How Does Online Reputation Management Work?

How Does Online Reputation Management Work?

These days reputations are managed by data. Gone are the days when a single newspaper or magazine article would be enough to sway people’s opinion. Nowadays, damage to a brand’s reputation may be coming from any of the million different websites and social media platforms. How do you separate the good reviews from the bad? More to the point, how do you even find the source of the trend toward bad reviews and figure out the reasons behind it? This is where online reputation management comes in.

The heart of reputation management is countering bad impressions with good ones. Presenting reasoned arguments proves that the bad impressions were formed based on faulty information or outright lies. It’s turning people’s minds around by using the weapons of intelligence, tact and above all else, truth.

Online reputation management specialists act like investigators in the beginning. Before a brand can counter the problems, they have to know the sources of the problems and the reasons behind them. Once they find the sources, their ultimate weapon in rebuilding a brand’s name and positive social recognition is the honest, plain truth.

How to Do Online Reputation Management?

How to Do Online Reputation Management?

Primal is an experienced online reputation management agency in Thailand and the first task we perform for a brand is to conduct a thorough search of all the social media sites and review sites. We might also include a search of online trade journal websites that are relevant to the brand’s industry and a search of Amazon and similar e-commerce sites if the brand’s products are sold on them.

We are looking for any mention of the brand’s name on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. If the brand is prevalent in the China market, we would include Baidu and WeChat.

Once we’ve amassed this data, we start analysing it, and through this analysis, we arrive at a percentage figure of bad reviews and impressions out of the total brand reviews. This will determine how much of a problem the brand is really facing and where your brand stands at the present time. Generally, at this point, a report is prepared for the brand executives.


We can turn up data that may be hard for the executives of a brand to swallow. The data itself may point an accusing finger at some facet of a brand’s reputation that needs to be quickly rectified. But we can serve as an effective alarm bell that the brand itself needs to do some serious restructuring on their way to restoring the public’s confidence.

The thing to remember is that data doesn’t lie. It’s telling you the cold, hard facts about a brand’s reputation and how it got to that point.

Primal is skilled in making sense of bad news and figuring out digital strategies to intelligently to address the problem. We will launch a campaign that directly addresses whatever it is that has caused the public to post the bad reviews of a brand.

But experienced online reputation management agencies know that what was true back in Abraham Lincoln’s day, is just as true in today’s information age - “You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

This means that Primal will use only the truth in fighting negative perceptions of a brand. Our own reputation depends on it. We will use the data to figure out exactly which truths will effectively counter negative perceptions. We employ these truths in online campaigns that specifically target user blocs and monitor the progress of our campaigns 24 hours a day. We will provide you with thorough reports of all data received from our strategy.

We work together with our clients to mount a concerted campaign to right the public’s misconceptions. The techniques we employ might differ depending on the size and scale of the problem. But, ultimately, by effectively using targeted digital campaigns to win back loyalty and customers, we deliver solid results in rebuilding a brand’s reputation.

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Why Online Reputation Management May be Important for Your Brand’s Future

Online Reputation Management (also known as ORM or rep management) has been around since the beginning of the 21st century. The rapid growth of social media and review-type websites like Yelp and Tripadvisor, and sites like Amazon which make reviews a major facet of their sales platform, means that brands have been able to see the value in actively getting involved in their own reputation management.

They have discovered that online reputation management is a viable tool to push back on negative stories and reviews that harms their brand’s image and negatively affects their ability to conduct business.


Reputation is purely a social construct, and that’s why online reputation management focuses on data generated by social media sites and websites that have online review platforms. Brand executives have read and analysed data, which shows that the vast majority of Internet users base their opinion of a brand solely on the brand’s reviews by other users. This is a frightening thought. All of your marketing efforts and hard work can be nullified just by well-written, though erroneous, reviews that capture the public’s attention and create a ‘hive-mind’ mentality.

The phrase “Everyone has a right to their opinion” seems a little naive in terms of the juggernaut that social media has become. It has turned popularity into a powerful force in the world of commerce, and that popularity can be put into negative life in an instant based on a few wide-spread, bad reviews.

In the days before the Internet became such a driving force in commerce as well as social interaction, it used to be a public relations agency’s job to deal with a surge either way in a brand’s reputation. They would publish stories which supported a brand’s rising reputation in an attempt to ride the wave of good feelings about the brand. They would also publish counterattacks to negative stories that did damage to a brand’s reputation. As well as a valiant attempt to revive a brand’s good name. But, the Internet has evolved over time, resulting in a drastic change which has raised the stakes considerably.

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