for e-commerce.

Doing business on the Internet can be lucrative and rewarding. But there are several technical obstacles you need to overcome on the road to riches. Partnering with an experienced e-commerce SEO company can mean the difference between success and failure in e-commerce.

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