Google Shopping is a Different Ball Game

Google Shopping is a Different Ball Game

In setting up an ad campaign, you need to have a thorough understanding of how this platform differs from normal text ads. Google looks at several qualifiers and selects the ones that score the highest in each of the qualifying criteria. They look at your website as a whole, your bids and your feed to match up your ads with the incoming search queries.

This is why bidding is so crucial to the process for brands that are just starting out. A bid too low will not provide you with search results. And a bid too high means that you are just wasting money that you don’t need to spend to get the search results you need.

Your primary feed acts like sort of a qualifying conduit to Google. It contains data that Google uses as a basic, minimum qualifier to enter the Google Shopping playing field.


Setting up your website is one thing. But placing competitive bids and supplying the right data to Google are two facets of the platform that demand some skill in order to compete effectively on the platform. They are two facets that can be handled and performed better by an experienced agency.

Effective use of Google Shopping takes constant monitoring and research into the current bids and sales data. If you are a large and successful brand you may have the resources to devote a portion of your marketing department to take on this endless chore.

However, brands that are just starting out and teetering on the edge of profitability often can’t afford to take on these challenges. By partnering with a knowledgeable agency, brands can save money on manpower costs by outsourcing the requirements of Google to a company that is very familiar with how the game is played.

This not only lowers a brand’s manpower costs, but it increases their chances of success by partnering with a company who knows what they are doing, as well as saving you money on unnecessarily high bids.

Finding an Effective Google Shopping agency in Thailand

Finding an Effective Google Shopping agency in Thailand

In order to create an effective Google Shopping campaign in Thailand, most brands rely on an experienced agency. Primal is head and shoulders above the others.

Primal is a respected Google partner. We completely understand the ins and outs of all the tools that Google provides and work with them every day.

Primal can help you determine exactly what data Google needs from your brand to establish your primary feed and supplemental feeds. We also have expertise in the art of placing relevant and competitive bids and designing ads that trigger the search results you are looking for.

By partnering with Primal, you are entering into a long-lasting relationship that will help you negotiate and make the most of this new method of conducting business online. We will help you get the results you need to help your company grow and expand.


We work closely with our partner’s marketing departments and share all the methods and data we have at our disposal to educate them into making informed decisions. These decisions affect a brand’s marketing campaigns and sales goals. In turn, they weigh heavily on a brand’s corporate strategy for growth and expansion.

This regular reporting is a vital part of our relationship. It helps your brand stay on top of recent trends and provides the data you need to forecast future trends and adjust your sales strategy accordingly.

We have successfully performed our Google Shopping agency services for numerous brands in Thailand, both large and small. The common denominator that all of our clients enjoy is rapid growth in sales and conversion rates. They have also come to enjoy a greater amount of brand awareness and recognition by partnering with Primal.    

By forming a partnership with Primal, it becomes our mission to help your brand reach its goals. And this will always benefit both our brand and yours.

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How Google Shopping Ads Can Do Wonders for Your Brand’s Ability to Compete

How Google Shopping Ads Can Do Wonders for Your Brand’s Ability to Compete

Google has come up with a marketing platform that seeks to level the playing field for both large brands and smaller ones. Google Shopping is the name of the platform. It was formerly called Google Product Search, Google Products and Froogle.

When it was renamed Google Shopping, it was combined with Google, and it represents a combination of both Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center.  

Google AdWords, in turn, is a marketing platform that allows brands to bid on certain keywords that they can then use in their marketing ads and campaigns to drive more business to their website and increase their conversion rate.


The obvious benefit to brands trying to expand their market and reach more potential customers is that by investing in Google shopping, your Google Shopping ads will appear on Google Search, Youtube and image searches as well as Google product searches. They also will appear on any mobile device just as well as a desktop or notebook computer.

If you can afford to compete, it can take your brand up into the sales realm of the big boys and may make your brand into a household word. For a brand just starting out in e-commerce, it can be a calculated risk, but it can also provide ample rewards for those willing to take that risk.

Google shopping is considerably different than placing your own text ads; however, as your text ads target your desired customers only. With Google’s platform, you have to target your ads as much toward Google’s algorithms as you do to potential customers. This is where a skilled agency can help you reach both parties.

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