Digital Tactics #4 | Can a Facebook page replace a website?


Is it better for me just to have a Facebook page or have a Facebook page and a website or just have a website? In my opinion, it’s best to look at your current circumstances. If you’re a new business launching maybe a smaller product or it could be let’s say a nutritional protein bar that you make and you’re not quite sure because building a website is a huge time investment, as well as if you’re using developers or someone to help you out build it, It’s definitely going to cost you money.

With a Facebook page, it’s easy and it’s free to set up. If you’re time constrained or money constrained, we recommend you to set up a Facebook page. If it’s a new product or service, you might wanna try marketing on Facebook and there are tons of businesses that simply survive just through Facebook, having a Facebook page and advertising on Facebook.

The reason why that works so well in Thailand is because Facebook has such a high penetration amongst multiple age groups across the country. So actually, you’re actually able to reach and advertise and promote to a group of people that are most likely to be your target audience.

So once you use that as say like a minimum viable product to then test your product or service within the marketing, if you start to find success within that and you’ve got a bit more investment to play with, I would then definitely recommend building a website.

The reason why you want a website is because it opens your opportunities or the ability to open up to people on Google, searching for your business and if you’re able to rank the website through SEO or you pay to promote it, you actually drive people from your Facebook page to your website.

And the reason why this is beneficial for you in the long-term is because you control the data. If people come through to your website, you can potentially get their email, you can potentially get their phone number if they’re calling you. There’s a bunch of ways to actually capture protential prospect and customer information and make it your own without having it stored within Facebook.

This enables you to then market to them through advertising, using their data, using cookie data to then advertise on things like display advertising, to then help capture more data to then input back into your Facebook advertising such as Lookalike Audiences for emails and phone numbers.

So there’s a ton of benefits actually in getting a website, driving people there but if you’re time and money constrained, then of course you can start with a Facebook page first which is free, but if you can, do both because it’ll be better for you in the long-term.

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