Programmatic Display

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic has always been and still is a marketing buzzword. Companies large and small are using this technology to not only find new customers, but to make their marketing more relevant to you the customer. What is programmatic buying? DSPs? SSPs? RTB? How do I begin to understand this technology? How can I implement it for my business? These are all questions Primal can answer – Get in Touch Today.

Google DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google DoubleClick Bid Manager

Speak to your audience where they are and in a language they can understand. Primal offers programmatic display advertising services using Google DoubleClick Bid Manager giving you access to over 40+ Ad Exchanges including through the Google Display Network allowing you to access over 90% of all websites in the world, putting your brand on hundreds of millions of screens in front of billions of eyes. Leverage our years of display marketing and media buying experience and collaborate with us to create a stunning, persuasive and eye-catching ad that will help you generate traffic, increase sales and grow your business.

Prospecting Campaigns

Prospecting Campaigns

Make sure that your creatives are always at the forefront to the most relevant audiences. Using second party data and third party data to provide winning targeting combinations will allow your brand to drive top of the funnel awareness for your products or services. This is the perfect channel for enhancing and driving initial conversation or getting that first click. Let Primal open up your business to global websites enabling you to find your niche target audience globally. It’s not about where you place your advertising, but who you advertise to.

Retargeting & Remarketing

Retargeting & Remarketing

Give customers that crucial second chance to look at your product. Remarketing allows you to leverage banner advertising to help customers go from browsing to buying. When a customer bounces from your website, they’ll see ads for your products on other pages of the web, keeping your brand front and centre in their mind. Let Primal conceptualise and manage a winning remarketing campaign for your business. We’ll help identify who your target demographic is and what they’re looking for, so you’re always speaking to people ready to buy.

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How can a programmatic display campaign help my business?

How can a programmatic display campaign help my business?

Programmatic advertising puts the consumer first. It makes sure to find the most relevant person looking for your business at the right time. Meaning businesses can get back to what they do best, consumers can get on with what they do best, and the machines and robots can get on with taking over the world.

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