Convert More Customers with Google Shopping

Convert More Customers with Google Shopping

Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Search, is a Google service which allows users to search for products via online shopping websites and compare prices between different sellers. Basically, it’s one big marketplace, allowing savvy online browsers to find and compare products online. When a potential customer uses Google to search for an item, paid advertisements are displayed in the main search engine results page or under the shopping tab. However, keep in mind that this service should not be mistaken for an online shop, but merely as an advertising platform.

From the perspective of the seller, if a product from their online store receives placement on a search results list, this costs them nothing. Should the shopper proceed to click on the link (taking them to any manner of landing page; as determined by the seller), the advertiser will be charged accordingly. This form of advertising is both highly appealing and successful, as it takes online shoppers with a high intent to purchase directly to the seller's online shop.

Reach Your Target Market and Profit

Reach Your Target Market and Profit

If you're a retailer, you can use Google Shopping campaigns to promote your online store, showcase your inventory, boost traffic to your website, encourage visitors to your local store and find highly qualified leads. To get started, you'll need to access the Merchant Center via Google Ads and send through your product data to create a campaign. Once Google receives this information, they’ll use it to create an advertisement and share it across the web on relevant sites where your potential customers are likely to be browsing.

These types of Google Shopping Ads are considered ‘rich media’ as they go well beyond mere text; they include a product photo, title, price, store name, star rating and link. These ads give potential customers a powerful sense of what it is a store is selling right from the beginning and provides sellers with a fantastic opportunity to reap very qualified sales leads. Across all industries, the average conversion rate (CVR) for display ads is 2-5%. But if you choose to market using Google Ads, your business can perform significantly better.

Boost Revenue Using Google Shopping Ads

Boost Revenue Using Google Shopping Ads

As mentioned above, getting an ad listed on Google Shopping is free. Payment is only made when a user clicks on a link. This click takes the potential buyer directly to a landing page, this could be an online shop or special sales page*. At this point Google then has nothing more to do with the rest of the process. The costs associated with Google Shopping depend on each seller’s competition (different sellers vying for keywords). You can expect it to be in the ballpark of 10-15% of the cost per sale.

To control costs, sellers must set their own bidding strategy and campaign budget. For example, the strategy could be Manual CPC, Target ROAS (return on ad spend) or Enhanced CPC. Typically, the budget is set for a whole month, but with a daily capped amount. Sellers also have control over how their e-commerce shopping ads are displayed and shared, in terms of networks, devices, locations and ad groups.

*Ultimately a shopper’s purchase decision doesn’t solely rely on price, but on the entire impression they get from their online experience. As such, sellers must ensure that if a shopper clicks through they enter a user-friendly and inciting retail space.

Outmatch the Competition with Primal

Outmatch the Competition with Primal

In order to create an effective Google Shopping campaign in Thailand, most brands rely on an experienced agency. Primal is a respected Google partner and the premier Google Shopping agency in Thailand. We completely understand the ins and outs of all the tools that Google provides and work with them every day. Primal can help you determine exactly what data Google needs from your brand to establish your primary feed and supplemental feeds. We also have expertise in the art of placing relevant and competitive bids and designing ads that trigger the search results you are looking for.

By partnering with our Google shopping agency, you are entering a long-lasting relationship that will help you negotiate and make the most of this new method of conducting business online. We will help you get the results you need to help your company grow and expand. Our #1 mission will be to get your brand to reach its goals and satisfy your return on investment. Don’t settle for anything less, come work with the best.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Shopping does not sell products directly to shoppers; instead, it collects product information from participating merchants and based on relevant searches, points online shoppers in the right shopping direction.

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Sellers create unique campaigns focused around chosen keywords. Google Shopping will then use your unique feed, site and bid preferences to determine what search queries trigger your different ads.

It can cost anywhere from THB 10,000 to THB 100,000 a year, depending on how much visibility you want. Expect to spend 10-15% of the sale value on advertising.

Google Shopping listings put sellers’ products at the top of Google’s SERP, letting them reach millions of viewers with their products. They can include information like reviews, special discounts, pricing.

Product Listing Ads used to be free, but Google Shopping is not. Google will list your CPC adverts in its search results and only charge you when a customer clicks.

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