Google’s August 2023 Core Update: A Game Changer

Last month, the tech behemoth Google unwrapped its latest gift (or challenge!) for website owners worldwide: the August 2023 Core Update. Following its announcement on August 22nd, Google went full steam ahead with the rollout just a day later. And if it’s anything like its predecessor – the March 2023 broad core update – it’s indicative of Google’s unyielding commitment to perfecting its search engine’s algorithms. Why, you ask? To continually gift users with the most apt and germane search results, of course!

The importance of Google August 2023 core update

Why We Should Care about Google’s August 2023 Core Update?

Now, if you’re a mere mortal using Google for your daily info-fix, this might not sound like much. But, for businesses, digital marketers, and website owners, this is colossal news. Why? Well, August 2023 core updates hold the power to pivot your website’s standing on Google‘s search results. This means a change in your site’s ranking can directly influence the organic traffic and, as a direct consequence, potentially skyrocket or plummet your revenue.

Ever made an update to your website and found your rankings oscillating like a pendulum? It could either be due to changes you instigated or, you guessed it, Google’s enigmatic algorithm tweaks. Hence, staying in the loop with these updates isn’t just smart; it’s quintessential for digital success.


Google August 2023 Core Update Highlights

Prioritising Quality Content

The rise of AI has undeniably revolutionised various sectors, and content creation is no exception. Though Google’s refined algorithms might struggle occasionally to tell human-crafted content from its AI-generated counterpart, they still have a soft spot for the human touch. And there’s a good reason for it.

Content penned down by humans inherently carries a creativity flair, a touch of nuance, and a unique capacity to form an emotional connection with readers – things that AI finds tough to replicate in its entirety. So, if you’re aiming for the stars (or the top of the SERP), ensure your content resonates both emotionally and intellectually. In essence, it’s simple: Human-written content is king.

The Increasing Importance of Experience in E-E-A-T

If you’re a digital aficionado, you’ll recall Google introducing the E-A-T guideline back in 2022. Representing Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, it’s the holy trinity that Google uses to gauge the quality and credibility of a site’s content. Fast forward to 2023, and there’s a fresh ‘E’ in town – Experience, making it E-E-A-T.

This latest addition isn’t merely ornamental; it’s pivotal. Ensuring users have an outstanding experience while interacting with your site is now paramount.

Stay ahead of the game with top SEO rankings

The Ebb and Flow of Search Rankings

Every time Google rolls out a core update, don’t be surprised if your site’s standing on the leaderboard shuffles a bit. This dance is just Google’s way of making sure the crème de la crème content is paraded to its users. So, if you spot your rankings taking a wee dip, don’t hit the panic button just yet! This downward slide might just be Google’s algorithms doing their new jig, not a red flag on your website’s performance. Remember, a little post-update wobble in rankings is par for the course. And hey, with a stellar SEO team by your side, any hiccup can be swiftly transformed into a victorious high jump. 


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In the ever-evolving universe of SEO, the one thing you can bank on is change. Sure, the Google August 2023 Core update might appear like towering waves, but they’re really just gateways for businesses to sharpen their game and truly resonate with their audience. Staying nimble and updated is the secret sauce. And with Primal Digital Agency anchoring your ship, steering through these SEO seas becomes a breezy sail. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

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