Facebook Business Accounts: An Effective Tool for Online Businesses

Facebook Business Accounts support your online business by generating brand awareness, engagement, and profits.

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What Is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is the tool for managing various Facebook accounts; it consists of two main elements: the business setting and the ad account.

  1. Business Setting: this is the most important part for managing people and business resources attached to your Facebook account. Here, you can add and delete people and assign a page role to each member. For example, you can dictate which employees can or cannot edit other people’s page roles and limit access to the ad account and page for each person. In this section, you can also select a business partner if you’re working with other businesses, such as a digital agency. Furthermore, you can manage billing, payment, and business information here.
  2. Ad Account: This section is for managing the accounts that we use to advertise online. One person can manage up to 25 advertising accounts, and up to 25 people can manage each account.
  3. Page: Facebook is a social media platform to communicate with friends, share our stories, and meet new friends. As time passes, more and more people are developing businesses using Facebook. You can use a private Facebook account to sell products; however, a Facebook Business account helps you manage people’s page roles and an ad account to promote your products.

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How does a Facebook Business Account Differ from a Regular Facebook Account?

A regular Facebook page can be enough for a business managed by the business owner or two to three admins, using general ads to promote its products or services without the benefit of Facebook’s insights. On the other hand, a Facebook Business Account provides more supportive functions for your ad account and page management. 

If you use your personal Facebook account to open a few normal pages for your brand or to sell products, when you create ads, you can only use one personal ad account, which is automatically created when you run your first ad. In contrast, with Facebook Business Manager, you can create separate ad accounts for each page. This makes it more convenient for the company in terms of accounting and issuing invoices for separate ad campaign payments.

How Many Facebook Business Accounts Can I Create?

Each Facebook account can create a maximum of two business accounts; however, you can work on more than two business accounts by being on other people’s accounts as an admin or employee.

How to Create a Facebook Business Account

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  1. Go to https://business.facebook.com/overview
  2. Click “Create Account” 

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  3. Fill in your business account name, your name, and business email
  4. Click “Submit” 

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Because Facebook Business Manager is a tool dedicated to managing your business on the Facebook platform in detail, its internal implementation is quite complex and takes some time to learn. So if you’re a small sole entrepreneur and don’t want to deal with all the intricacies, a Facebook business account might not even be necessary for you. But if you want to access the tools and manage your resources systematically, Facebook Business Manager is perfect for you.