Does Video Improve SEO?

Does Video Improve SEO?

A well-conceived, scripted and presented video can go viral and can spread like wildfire across multiple popular platforms like YouTube, Reddit and Facebook. In this way, it can help your SEO immeasurably. This is the holy grail of gaining brand awareness. But whether your video is funny, informative, businesslike or whimsical, it has to be well put together and contain a strong message.

How Video Helps SEO

How Video Helps SEO

Having your video go viral is a rare occurrence, yet videos are still very beneficial for a company. By increasing the amount of links back to your website, a video can serve as an introduction of your company to the public. By increasing your conversion rate, a video can immediately have a positive effect on your SEO and your bottom line.

Generally, corporate videos on the Internet fall into one of four categories:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Products & Services
  • Explainer
  • Rich Snippets 

Knowing how each of these categories works and the best applications for them are what a video SEO company specializes in. But you should also be aware of their names and differences. This is because each of these videos are targeted at either gaining your website more links or increasing your conversion rate. It’s up to you to decide which would benefit your company more.


A brand awareness video is one that delivers a cohesive message on a company brand. It also ties the message to that brand. One of the most famous series of Thai brand awareness videos was by Thai Life Insurance Company. Their series of humanistic brand awareness videos tugged at viewers heartstrings. They were so well scripted and presented that they needed no dialogue. Creating a video with no dialogue helped them go viral internationally.

Product and services videos offer general descriptions of a company’s products and services without going into too much detail. They are ‘teaser’ type videos to what the consumer’s appetite and make them want to see more. They generally appear on the home page of a company’s website and invite the viewer to venture further into the website and stay longer.

Explainer videos are another way that a company can explain what it is they offer or do. A well-presented explainer video is just as likely to increase the number of links to social media platforms as a brand awareness video does. But explainer videos can also augment a company’s human interaction with their customers. They can alleviate the need to have a live chat answering the same frequently asked questions. In this way, they can save a company a lot of money in manpower costs.

The newest form of videos gaining popularity on the Internet are called ‘rich snippets’. These are also a short, ‘teaser’ type of video and they are linked to certain keywords that will make them show up on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). These videos can draw viewers to your website, if they are well-produced, entertaining and informative. But a badly-executed rich snippet can also backfire on a company by causing the viewer to lose interest and proceed to the next site on the SERP. A rich snippet often represents the first impression a viewer has of your company.

Increase Your Amount of External Links or Your Conversion Rate?

Increase Your Amount of External Links or Your Conversion Rate?

The first thing you need to do is decide what the video should achieve for your company. A video will either be positioned to increase the amount of external links or to increase your conversion rate.

Increasing the amount of links is generally the job of brand awareness videos. A company often spends a lot of money on the production of a brand awareness video. It is like an elegantly printed business card that speaks of the company’s pedigree, place in the community and company services. No matter the tone or presentation style, it can serve to determine how a viewer feels about the company as a whole.

Product and Service, Explainer and Rich snippet videos are mostly used to increase your conversion rate, although a well-produced explainer video has just as much chance of gaining a wide following if it is compelling, entertaining and informative.

Hire a Respected Video SEO Company to Help Target Your Videos

Hire a Respected Video SEO Company to Help Target Your Videos

An experienced video SEO company like Primal can help you decide how to position your videos depending on the content. By making it with minimal mistakes, the success of your videos will rely on their content. Some of the videos with the lowest production values have still become popular because they offered entertaining, relevant and informative content.

Primal is a company that can help you there as well. Through available data of the subjects involved, we can help you zero in on the message, product, explanation or rich snippet content you should be focusing on.

How to SEO Video for YouTube

How to SEO Video for YouTube

Taking your content beyond your website, a video SEO company can also help you explore the world of social media. We can set up a YouTube channel, Twitter account, Instagram account or Facebook page that will help you to increase the viewing of your videos much more than simply posting them on your website alone could. Social media is where your video will have the greatest chance to gain popularity and, dare we say it, go viral.

Investing in a regularly updated and productive Youtube channel can be a big step for a company. To produce a well-made video costs money. It’s a step many companies are afraid to take. But for a company that is willing to take a gamble, the best thing to do is to partner with Primal, one of the most well-respected video SEO companies in Bangkok. We will help you spread the word about your company in a visual medium. And isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?

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SEO for Video Can Help You Get your Brand Noticed Beyond Your Website

SEO for Video Can Help You Get your Brand Noticed Beyond Your Website

Businesses have recognized the value that videos serve to both build links to their corporate websites and increase their conversion rates. Videos can increase a company’s brand awareness, advertise their products and explain their services in a form that can go far beyond their website. A video SEO company can help you position these videos where they will do you the most good.

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