Email Marketing allows you to reach customers in a measurable way!

Email Marketing in Thailand is considered one of the best marketing strategies to reach a specific customer group and build a good relationship between the brand and the customer.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a way for businesses to communicate with their customers through Email for marketing purposes such as offering products or services, promotions, or communicating marketing campaigns. Email marketing may not work for some target audiences who do not use Email daily, but if your customer is a B2B customer or of working age, email marketing is likely to be very effective in reaching them and increasing sales.  

Email Marketing คืออะไร

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing?

No one strategy fits all. Business owners need to understand their target customers and their behaviour to select the best marketing tools to target them. Email marketing has many advantages, including: 

  1. Reach the right customers
    Because your database is usually made up of customer emails, you know they are already interested in your products or services. Therefore, when you send them promotions or product launch emails, there is a higher chance of re-purchasing.
  2. Drive sales with specific marketing campaigns
    Nowadays, businesses tend to focus on marketing on social media; however, email marketing is a great way to boost sales by sending promotions, discounts, and giveaways directly to your existing customers.
  3. Ideal for a new product or service launches
    Often, customers won’t know when a business has launched a new product or service. Therefore, email marketing can help a business promote a new product or service to its customers. Furthermore, special promotions via email encourage customers to make purchases.
  4. Accurately measure results
    Another highlight of email marketing is the ability to track results yourself. For example, you can track email open rates and the sales results of those who made purchases via your email link. Therefore, it’s important to attach a UTM link to your marketing emails to track the results.
  1. Low cost compared to other marketing channels
    Paying for online advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LINE and TikTok is essential and should be done if a business wants to grow a broad customer base. But these platforms don’t guarantee that the ads sent out will reach people who are really interested in your products. In contrast, email marketing is fairly low cost (you just pay for the monthly platform fee). Email marketing also ensures that the messages or content sent out will reach your customers when you want them to.

Email Marketing ทำอย่างไร หา Email ลูกค้าได้จากที่ไหน

How to Do Email Marketing

Before you start email marketing, the first thing to do is gather your customers’ emails. These can often be collected by encouraging customers to sign up for your emails or become members of your business. For example, department stores often invite customers to register for their membership programmes by filling in their full name, telephone number, and email through an application form or online registration.

Another popular method is exchanging email addresses for a reward. For example, when you visit a brand’s website, they might invite you to subscribe to their news update, and in return, you receive a discount coupon or get a free eBook. You get their data, and they also receive something in return!

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Which is the Best Email Marketing Platform?

Today, there are many email service platforms to support your email marketing, including MailChimp, HubSpot, and Sender. These platforms charge a monthly subscription fee, and you can select a package to match your requirements. The advantage of using these platforms is that you can access your database, send your email and measure your results all in one place.  

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to help your business grow. However, you need to find the right match between the comms you send out and the product you’re offering by analysing your target customer, looking at their occupation, age, location, etc. This data can help your email marketing to target the right people and encourage them to purchase the product.