Advertise Effectively With LINE

Advertise Effectively With LINE

Since LINE was founded in 2011, the social media communications app has become one of the largest of its kind in the world. Featuring 83 million monthly users, LINE lets users instant message through text, video and images, while it also provides a simple solution to VoIP phone calls and video conferences.

LINE’s success reached new heights in 2014 when it began offering advertisers an easy-to-use platform to reach their customers. Although it’s used around the globe, LINE is most popular throughout Asia, especially in countries such as Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan. For businesses that operate in these regions, LINE has become a must-use marketing tool.

LINE might seem similar to other messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but it has a few key differences that help it stand out in the marketplace. Across a range of innovative features, it lets users read news, timelines and manga comics, while users can also order food, book taxis and use online banking. LINE’s wealth of convenient features keeps it on millions of home screens around the world.

Formulate Powerful LINE Ads

Formulate Powerful LINE Ads

For businesses looking to target the Asian market, LINE marketing plays an important role within a cohesive marketing strategy. The app features three main formats for LINE advertising: web ads, app ads and video ads. The style that works best for you depends on your specific target market, product or service, but each one offers its own unique attributes.

As a quick rundown of the options, web ads are used to promote content on a website external to LINE. App ads are used to encourage LINE users to download your brand’s app, while video ads are great for promoting brand awareness or showcasing products to your audience.

Meanwhile, each option has a different configuration depending on where they appear in the app. Ads displayed in the Timeline feature the account’s icon, a title and description, images or videos, and buttons to ‘like’ and access the ‘actions’ menu. However, ads located in the News or Manga feeds are simplified with only three to five elements available.

Expand Your Target Market

Expand Your Target Market

Targeting your customers is made easy with LINE ads. The platform offers advertisers four key demographics to identify your market: Gender, Age, Interests and Region. If you opt to target a wider audience, you’ll end up reaching more people at an increased cost. For some businesses, it makes more sense to advertise to fewer people that are definitely interested in your products and services.

LINE app marketing offers several distinct ways to reach your customers. Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, LINE lets users use colourful stickers to chat. In turn, the app gives businesses the option of designing and selling their own LINE sticker ads. You can also give them away in exchange for users adding your business as a friend. This is a simple strategy to grow a following and rapidly build brand awareness.

LINE also lets businesses create Exclusive Offers. These types of ads promote your business through special discounts and giveaways in exchange for people following your account. This method is similar to sending subscribers to your email list special benefits.

Reach Millions of LINE Users

Reach Millions of LINE Users

To maximise the reach of your LINE ads, you need a specialist LINE advertising agency with a proven track record like Primal. Based in Bangkok, our team of marketing experts understand how incredible LINE is for advertising because they’ve been using the app outside work for years. Meanwhile, Primal has delivered many of Thailand’s most popular brands an incredible boost in traffic and conversions with our tried and tested LINE app advertising strategies.

We’ve spent years learning the core functions of LINE and fine-tuning our approach. Backed by a wealth of in-depth analytics and data-driven research, our strategies ensure LINE works to your advantage. With the app’s handy metrics revealing the conversion rates, bounce rates and overall success of your ads, these useful statistics can be used to inform your ad placement and drive sales. If you want to reach an audience based within LINE’s most popular regions, Primal is an award-winning LINE ad agency that ensures a powerful route to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LINE ads allow businesses to reach the platform’s enormous user base. Across web ads, app ads and video ads, brands can advertise products and services to their precise target market.

LINE is a social media messaging platform that features 83 million monthly users. Tech-savvy businesses can use LINE to reach their target market to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Advertising with LINE isn’t free, but it’s surprisingly cost-effective when paired with insightful data. A LINE ad agency like Primal knows how to generate incredible ROI for your business.

To create LINE stickers, first, enter the display information and upload your artwork. Next, tag your images with appropriate, searchable terms and select the price of your stickers.

LINE@ is a special kind of account for business owners. You can use 1-on-1 chat with your followers, send push notifications and schedule your communications to maximise your ad reach.

LINE features countless possibilities to target both big and small markets. Far-reaching ads can be costly, but with clever targeting, you can create a cost-effective campaign that delivers results.

To set up LINE ads, you first target your market based on age, gender, region and interests. Then you choose your ad’s format and select the section where it appears.

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