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The challenge

Despite being in the industry for a number of years, rentalfortheholidays.com had never made the kind of impact in the long-term rental industry the owners wanted. While they had a website and accounts on social media, both were infrequently updated, meaning customers were bouncing. Other companies with better managed web presences positioned themselves as a more modern alternative to rentalfortheholidays.com, poaching their business and affecting their bottom line. They needed a complete revamp of their digital presence.

Our solution

The team at rentalfortheholidays.com came to Primal looking for ways they could raise their profile. They recognised that their conversion problem was a brand recognition problem, so we developed a comprehensive social media and SEO campaign for them that made their brand more accessible to more people. Not only did they broaden their client-base, they were able to attract the attention of some innovative business partners, allowing them to offer their customers new and more exciting products.

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