Does Shopify Have Good SEO?

Does Shopify Have Good SEO?

Shopify is very SEO-friendly. As your company begins to grow, Shopify will also grow with you. It is scalable, and its capabilities can be expanded along with your business. Over time, you might get more interested in the digital marketing aspect of your business as well.

Shopify offers many tools you can use to track sales and buyer trends and habits, But making sense of all the information that is available can be a full-time job and you still have a company to run. This is where the expertise of a Shopify SEO company in Thailand can come in handy.

An SEO company can maximise Shopify to fit your company’s growth over time. This means they can make adjustments as you continue to expand to adjust for growth in terms of sales volume and the company’s changing goals.


Being based in Thailand, they will be able to speak with you in your own language to explain more of what Shopify SEO can mean for your business by effectively marketing your company digitally. They will optimise your Shopify site to deliver an even higher conversion rate than you originally started with.

How to do Shopify SEO

How to do Shopify SEO

By upgrading to Shopify Plan, you will be able to access all of the sales and financial reports for which Shopify has been collating data on your company. But without any SEO partnership in place, those resulting reports may look flat and static. By partnering with a Thailand Shopify SEO company, you will notice those charts, graphs and reports start to become dynamic. Trusting a Shopify SEO company to handle your SEO chores can make a relatively small investment in time, effort and money pay off handsomely for your company.

That simple platform that you started in e-commerce with can suddenly blossom into a platform that amply serves your company’s needs as you continue to grow with the correct application of SEO services.

The trick is that a Shopify SEO company can not only optimise the power and capabilities of Shopify for you. It can also bring the considerable power of Google’s own analytics into play to provide you with a double-barreled quantitative analysis of your company’s performance.

Do Shopify Tags Help SEO?

Do Shopify Tags Help SEO?

Relying on an SEO company to keep your site optimised gives you more ammunition against your competitors, who are using Shopify themselves to compete in your industry. There is certainly something to be said for the DIY ease and access of Shopify. But, as your business grows and the value of Shopify as an e-commerce platform becomes apparent, you need to use everything at your disposal to maintain your advantage over your competition.

The use of ‘tags’ is an effective way to increase your company’s visibility. Tags are keywords that are inserted into page titles and meta descriptions on your website. They serve as magnets for the Google bots, who comb the internet looking for relevant keywords. They can be one of the most effective tools in redirecting users to your website.

Shopify SEO companies know how to effectively harness the power of Google to work in conjunction with Shopify. They realise that no matter how great an e-commerce platform is, it can always be made to serve their client's needs just a little better and more to their liking.

A Thailand Shopify SEO Company That Can Deliver Great Results

A Thailand Shopify SEO Company That Can Deliver Great Results

Primal is a Shopify SEO Company in Thailand that can help our clients negotiate Shopify from the moment they enter the e-commerce business and help them to grow their company’s platform as their business continues to increase. We work closely in partnership with our clients to help them realise their business goals regarding e-commerce.

We have a thorough knowledge of all the advantages that Shopify can add to your business model and the tools it can offer in helping your company gain even a greater amount of the market share in your particular industry.

We establish a mutually beneficial education partnership with our clients where we teach them the most effective ways to use digital marketing in reaching their goals and they, in turn, educate us about their company and their position in their respective industry.


This education allows us to recommend even more appropriate campaigns and tools to use to build their companies in a rapid, but easily managed form that benefits their customers as well as their company.

We use the power of Shopify analytics combined with the data that Google offers to provide them with a complete set of data and reports concerning every aspect of the health of their company and its bottom line.

If you are just starting out in the world of digital e-commerce, Shopify is a great platform to use to help you get off the ground. But by partnering with a Thailand Shopify SEO company like Primal, you will reap even greater benefits than business owners and competitors who try to negotiate the platform themselves.

To give yourself and your company the greatest chance of success in the digital business environment, trust Primal to take that journey along with you and your company.

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Why Using Shopify is a Good Choice for a Company in Thailand

Why Using Shopify is a Good Choice for a Company in Thailand

If you have a company that is having some success, but you want to branch out into online sales, Shopify is definitely one platform that you should look into. The platform was designed for business owners rather than IT professionals. It offers hundreds of templates to use in setting up a platform for your online sales. It also provides over seventy payment gateways that you can choose from to easily accept payments from multiple sources.


If you already have a domain name for your company, you can use it with Shopify so you are not directing inquiries concerning your company away from your domain. You can try out online sales to see if it fits in with your company’s business model and current capabilities to adapt to an e-commerce platform.

If it does, then great, you are already up and running without having to invest a ton of time, effort and money into gearing up for e-commerce. You can then concentrate on growing your business through an e-commerce platform instead of relying on foot traffic through your company’s doors.

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