What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of keeping your website ahead in the rankings of local websites. By doing this, you are specifically concentrating your efforts against local competition. If you are neglecting the services of a local SEO company, you are not making the most of your website, no matter how colourful and modern your website might be. A static website is an ineffective website. Your brand’s physical location doesn’t matter as much anymore. What matters more is the products and services that are listed on your website and being the first website that viewers encounter when they are searching for the same products and services you offer.

This is why the services of a local SEO company are so important. You have probably made a significant investment in your website, so why not make it work for you? A Bangkok SEO company can make a big difference in the amount of foot traffic and paying customers you receive. It can route people away from your competitors and straight to your door. It can also turn your brand from a neighbourhood entity into a regional one.

This is also important in terms of your company’s ability to grow and prosper in the face of that ever-growing competition. The Internet has become so pervasive in brand marketing; you need to get on the bandwagon and start using local SEO services in order to stay competitive. You need to cast a wider net to be able to increase and grow your business and digital marketing, and the services of a local SEO company can make that happen for you. But, suppose you aren’t able to ship your products and services. You will need people to walk through your door. It might be that you have a restaurant, spa or a hair salon.

How to Do Local SEO

How to Do Local SEO

A local SEO company can give you two options in their services and the way they go about setting up your website. These are called ‘Language Targeting’ and ‘Country Targeting’. If you haven’t begun using a local SEO company before now, you probably have a smaller company, and you might not be prepared for an influx of enquiries and customers from around the world. This is the type of response that Language Targeting could get you.

But let’s assume that you have a smaller company like a restaurant. You want to grow your brand, but you want to do it in a manageable way. Country Targeting helps you to cast a wider net regionally instead of internationally. Country Targeting is also called Geo-targeting because it places your company in a geographical region and allows you to add content to your website that addresses the needs of potential customers in the region.

Maybe the food you serve is known by a slang term known only to people living in your region. A local Thailand SEO company can take that slang term and turn it into a keyword that local people can use in their search of the Internet. That search will lead right to your website.


A local SEO company can also add regional languages containing accurate translations of your chosen keywords. For a company in the Bangkok area, you might include Thai, English, Chinese and maybe variations of Thai such as the Isaan dialect. This helps you cast a wider net we mentioned earlier to attract customers from outside your neighbourhood. This helps your business grow but grow manageably.

Choose a Local Bangkok SEO Company to Handle Thailand-based SEO Services

Choose a Local Bangkok SEO Company to Handle Thailand-based SEO Services

Primal is a local Bangkok SEO company that has a thorough understanding of all SEO techniques. We also live and work in the Bangkok area, allowing us to understand the needs of local businesses. With the constant and growing knowledge of Thais and foreigners, we have been able to understand their search habits and as a result have compiled quantifiable data on them. This is the data we will use to your company’s advantage in our SEO services.

Having quantifiable knowledge and experience working in the region in which both your clients and target customers live gives Primal a distinct advantage over other SEO companies. We have a demonstrated track record of success working with many companies in the region. We are able to quickly notice local trends in both digital marketing and social media and capitalise on them to the benefit of our clients.

We establish long-term, ongoing relationships with our clients through our SEO strategies. These relationships enable us to understand both their short-term and long-term goals, and we work with them to help them realise those goals. We work proactively to recognise trends, whether regionally or internationally, in which your brand is conducting its marketing activities.


Whether you want to grow your company’s business locally or your company is ready and well-positioned to take a big leap forward and digitally market itself globally, Primal can provide the expertise with services that will prove to make a difference in your company’s ongoing digital marketing success.

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A Local SEO Company in Bangkok Can Help You Expand Your Regional Client Base

Most businesses in Bangkok these days seem to have a website or, at least they realise the power of the Internet and its ability to spread awareness about their business. If they don’t have a website, they always seem to have a Facebook page advertising a website that is “coming soon”. But having a website is simply not enough in this day and age. Even if you have a website, you are almost certain to see companies that offer the same products and services that yours does. Those businesses, no matter where they are located, are your competition and it is all because of the power of the Internet. To get ahead of your competitors you need to differentiate yourself by hiring a local SEO specialist.
A Local SEO Company in Bangkok Can Help You Expand Your Regional Client Base

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