Different Approaches to Take in Remarketing

Different Approaches to Take in Remarketing

You can use different types of advertising from Adwords in remarketing Adwords campaigns to specific customers. The standard text, image, video and rich media types of ads work as well when reaching out to past customers as they did to attract the customers in the first place. 

But it’s the way in which you use these types of advertisement that will determine your success in reaching these customers. To create the most effective ads for past customers, it’s helpful to explore the concept of dynamic remarketing. This is a concept that takes the whole exercise of reaching past customers, refines it and takes it to a whole new level of targeting based on the customer’s past purchase data.

By using this dynamic feature of Adwords, the recommendation engine will be able to create feeds of your products from your offered inventory. This feed will be based on the overall popularity of the products and what the customer viewed the last time they visited your website.


Google ads will also be able to predict the dynamic ad layouts that are most likely to appeal to a specific past customer and the platforms and websites they are likely to be found viewing. This allows you to not only target a past customer’s likely product choices and tastes but also where you are most likely to find the customer to present the ad.

In combining the power of the recommendation engine with the accuracy of the predictions from Google ads about which ad layouts will be the most effective, you’ve gained a formidable edge in retaining these lucrative past customers who already know the quality and variety of the products your brand offers.

To get started in this thoroughly targeted approach in reaching past customers, you will need to create a feed of all your current products and services, including prices, descriptions, images and a unique ID for each one.

Once finished, you’ll need to upload this feed to your Google Merchant Centre account. Then, you’ll need to go into your website and add the dynamic remarketing tag with custom parameters to every page of your website.

This tag serves as the link between your past customers, the dynamic ads targeting those customers and your current products and services.

This dynamic way to create ads for specific customers or specific types of customers is one of the most useful applications you can use in harnessing your historical purchase data to drive your sales.

Targeting Past Customers is Worth the Time and Money

Targeting Past Customers is Worth the Time and Money

There are plenty of stories on the Internet about brands which have been able to increase their conversion rates and their overall revenue by using the proven benefits of reaching out to past customers. This makes sense when you think about it.

Past customers represent a tried and true customer base. You already know their spending habits as well as their product preferences. Why would you choose to spend the lion’s share of your advertising budget chasing customers that are new and, as such, represent an unknown quantity?

Relying more on the data you have gleaned from past customers gives you an edge against your competition. You are building on existing relationships instead of knocking on doors, trying to establish new ones.

By reaching out to past customers, continually embarking on Adwords campaigns and keeping your website up to date, you are giving yourself the best advantage in digital marketing.


For Thai retailers, Primal can help contribute to this ongoing sales strategy by working with you to refine your customer targeting. We keep your sales strategy firmly in mind in providing tips and other strategies that help you maximise your profits from online marketing.

Primal becomes your long-term partner in your endeavour to grow your brand’s name and visibility and increase your profits. We study your product line and get to know how your company operates. We also learn about your brand’s goals, both over the short-term and long-term.

>By learning all this information, we put ourselves in the best position to use our skills to further enhance your brand’s ability to reach its goals.

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Reconnect with Your Customers by Using Google Remarketing

Reconnect with Your Customers by Using Google Remarketing

Google Adwords remarketing is a clever feature within Adwords that enables you to get in touch and reconnect with past customers and let them know about new products and services that your brand is currently offering.

This is an effective use of the historical transactional data that is stored in your Google Adwords account. By extracting a list of past customers from the stored data, Adwords remarketing is essentially creating a separate classification of customers.


By viewing details about their purchases, such as amount spent, date purchased and number and type of products selected, you have the information you can use in targeting those customers once again in a fresh new manner.

To conduct an effective campaign in remarketing Google Adwords customers, important information is used in creating ads that will be specifically directed towards these customers. For instance, the dates of purchase might be used in determining if they were seasonal customers. Remarketing campaigns can then be created which will address the seasonal aspect of your products or services.

You can set up any number of campaigns to run annually before the holidays, back-to-school, mother’s day - whatever you find recurring in the past customer purchase data can be utilised as a reason to conduct a remarketing campaign.

The key to this approach is personalisation. Sending these past customers ads that appeal to them on a personal level is an effective way to lead customers back to your brand’s products and services. Personalised ads grab a customer’s attention. Everyone appreciates being remembered. It appeals to a customer’s ego and reflects favourably on the brand targeting the ads.

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