Does Shopify Have Good SEO?

Boost Traffic and Sales with Shopify SEO

If you are starting in the world of digital e-commerce, Shopify is an ideal starter platform to get you launched quickly and easily. The good part is that you don’t need to be particularly techy to use the platform as no coding is involved (unlike WordPress). Best of all, Shopify comes with many built-in SEO-friendly features that will have your site functioning adequality without too much tinkering, right from day one.

Having said that, it will take more than standard SEO functionalities and a little keyword sprinkling to conquer SERP. Boosting your Shopify SEO means utilising a variety of digital strategies. You can increase brand awareness and inbound leads through high-quality content marketing, while you can reach out to past clients, blogs and forums to help build backlinks to your store.

On your website, there are countless techniques that’ll make an immediate difference. For instance, a seamless user-friendly experience ensures you generate repeat customers, while Google prefers optimised product pages and site structure. Combined with keyword research specific to your customer base, you can attract the ideal target market.

Master the Superior E-Commerce Platform

Master the Superior E-Commerce Platform

Shopify SEO for companies big and small is thriving, and there is a good reason it’s the most recommended e-commerce platform used by online sellers. Just some of the reasons you should choose this service for selling goods online are that it’s highly flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements. It is relatively easy to understand the backend administration system. It comes pre-loaded with a lot of useful built-in tools. There is scope to add on advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features beyond the standard inclusions, namely canonical URLs, sitemap, Robots.txt and basic SEO optimisation. And lastly, the platform is easy to use with no coding skills required; which will automatically save you time, money and headaches (if you’re non-techie). Otherwise, the basic set-up includes web-based CMW, W3C standardisation, secure payment gateway, easy POS system integration, customised website design and customer support with technical Advisor help.

Harness Shopify SEO and Boost Revenue

Harness Shopify SEO and Boost Revenue

If you have an offline retail company that is having some success, but you want to branch out into online sales, Shopify is one platform that you should investigate. It was designed with business owners and not IT professionals in mind. It offers hundreds of user-friendly templates and basic out-of-the-box features. It also provides over seventy payment gateways that you can choose from, to quickly process orders in Thailand and around the globe.

Especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises who don’t have the in-house talent, it’s one the simplest entry-level ways to get up and running online without having to invest a ton of time, effort and money in a stand-alone website. You can then concentrate on growing your business through an established e-commerce platform instead of relying on foot traffic through your company’s doors.

Achieve Your E-Commerce Goals

Achieve Your E-Commerce Goals

Primal is a Shopify SEO agency that can help you navigate Shopify from the moment you enter the e-commerce ecosystem. We work closely with our clients to help them realise their online business goals, be it opening a new store or enhancing an existing one. Our SEO services for Shopify include a thorough knowledge of all the advantages that Shopify can add to your business model and the features it can offer in helping your company gain a larger market share in your chosen industry.

Shopify offers many tools you can use to track sales, buyer trends and habits, site movement, and so on; but making sense of all this available information can be a full-time job. This is where the expertise of an SEO company doing Shopify can come in handy. We use the power of Shopify analytics combined with the data that Google offers to provide you with a complete set of reports concerning the health of your online store and how your bottom line is performing. Most importantly, we can make sure you get Shopify SEO in Bangkok right; the most crucial element for SERP success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify comes with SEO as part of its standard package so that you can do it right out of the box. SEO for Shopify can be set up quickly, without IT know-how.

Shopify and SEO go together very well. The platform hits all the foundational SEO basics: meta and image tags; sitemap; 301 redirects; indexing; canonise URLs; and User Interface (UI).

The areas of SEO you want to focus on are keyword research, site structure and on-page SEO. Get these areas right, and you’ll be headed to the top of SERP.

The platform has a high score for customer satisfaction; it has a great inventory management system; and you can sell across multiple channels (Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, etc.).

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