Faster And More Effective Marketing

Faster And More Effective Marketing

Programmatic ads are the latest way to buy and sell ads online. It’s a fantastic approach to marketing, as it allows big and small companies to use the power of technology to advertise to a precise target market. Plus, it lets businesses market using the speed of AI-powered algorithms rather than struggling through negotiations with humans. Having rapidly grown in popularity over recent years, programmatic ads are the future of online marketing. Not only are your ads reaching customers who are more likely to be interested in your products and services, but it’s cheaper and easier for your business too.

Forget about the outdated online advertising world that requires you to manually bid on ad placements. Now forward-thinking businesses can use a combination of complex algorithms and customer data to advertise to their target market in real-time. In just about every metric, programmatic marketing is faster, more accurate and virtually guaranteed to increase your reach and conversions.

Convert With Google’s Display & Video 360

Convert With Google’s Display & Video 360

Formally known as Google DoubleClick Bid Manager, Display & Video 360 is the newest programmatic advertising product from Google. When you work with Primal, you’ll gain access to Google Display Network, which covers over 90% of all websites in the entire world. Meanwhile, you’ll also profit from 80+ ad exchanges from outside Google’s network.

This will put your marketing content on the screens of literally billions of internet users. Our programmatic marketing agency has spent years perfecting our methods, as we’ve led display marketing and media buying for many of Thailand’s most successful online businesses. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching display ads, YouTube ads or light up social media with your marketing material, we can help your business generate incredible content that boosts traffic and grows your business.

As a programmatic ad agency, Primal can offer expert assistance if you choose to use Google’s Display & Video 360 to buy online advertising. We’ll find an effective solution that targets your market, optimises your budget and delivers powerful reports, which inform your future success.

Target The Perfect Customers

Target The Perfect Customers

Prospecting is an efficient way to attract new customers that have a greater chance of making a purchase with your business. It works by using data about your current audience to target precise digital profiles of new customers. This is one way you can use AI-driven advertising to grow your business and generate increased profit.

Prospecting is great for businesses because it removes the element of chance from your strategy. In the past, marketing relied on advertisers to determine the best customers manually, using uncertain audience demographics and vague placement targeting. Nowadays, businesses can make the most of technological innovations to ensure they serve ads to audiences already looking to convert.

This is an excellent strategy for getting started with programmatic advertising, as prospecting uses data collected from previous sales to seek out more like-minded customers. Primal knows the best way to serve programmatic ads in Thailand and overseas as we specialise in carving out global revenue streams for your business.

Boost Sales Through Technology

Boost Sales Through Technology

Remarketing is another effective tool businesses have at their disposal. It works by gathering customer data on visitors to your website, then serving them with additional ads as they continue browsing the internet. Remarketing is a highly effective strategy for winning over customers, as it keeps your business at the forefront of your target market’s mind. If your business is looking to market more effectively, Primal can help your business achieve remarkable growth through AI advertising.

Our award-winning team is on the cutting-edge of Google’s constantly changing algorithms. This means we’re always able to develop intelligent strategies that identify your precise target demographic and achieve the greatest conversion rate. Programmatic ads certainly have the advantage of being automated, but that doesn’t mean we’ll forget about them. We’ll keep a close eye on the success of your campaign, fine-tuning our strategy and providing you with detailed reports to assess how your business is profiting. Increase brand awareness and profit with advertising designed for the modern age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of buying and selling ads. Through real-time auctions on ad exchanges, businesses compete for the ideal space to display their ads.

Programmatic advertising aims to streamline the marketing process. If you want to save time researching ad platforms and endless proposals, programmatic advertising helps businesses develop highly efficient media buying strategies.

Programmatic advertising is hugely cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. Ranging from approximately $0.50 to $2 CPM, this low-cost strategy can stretch your advertising budget five-fold or more.

Instead of negotiating with humans about how and where ads can be displayed, programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to let you market to your customers in real-time.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising is incredibly effective at targeting potential customers. This saves businesses time and money as it cuts out the slow, outdated negotiating process.

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How can a programmatic display campaign help my business?

How can a programmatic display campaign help my business?

Programmatic advertising puts the consumer first. It makes sure to find the most relevant person looking for your business at the right time. Meaning businesses can get back to what they do best, consumers can get on with what they do best, and the machines and robots can get on with taking over the world.

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