Protect Your Business

Protect Your Business

The online reputation of your business is central to its success. The internet and social media have made it possible for a small number of people to have incredible sway over how your business is perceived. With 93% of people agreeing that online reviews inform their buying decisions, businesses must use both good and bad feedback to improve their business and alleviate any customer concerns. This is why modern businesses need online reputation management.

The core function of online reputation management is to regain control over the conversation around your business. This involves outmatching any high-profile negative impressions with good ones, as you present a wealth of content across your channels to explain why these viewpoints are either completely misinformed or written in bad faith. By harnessing the power of your own social media platforms and website, you can carefully curate your brand’s online reputation with facts and thoughtful messaging.

Combat Negative Reviews

Combat Negative Reviews

To effectively combat negative reviews, reputation management specialists first seek out the source of the problem. Once it’s been found, it’s possible to develop a counteractive strategy that completely rebuilds your brand’s reputation. Primal is Thailand’s leading online reputation management agency, with years of experience helping many of the region’s top businesses manage and improve their digital reputations.

For all businesses, we start by looking for the source of damaging comments and reviews. That means conducting an in-depth search of every review site, trade journal and e-commerce website that includes your business. We’ll also delve into every major social media platform – from Facebook to Reddit and WeChat – and find out what people are saying about you.

Informed by this data, we determine what percentage of reviews are positive or negative. From this, we can assess the scale of the problem and workshop responses specific to your business. After presenting a thorough report about the state of your online reputation, we’ll devise a clear strategy that identifies the major threats and rebuilds public confidence.

Restore Your Reputation

Restore Your Reputation

The rank of your website on search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu can determine the success of your business. But these services only care about the popularity and relevance of your business rather than your reputation. Moreover, websites like Yelp and Tripadvisor make it easy for negative reviews to appear at the top of search engine results. As 85% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from friends and family, businesses must focus on reputation management in case reviews turn sour overnight.

In this technological age, people are increasingly tech-savvy and willing to express their opinions online, even if they don’t have the full picture. With so many people making judgements from online reviews, the marketing efforts of your business can be entirely wasted if a few negative opinions spark a widespread reaction. Don’t be held back by these issues. Develop a reputation management strategy alongside a top-notch digital agency like Primal and ensure your standing remains excellent in the eyes of your target market.

Resolve Any Crisis

Resolve Any Crisis

For businesses that need online reputation management in Thailand, Primal is perfectly positioned to take charge of the conversation. If you’re under pressure from digital channels, we’ll help you see through the haze and direct a digital strategy that addresses the core problem. Our data-driven techniques explore what caused people to post bad reviews in the first place, then use the truth to counter these negative perceptions.

Our expert team knows how to target specific audiences to maximise the effectiveness of our strategy. We’ll monitor our campaign 24 hours a day and provide insightful reports, revealing critical data points and explaining how we’ll solve them. Our proven methods change depending on the issue, but ultimately win over your customers and restore brand loyalty.

Don’t let erroneous reviews ruin your business – the online reputation of your business is simply too important. Talk to Primal and find out how we can handle your online reputation management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every response to negative online reviews needs to first establish why these issues are happening. Then, you can use your social media platforms and website to address these concerns.

As internet and social media usage only become more widespread, every business needs to be prepared to respond to harmful reviews that can affect the ongoing success of your brand.

Having an appropriate response to negative reviews is critical to changing public perception. An online reputation management agency like Primal can help your business find the perfect words.

Ideally, your business should only create positive experiences. But if you begin to experience negative feedback, the best response always presents the truth in an intelligent and tactful manner.

Depending on the issue’s scale, online reputation management can be a costly affair. However, negative and fake reviews left unchecked can severely impact the future success of your brand.

Digital services like Removify make it possible to get rid of fake and negative reviews. However, a sharp online reputation management strategy involves a considered effort to maintain customer faith.

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