Effective Management is the Key to Online Advertising

Effective Management is the Key to Online Advertising

And this brings us to the concept of Google advertising management. With the level of growth and sophistication that online advertising has achieved thus far, you need to make effective use of all the tools that are available. Why, you may ask? Simply because if a tool is available, you can be sure your competitors are using it.

Online advertising is, in reality, a war over targeted advertising space. You and your competitors are battling to attract the same potential customers and target audience. The ultimate winner of that battle will be the brand that makes the most effective use of all the tools available.

Every brand must have a thorough knowledge of what all the tools can do to increase their sales. They must also know when and how they are best used to benefit your brand’s products and services specifically.


Online advertising in 2018 has evolved into a marketing science. The sheer number of advertising products and platforms available means that online advertising management has become a necessary duty of a brand’s marketing department.

Online advertising management is a delicate balancing act where a brand has to quickly become adept at judging their marketplace, their customers and the buying trends of those customers. While simultaneously, they have to keep one eye on what the competition is doing and the other eye firmly on the road ahead to keep track of emerging trends.

They also have to be able to judge which of these products and platforms would be the most effective in taking advantage of emerging trends and giving them reliable data they can use to make adjustments to their on-going sales strategy and campaigns. In short, effective, online advertising management has become a full-time job.

This has led to a lot of nervous head-scratching and soul-searching among senior management. On the one hand, it’s always good to be fully aware of the tools you need to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by online advertising.

On the other hand, your brand risks falling behind the competition as your marketing department takes time to get up to speed in learning about all the products and platforms.

But for every problem, there is a solution. And the solution to this problem, particularly if you’re a Thailand-based brand, lies in the services offered by Primal.

A Thailand Google Ads Management Agency

A Thailand Google Ads Management Agency

Primal is the leading Bangkok Google Ad management agency. We help Thai and foreign companies alike navigate the various features of the entire Google Ads world of platforms and products.

Our team of experts can work with your brand to identify the type of ads that would best benefit your particular range of products and services. We can put together an advertising campaign that will help you leave your competition lagging far behind you in conversions, sales and revenue figures.

We establish a long-term relationship with you that allows us to develop your sales strategy and respond to the intricacies, trends and forecasts that are particular to your specific industry and targeted customers.


We work with your marketing department, reporting to you on a regular basis, your brand’s progress in online advertising. We are a data-driven agency, and we provide these reports in the form of graphs and charts that show you exactly how your individual products and services are performing. And we can provide these performance updates as often as you need them to be scheduled, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

By working closely with Primal, we’ll be able to create advertising campaigns that will make a serious, positive difference in your annual earnings report and provide the stimulus for your brand to grow and further develop your products and services.

By partnering with Primal, we help your marketing department bypass the learning phase of Google Ads and get right to the considerable rewards of putting it to work. We will work with them to help them understand what the platform is capable of and show them what it can do.

This will enable your brand to surpass your competition and prove that it is more than capable of being a worthy adversary on the battlegrounds of online advertising.

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Hertz | hertz.co.th

Hertz was aware that a lot of their competition started to aggressively invest more on advertising thus were stealing market share. They also found that most conversions came from walk-ins or calls which could not be tracked further.

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How Does Google Ads Differ from Google AdWords?

Google has been offering a sometimes bewildering series of retail platforms and products for some years now. If you are a retailer, you may have heard or known about Google Adwords, Adsense, Shopping, Merchant Centre and Google Analytics.

Plus, there are more products to help you boost your retail sales over the Internet. But the core for all of these products has always been Google Adwords.

As of July 24, 2018, Google has changed the name of Google Adwords to ‘Google Ads’. Simply put, if you had a Google Adwords account, you now have a Google Ads account.


This was a logical rebranding by Google, as Google Ads encompasses, at least in theory, the entire series of platforms and products designed to support the previously named Adwords.

We say ‘in theory’ because the various products you choose to utilise in support of your Google Ads account is entirely up to you and your brand’s needs. The effective creation and placement of targeted and relevant ads are what the whole realm of products and platforms within Google Ads is designed to do.

Google Ads has evolved and is continuing to do so as different aspects of digital marketing are targeted and harnessed to increase your brand’s sales and ultimate revenue. As these products and platforms are developed, they will all be designed as add-ons and features to support your Google Ads account.

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