What is a Sustainability Mindset for Marketing?

Sustainability is a hot topic these days, but it requires individuals and businesses to pull together for it to be achieved. As individuals, we do what we can, and now most large corporate companies are making sustainability part of their business practices. 2023 is the year of sustainability marketing – but what exactly is it? Read on to discover more.


What is Sustainability in Marketing?

Sustainability marketing can be the marketing of environmentally-conscious products, or it can also refer to the marketing of a business’s corporate sustainability practices and efforts.

The essential factor for sustainability marketing is the target group and their concerns and interests in sustainability and the environment. Marketing these days has shifted as large global companies change their focus to address consumer concerns. 

Today, we will explain a sustainability mindset and how it relates to sustainability marketing.

What is a Sustainability Mindset?

Sustainability is part of a growth mindset. A growth mindset is a flexible attitude and the belief that you have the skills and knowledge to survive in this challenging world. A growth mindset sees an obstacle as a challenge to overcome and learn and develop from.

However, a growth mindset only focuses on oneself, whereas a sustainability mindset concerns other people and external factors. A sustainability mindset encourages you to develop yourself in four ways: 

Long-term Vision

An organisation should focus on long-term growth instead of short-term profits. Society supports businesses with a long-term sustainability plan, including fairness to the community it operates in, commitment to its customers, and employee equality.

Be Empathetic

Businesses need to be empathetic to different stakeholders, such as partners, investors, and government agencies. These groups should be the priority targets for long-term growth and support for your business.

Move Forward

Your sustainability marketing needs to progress and develop continuously so that you can outperform your competitors and better contribute towards a sustainable future for our planet.  

Care About Society

Humans have caused world issues such as flooding, wildfires, PM 2.5 air pollutants, and global warming. Businesses are large contributors to these issues. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of everyone to find a solution and create a better world.


Creating Value with Sustainability Marketing

After understanding the four factors contributing to a sustainability mindset, the next thing to look at is how to create a positive impact. Firstly, let’s look at the four elements that drive value in a customer’s mind: 

  •    Functional Benefit –being a comfortable, easy, or high-quality product or service
  •    Emotion Benefits –self-rewarding, nostalgic, enjoyable
  •    Life Changing –offers self-development potential, motivation, or hope
  •    Social Impact –creates a positive effect on society

Before, we applied technology to try and provide functional and emotional benefits. However, with a sustainability mindset, technology can create life-changing and social impacts. People today are very concerned about the environment, and a brand that provides value with life-changing and social impact will win the customer’s heart.


Technology plays a significant role in our lives, so companies should adopt a growth mindset and adapt their sustainability marketing plan accordingly. Sustainability can win the customer’s heart and help drive the company forward long-term.

If you want to understand more about sustainability marketing, don’t hesitate to contact Primal Digital Agency for efficient advice and a free marketing plan.