A Checklist for Selecting an SEO Agency

SEO helps websites rank on the first Google search results page. Being on the first page increases brand awareness, engagement, and traffic to the website, which in turn increases conversions, sales and profit.

To do SEO yourself, consider your expertise and the time, cost, and risks involved. After doing so, many decide it’s best to choose the right SEO company to support their SEO needs instead. But how do you select the right SEO company to grow your business?

เลือกบริษัทรับทำ SEO อย่างไร

Selecting An SEO Company

How Important is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation optimises a website according to Google’s criteria in the hope of ranking on the first results page when people search for a keyword related to the business. Moreover, effective SEO increases organic traffic to the website and drives sales. SEO is essential for any online business, so many hire an SEO company to generate measurable results for them.

How Is SEO Done?

The SEO process is vast. To simplify things, we’ll take you through the first five steps for any business: 

SEO Keyword Selection

The first step is to select keywords related to your product or service that people will search for to discover your business. There are various marketing tools to help with keyword research, such as Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest. The keywords you choose should relate to your business and be high-volume keywords, as that increases the chances of people finding you when they search.

Produce Quality Content

The next step is to create high-quality content for your website that includes your keywords and is related to your business. 

Google prefers:

  • Longer content (research shows that content of 1,500+ words creates a high chance of ranking on the first page)
  • Media: photo, video, and infographic
  • Content that benefits the reader
  • Original content
  • Knowledgeable writers

On-page SEO

It’s also important to adjust certain elements of your website to match Google’s criteria:

  • Create a concise URL that is related to the content
  • Create a title that reflects the content
  • Use the appropriate keyword density 
  • Create internal links to previous and new content 

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are useful for SEO because Google’s algorithm uses it as a measure of a website’s reliability. However, any backlinks must be from reputable sites, ideally in the same industry.

Check The Results

Google Analytics and Google Search Console measure aspects of your website performance. These tools show the number of website visitors, any increase or decrease, and the behaviour of those visitors.

เลือกบริษัทรับทำ SEO อย่างไร

How to Select an SEO Company

Before selecting an SEO company, you want to know if they can produce results for your company. So, we’ve compiled a list of criteria to consider when selecting an SEO company.

Choose Experts 

If you choose a company without researching its credentials, you could choose one that uses black hat SEO methods to get your website on the SERPs. This can be detrimental because if Google finds out, your website could be removed from the rankings or blocked. Therefore, knowing about white hat SEO methods and understanding Google’s rules is useful before hiring a professional SEO company. 

Ask for Results

An effective SEO company will provide regular, accurate SEO reports. At Primal, we use our in-house system, Sentr, to provide clients with 24-hour real-time results so they can view them anytime without waiting for weekly or monthly reports.

Prioritise Profits

Another technique to choose the right SEO company is to find one that prioritises your profits. Although getting on the first SERP, it’s more important to attract website visitors that will convert and help drive revenue is more important. Therefore, it’s wise to select an SEO company that focuses on website visitors and sales instead of just ranking on Google’s SERPs.

SEO Timeframes

Generally, SEO takes at least 3-6 months to produce results. Still, it depends on several factors, such as the number of competitor websites, keyword competition, backend techniques, website reliability, content quality, etc.

For example, if you select highly competitive keywords, it will take more time to rank highly. Hiring an SEO company with experience of this challenge will increase your chances of success.

And remember,  if an SEO company advertises that they can get you on the first SERP in under three months, they might be worth avoiding, as they may be using underhand techniques which could hurt your business. The minimum time for results should be 90 days.

Will My Ranking Lower After I Stop Using an SEO Company?

SEO provides long-term results, but Google’s algorithms keep changing. Therefore, to maintain your website ranking, you should update your content and continuously adjust it to align with Google’s rules. In conclusion, if you stop working with an SEO company, your ranking will remain the same for a while but drop over time if you do not maintain SEO practices.

Primal Digital Agency: A Leading SEO Company in Thailand

Primal Digital Agency is a leading SEO company in Thailand that provides sustainable results for its clients by focusing on the following:

  • Client profitability and growth
  • Using professional SEO techniques for sustainable and consistent results following Google’s criteria
  • Providing 24-hour real-time results via the SENTR system
  • Using only professional writers to produce high-quality content
  • Crafting data-driven SEO strategies
  • Customised marketing strategies for each customer

Primal is comprised of more than 150 professional marketers with experience of more than 500 brands and over 5,156 campaigns, resulting in more than 200 five-star Google ratings. Contact us for your professional marketing plan today!