What is Green Marketing? How do the business and environment grow in harmony?

The degradation of the environment has been accompanied by rapid growth in technology, resulting in issues like global warming, climate change, air pollution, and the melting of Arctic sea ice. This has naturally led to growing concerns for the environment. It has also caused people to become more conscious of environmental issues and their impact on the planet. A positive effect is that more people choose to use recycled or eco-friendly products to minimize their environmental impact and demand more sustainable solutions. 


What is Green Marketing?

Green marketing is a long-term business strategy that addresses environmental and sustainability concerns. By focusing on sustainability, manufacturers will invest more research into developing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and services to create more eco-conscious products. 

Incorporating green marketing into their business practices will help them reduce ozone pollution, utilize more recyclable and biodegradable materials, and minimize packaging waste. These efforts contribute significantly to the overall goal of protecting the environment. 

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4P Strategy for Green Businesses

How can entrepreneurs and marketers implement green marketing in their businesses? By employing the traditional 4P marketing framework:

P – Product, Green Product

The first factor to consider is the product itself. This would include both tangible products and services. Green marketing simply involves integrating environmental considerations into product design, such as using biodegradable materials, reducing carbon emissions, and adopting sustainable packaging solutions. 

P – Price, Green Price

When you think of pricing in green marketing, it usually considers brand positioning, payment methods, discounts, and product and environmental costs. Although adding environmental costs may slightly increase expenses, it should be viewed as a long-term investment into changing the company’s image as a profitable and environmentally sustainable organization. 

P – Place, Green Place

The green marketing concept involves selecting efficient and eco-friendly distribution channels. This might include online distribution methods, reducing the distance between production facilities and customers, or adopting wholesale delivery strategies to minimize the environmental impact of logistics. 

P – Promotion, Green Promotion

Promotional efforts in the context of green marketing should aim to increase sales and brand awareness and communicate the company’s commitment to environmental protection. This would involve showcasing how the company’s products contribute to environmental conservation and promote a sustainable lifestyle for consumers. 

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Advantages of Green Marketing

There are various benefits for businesses to incorporate green marketing strategies:

Reaching New Target Groups

Green marketing allows companies to tap into the grooming market of environmentally conscious consumers who prioritize eco-friendly products over others. 

Creating a Positive Brand Image

When you showcase a strong commitment to green marketing, it can enhance your brand’s image and attract customers who share the same message of environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

Reducing Costs and Increasing Long-term Profit

Green marketing can lower production costs and boost long-term profitability by focusing more on resource efficiency and conservation. 

Encouraging Innovation

Green marketing often involves investing in new technologies or materials to align with eco-friendly concepts. While this may incur some initial costs, it can reward you with valuable long-term benefits for a sustainable business. 

Fostering Long-term Growth

Investing in eco-friendly initiatives demonstrates a brand’s commitment to a sustainable future and can contribute to the long-term profitability and growth of the company. 


Case Studies

Here are some examples from recognized brands that have successfully implemented green marketing strategies: 

SCG: The Siam Cement Group

SCG has made sustainability the center of its mission by focusing on sustainable biodiversity management and air quality management. SCG’s investment in environmentally-friendly production methods, logistics, and packaging processes makes it a company worthy of support and admiration. 


The well-known coffee company has invested in several green initiatives in its history. Some examples include solar energy, promoting reusable cups, and organizing tree-planting and street painting events on social media. These efforts have brought more focus to the environment and enhanced the company’s brand image as a sustainable organization. 


The Swedish company launched numerous campaigns to promote its environmentally-friendly products and practices. One example is how they encourage consumers to resell their high-quality, secondhand furniture to reduce waste, demonstrating their commitment to environmental conservation and recycling. 


Green marketing is more than just a marketing tactic but a sound business strategy that emphasizes your company’s commitment to the environment and helps to create a positive brand image that would appeal to the burgeoning group of eco-conscious consumers. 

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