What is UBERSUGGEST? Why is it an Essential SEO Tool?

There are many ways to find keywords, including using keyword tools. This is very popular, especially for those just starting out doing SEO by themselves. Using keywords will help your page climb up the search engine rankings. 

Many people choose to use Ubersuggest, a free keyword search tool from Neil Patel. You can use it for free up to 3 times a day or opt for the paid version, which gives you unlimited usage and many other exciting features. But for anyone who wants to know more about Ubersuggest, this article will show you what it is and how it can help your SEO.


Ubersuggest is an SEO keyword search tool that can help analyse and assess the SEO quality of your website, your competitors’ websites, and the areas that need to be developed. It also provides insights on how the content you develop can best meet the needs of your audience.

The creator and developer of this keyword tool is Neil Patel, an online marketer. He has developed various tools to help you achieve better SEO results. These include keyword research (with language and country area selection), Domain Overview, Top SEO Pages, Content Ideas, Backlink Data, Site Audit, and SEO Analyser, among others.


1. To Find Keywords

As mentioned above, Ubersuggest can help you find keywords for your website. Whether it’s keyword Search Volume, SEO Difficulty, or Keyword Ideas, Ubersuggest will show you the results that you can use to improve your website’s efficiency.

Ubersuggest ช่วยอะไรได้บ้าง

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  • Search Volume is the number of keyword searches, including how many searches there are for this word each month.
  • SEO Difficulty (SD) is the difficulty level to make a website climb to the top of the rankings. The higher the SEO Difficulty, the more competitive the keyword is.
  • Paid Difficulty is the difficulty level of keywords in SEM (Search Engine Marketing); the higher the number, the more competition.
  • Cost per Click (CPC) is the average advertising price of Google Ads per click; the higher the number, the more competitive and the higher the price.
  • Keyword Ideas are the keywords that Ubersuggest recommends you use in your content.
  • Content Ideas are examples of content recommended by Ubersuggest related to your search keywords. You can also check the Page Title, URL, Est. Visits, Backlinks, and Social Share Count.

2. To Check Website Traffic

It’s easy to check website traffic on Ubersuggest. Just like searching for keywords, all you need to do is enter the URL of the website. The system will do the rest for you, including providing data on:

traffic analyzer

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  • Organic Keyword: the number of organic keywords the website ranks for on Google.
  • Organic Monthly Traffic: the amount of organic traffic or the number of visitors to the website per month not driven by online advertising.
  • Domain Authority (DA): the credibility of the website. The higher the quality of the website and the better the content and links to other related websites, the higher this score is likely to be.
  • Backlinks: websites that link back to your website. This affects SEO as the more backlinks you have, the higher your DA, which helps your search ranking.
  • SEO Keyword Ranking: the ranking of the website for that keyword, displayed in different rankings divided by colour: Green for rank 1-3, Yellow for rank 4-10, Orange for rank 11-50, and Red for rank 51-100.
  • Top SEO Pages: ranking the most visited pages on the website. It shows the SEO Title, URL, Est. Visits, Backlinks, and social media sharing.
  • SEO Keyword: the Keyword that draws the most traffic to the website, it shows data including Volume, Position and Est. Visits.

3. To Analyse and Assess the Quality of SEO

Ubersuggest comes with an SEO Analyser tool, an excellent tool for analysing your website. It looks at:

seo analyzer

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  • On-Page Score. An assessment score of your on-page SEO.
  • Page Discovered. This is to check the health of your website to see if there are any problems, such as damaged, problematic, redirected or blocked pages. This then allows you to fix the issues on each page.
  • SEO Issues Discovered. The notification of important bugs affecting your SEO position.
  • Site Speed. A speed check on each web page, for both desktop and mobile.

Why Should We Use UBERSUGGEST?

Ubersuggest is an invaluable tool for online marketers that collects almost all the necessary information for your website, making it great for doing SEO. It can help you find Thai keywords or look at page-by-page backlinks to analyse the quality and identify SEO problems on your website. So unsurprisingly, anyone who is just starting with SEO will find this tool extremely useful.