Work with the Specialists for the Best Digital Marketing Results

Work with the Specialists for the Best Digital Marketing Results

Our agency specialises in AdWords campaigns and AdWord management services to ensure that your website will place high in the Google rankings. This means that your potential customers will have no issues in finding you. We achieve this by devising a keyword list that’s relevant to your brand and customers and managing the campaign to deliver big results. We’re your top choice for an AdWords management agency in Thailand.

Speak to your audience in terms that engage them the most with the help of our PPC Pay-Per-Click) management services. This service offers concrete data that we share with you to help you make informed marketing decisions to adjust the strategy midstream as the marketing campaign rolls along.

Primal is a professional AdWords management company that allows you to access more potential prospects than ever before. It places your brand on the radar of millions of searches where purchase intent runs high. Leverage our years of experience in search marketing and pay-per-click management services in Bangkok and form a partnership with us. We’ll help you create persuasive, eye-catching ads that will generate traffic, an increase in sales and conversion rates and lead to major growth for your business.


We’re passionate about making things as easy and accessible as possible for our valued clients. Primal boasts an exclusive reporting and analysis system that allows you to see exactly what results you’re getting and act on them in real-time. Instead of confusing reports, we provide clear graphs and tables that definitively illustrate everything from traffic levels to search engine results page rankings. This makes it easier for us to target exactly what needs tweaking to maximise growth and for you to have relevant data that helps you adjust for the present and plan for the future.

Give customers the opportunity to view videos of your product as they browse through sites like YouTube and Facebook. Video promoting your brand and products allows you to reach relevant, targeted audiences as they are discovering and learning about your brand with minimal intrusion. You can easily utilise AdWords video campaigns to not only prospect but remarket to your audiences.

In this way, AdWords puts you in control of your brand’s destiny. You control not only your brand’s sales and conversion rates but its name recognition as well. Video can be an extremely powerful tool to use in raising your brand’s awareness. A video brand awareness campaign can be targeted at a specific demographic that your other marketing campaigns are somehow failing to meet your expectations of reaching. It can serve to boost that demographics response and conversion rate toward your brand’s products.

By remarketing your products based on the data we provide through our AdWords management company, you will be more in touch with the audience your brand is trying to reach.  

Our resulting data will focus your attention on problem areas that need to be addressed. It will also highlight areas that have been a hit with your target audience and are avenues that should be expanded on and exploited for a great amount of sales and conversion rates.

Find out more about how our AdWords management agency in Thailand can ensure that your campaigns get the reach and frequency they need to make an impact by getting in touch with our PPC agency in Bangkok today. We will look forward to forming a fruitful partnership with your brand and welcoming you into the family of successful brands who have recognised the expert Google AdWords management that Primal brings to the table.

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The Friends for Asia Foundation |

Volunteer Thailand develops international volunteer projects that assist local communities overcome challenges, and provides volunteers with the experience of contributing to those communities as a valued participant. The focus of online campaign is to generate leads from worldwide.

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Get the Results You are Looking For with AdWords Management Services

Convincing people that they need your product is only one half of a good marketing strategy. The other half is finding people who already need your product, but just don’t know it yet. But identifying and targeting those people who don’t realise they need your product used to be the bane of every marketer in existence. Explaining how your product would make people’s lives better used to be just as much a part of the marketing process as making a sale.

All of that changed with the birth of the Internet. Today’s consumers have taken over the driver’s seat, or so they believe. They actively search for the products they’ve heard or read about, and this has changed the way marketers target their potential customers.

In today’s world of digital marketing, instead of trying to convince people that they need your product, it’s more about positioning your brand and product line on the Internet where it is easy to find for customers actively searching for them.


Positioning is everything to digital marketers. It’s the Internet’s version of having a large billboard along a busy avenue.

This, on the face of it, may seem like a passive approach to take to the aggressive business of marketing. But behind this seemingly passive approach lies the aggressive science of digital marketing.

An SEO company uses tools formulated by Google to position their client’s products in the most favourable and easy to find light as possible. It is a competition in which you are competing with every other company on the Internet that offers the same type of products as your brand offers. One of the best tools used by these SEO companies is AdWords.

By launching an AdWords campaign and closely following its progress through the generation of relevant data, an SEO company can employ other methods to influence the sales performance of that product within the campaign. Monitoring that campaign and optimising the performance of the individual products consumes the bulk of an SEO company’s day. They become specialists in Google AdWords management services, managing the data and techniques to increase sales performance across the board.

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