What is Enterprise SEO?

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is SEO performed for a large company with a number of different revenue streams. It takes into account not only the practice of SEO, but also the performance from a strictly business viewpoint. An Enterprise SEO agency will use special software as filters to get data which is only relevant to their client’s specific list of the desired date. As these enterprise tools create a clear picture of the client’s success or failure in their digital marketing efforts, experienced Enterprise SEO companies can suggest future campaigns or tweak existing ones, based on analysis of the resulting data, that may lead to better results.

Because they act as both the suppliers and interpreters of the data, Enterprise SEO companies need to have the technical skills necessary to extract and organize the data into usable language, graphics and charts. It is also essential to have the knowledge to be able to offer a clear presentation and analysis of the data from a purely business viewpoint. In this way, they act as much like digital technicians as they do mainstream business analysts and advisors.

The ability to look at your brand from two different perspectives is why it is vital to partner with an experienced and intelligent enterprise SEO company from the moment your brand ventures into the digital economy. They have the complex analytical skills and experience in working on a large scale to keep your brand focused on achieving its goals over a wide range of departments and revenue streams.


They are the first ones to see the resulting data, allowing them to spot emerging trends quickly. They often know instinctively how to reverse a negative trend and how to capitalize on a positive one. They have the business acumen to recognize what is most important out of the reams of data they present to their clients and focus their talents on educating their clients to read and use this data wisely. This is one of their most valuable assets. They have the talent to educate their clients on what may be complex concepts, but absolutely necessary concepts in order to achieve success on such a large scale.

The skill in reporting the data accurately and clearly is one of the most valuable qualities of a reputable Enterprise SEO company. Reporting is everything. Because the data they have access to is in real time and changes on a daily basis, companies often have an opportunity to react to that data as it is happening. They can react to trends quicker with timely reports delivered to them on a regular basis by the Enterprise SEO agency.

But the translation of that data must also be clearly presented to their client’s corporate marketing departments. The Enterprise SEO company are skilled communicators that are able to put data into words and visual images that their clients can understand. They are able to effectively communicate their recommendations and offer clear examples of likely results based on their recommendations. In Bangkok, Primal is the best Enterprise SEO company to choose for both, gathering the data a large company needs and presenting it in a way that makes perfect sense.

Hire a Bangkok Enterprise SEO Agency to Further Your Large Company’s Growth

Hire a Bangkok Enterprise SEO Agency to Further Your Large Company’s Growth

Primal is an Enterprise SEO company in Bangkok that is data-driven and highly skilled in working with analytics to give your large company the information it needs to compete successfully in the digital environment of today’s business world.

Primal has helped numerous large and multinational companies to not only get ahead of their competition, but remain ahead. We enter into long-term partnerships with our clients to make sense out of the vast amount of data available to them. By forming these long-term partnerships, we come to understand our client’s immediate needs as well as their long-term goals and strive to exceed both.

We are diligent in our gathering of relevant company data over a large amount of revenue streams and exacting in our presentation of that data. We always communicate our findings in clear language and visuals that are readily apparent to, and targeted at, our client’s own marketing team and upper management.


Every Enterprise SEO agency is in a competition of their own. At Primal, we strive to learn new techniques, develop new software and refine the methods we use to receive, interpret and present relevant date for large, international brands. Our drive to stay on top greatly benefits our clients as well as our own in-house team.

We can work wonders for a large company with multiple revenue streams doing business online. Let us be your business liaison between your company and the Internet.

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Enterprise SEO Represents a New Wave of Accountability in Digital Marketing

Enterprise SEO Represents a New Wave of Accountability in Digital Marketing

It is a known fact that most online sales begin with an organic search using keywords to find whatever the user is looking for. The accepted figure is somewhere around 94%. That’s all well and good for a small company offering a limited amount of products and services. You invest in a website, hire an SEO company to handle the updates and site optimization, and you absorb the cost of both the website and the SEO services as part of your operating budget. After all, 94% means the Internet is worth investing in, right?

But what if you are managing a large company with multiple revenue streams? Each of these revenue streams may have a wide variety of products or services. How do you differentiate between the non-profitable and the most profitable revenue streams? Going even deeper, how do you decide which products or services within each revenue stream are actually making you money?


Business done on such a large scale doesn’t have the ability to simply absorb costs as a whole. As a brand grows in scale to such a large level, it becomes important to keep tabs on the costs of each and every aspect of its operation.

Certainly, you can expand your accounting department and spend time and money on the issue. But you’d actually be doubling down on creating data that has already been created by the search engine.

Remember, the value of a search engine is in the data it collects on every user’s browsing and spending habits. They have the ability to generate the exact data you are looking for. Selling this data to others is how a search engine company, like Google, makes money.

SEO for Enterprise has been developed specifically to address this deficit in online accountability. The tools and practices that Enterprise SEO brings to the table were specifically designed to help large companies engage in online, digital marketing on a large scale by using the analytics of the search engine.

An Enterprise SEO company serves as a sort of translator and interpreter of search engine data that is specifically relevant to their client’s products, services, incentive programs, special sales, demographics of the buyers - virtually anything the client is interested in learning about their online activities.

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