Dominate Mobile Search Rankings

Dominate Mobile Search Rankings

The global marketplace has become dominated by mobile. In fact, smartphones have become so prolific that many of the world’s internet users no longer bother owning desktop or notebook computers. Crucially for business owners, this technological evolution has changed how Google indexes websites. This rapid increase in smartphone users led Google to begin ranking businesses with a strong mobile-first approach higher on the ‘Search Engines Results Page’ (SERP) than their desktop alternatives.

This seismic shift in the way people search the web means your business must include an extensive mobile SEO strategy. But with the digital space already so saturated, you need a forward-thinking agency like Primal to help reach your target market. For years, our team of in-house marketing experts has been on the cutting-edge of mobile SEO, delivering our clients a boost in SERP rankings and establishing long-term growth. Partner with Primal to see how a class-leading mobile SEO company generates incredible conversions, sales and leads.

Grow With Mobile SEO

Grow With Mobile SEO

For the vast majority of businesses, traffic from smartphones is going to far exceed the number of people who land on the desktop version of your website. This is the fundamental reason why your content strategy has to have a mobile-first approach. However, if you’ve ignored this side of your business and recently caught yourself wondering ‘what is mobile SEO?’ – it’s never too late to get started.

A streamlined website developed specifically with mobile users in mind can achieve outstanding results when paired with a sharp SEO strategy. Although SEO practices overlap considerably across both desktop and mobile, the latter has a much greater emphasis on punchy titles, clean visuals and the fastest possible user experience.

Desktop websites aren’t going extinct anytime soon. But if the majority of your customers search using smartphones, it only makes sense to focus your attention on where it matters most. As an ever-increasing number of businesses adapt to the new normal, Primal is a mobile SEO agency that can help your brand get ahead in the mobile-first landscape.

Dominate Mobile Search

Dominate Mobile Search

Now that smartphones are the dominant way people search, Google has adapted its page rankings to preference local businesses and products. This switch to mobile-first indexing is backed up by Google’s research, which reveals 76% of people who use their smartphone to search for something nearby end up visiting a related business within a day. Meanwhile, nearly one-third of those people eventually make a purchase. These factors make it clear that your SEO for mobile strategy needs to focus on attracting customers from within your local area.

When you work with Primal, you’re choosing an award-winning mobile SEO agency in Bangkok that has a deep connection with Thailand’s unique market. Our talented local team have a comprehensive understanding of the region’s intricacies so we can help your business flourish. Similarly, we have an unmatched knowledge of Google’s constantly evolving algorithms. Let us take care of the tricky technical details and develop a mobile SEO strategy that’s going to unleash the full potential of your business.

Convert Your Mobile Audience

Convert Your Mobile Audience

Translating your big ideas to the small screen is made easy with Primal. Before we get started, we’ll conduct a mobile SEO audit and see how your website stacks up against your competitors. Informed by years of living and breathing SEO, we’ll then organise your content for a mobile-first world, ensuring your customers find your website a breeze to navigate. Naturally, everything is infused with an exceptional SEO strategy that pushes you up the search rankings.

Don’t let the idea of managing both a desktop and mobile website stop you from getting started with a mobile-first approach. At Primal, we’ll look after all the maintenance, so you can focus on running the rest of your business. We’ll also constantly reassess our strategy and identify areas where we can gain an even greater edge over your competition. These are just some of the reasons why Bangkok’s top companies choose Primal to lead their mobile SEO strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A successful strategy starts with a mobile SEO audit. After conducting in-depth research into your competitors and target market, you can develop a plan that achieves your business goals.

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Smartphones are only becoming more popular around the world. By developing a website that caters specifically to this already massive audience, you’re giving your business the best chance to succeed.

Every marketing strategy changes depending on the size and goals of the business. To maximise long-term success, an ongoing mobile SEO strategy is the smartest way to grow and profit.

As search engines now prefer mobile-first websites, a sharp mobile SEO strategy encourages the likes of Google, Yahoo and Baidu to identify your website and promote it to customers.

If you completely disregard mobile SEO, your target market will struggle to find your business when searching for relevant products. Mobile SEO helps build your brand in the digital space.

A research-driven mobile SEO strategy has endless benefits. From improved user experience and increased brand awareness to higher search engine rankings, undertaking a mobile-first approach makes perfect sense.

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