What is Mobile SEO?

What is Mobile SEO?

What ‘mobile first’ came to mean to website developers and SEO companies was that Google had recognized the fact that much of the world’s Internet users used their mobile devices more than their desktops and notebook computers. Often, these users didn’t even see the need to own these other traditional types of devices. Their mobile devices served all their needs.

As a result of this trend, Google felt the need to change their indexing policy from one that looked a desktop website page first, to one that looked at a mobile-friendly page first.

For web developers and SEO companies, this meant that they had to adjust their services to account for this change in the indexing protocols.


‘Indexing’ is a term used to describe the process that Google uses to look at a website and determine the rankings of the website. There are certain values given to each facet of every website like keywords, content and links. Each of these values, taken as a whole, results in the ranking of the website. In effect, Google was assigning a value to mobile-friendly websites and adding it into the mix.

By giving preference to any website that offered a mobile-friendly version, Google was in effect giving those websites a free upgrade in their rankings.

The Mad Scramble to Adapt to Mobile First Indexing

The Mad Scramble to Adapt to Mobile First Indexing

Needless to say, website owners who hadn’t gotten around to adding a mobile-friendly version to their existing website were panicking at the words ‘Mobile first’. They saw their rankings dropping precipitously in relation to their competitors, who had already added a mobile version to their own website.

Developers around the world saw both their revenues and workloads skyrocket. This was because of jittery website owners who were keen to add a mobile version to their website as quickly as possible to save their rankings.

How to Perform Mobile SEO

How to Perform Mobile SEO

Of course, SEO companies were likewise having to adjust their strategies to fit the new Google rules. They had to research and adjust to the need in order to address the other rules that Google came up with in adding mobile versions of a website into their indexing. They had to become mobile-first SEO companies.

For SEO companies, this meant that they generally had to adapt the mobile version of a website before adapting the desktop version. They had to switch their priorities.

These days, mobile versions of websites see more visits than desktop versions, and SEO companies see the value in this switching of the priorities. However, to SEO companies, the same rules apply. Mobile SEO has all of the same protocols as desktop SEO with the added necessity of ensuring that every change makes sense visually, as it’s being seen on a smaller screen.


Google still uses the desktop version to determine rankings. But every website owner should have a mobile version as this is how the majority of users access the internet and having a mobile version will help increase your rankings.

How a Thailand Mobile First SEO Company Can Help You Make the Most of 'Mobile First'

How a Thailand Mobile First SEO Company Can Help You Make the Most of ‘Mobile First’

Being a mobile-first SEO company, Primal is in the perfect position to help you make the most of this recent shift in ranking priorities. Our digital marketing team has studied the new Google priorities, as well as the rules governing these priorities and we are well-positioned to help our clients make the most of this new development.

We can advise you when your mobile website is incomplete or not working as well as it should be, as these aspects can do more damage to your rankings that not having a mobile version at all.

We have been in the mobile SEO business for quite a while, so we have the experience in differentiating between the separate technical SEO needs of the desktop version and the mobile version of your website.


First and foremost, the new rules made it clear that a mobile version should contain all of the content and imagery that a desktop version does. This creates problems for large companies that need to offer a lot of content. How do you organize all that content into something scrollable and viewable on a small screen?

With mobile SEO, we have learned and understood techniques of organising your content that will provide viewers with all the information needed to allow your mobile version to showcase all the content that your desktop version does. We will ensure that it is still manageable and makes sense from an organisational standpoint.

Primal will assist you in organising your content into a form that can easily be viewed on a small screen but still includes all the SEO features that can help you achieve a top ranking in your industry. These are the features which have made us the elite mobile SEO company in Bangkok.

By partnering with Primal, you don’t need to worry about having to perform double the amount of maintenance on your two versions of the same website. We are able to perform necessary desktop and mobile SEO maintenance on a regular basis while constantly looking to give you the edge in increasing your ranking above your competitors.   

We will help you realise that having a mobile version can be the best thing to increase your conversion rate. By having mobile-first SEO, you open up your company to a whole new group of potential customers who weren’t able to view the desktop version of your website on their mobile device. We help you turn those potential customers into actual customers.

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Mobile First SEO Will Be the Wave of the Future for Business Website Owners

A few years ago the executives at Google were on their way to work, and as they looked around at their fellow commuters, they noticed that everyone was using smartphones and mobile devices.

Arriving at work, they all huddled together and soon come out with the edict that would forever change the business of website development and SEO services. “Mobile First!” they proclaimed to much head-scratching from the rest of the Global Internet Community.

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