21 Powerful Tactics To 3X Your Instagram Following (Proven Tips + Examples)

While we’ve used primarily hotel examples in this article, these strategies are applicable to hospitality, travel and lifestyle industries. You can use these Instagram marketing tips right now to directly increase your followers, engagement rates and potential conversions and click-throughs.

With 70% of travellers having done travel research on their smartphone before booking, it’s clear that online should be a big part of your travel and hotel marketing strategy. source

Most travel bookings are made by women, 67% in fact.

With the decision making heavily skewed towards women, we need to consider where these women are and the type of travel and hotel branding they’re consuming.

Experiences are still playing a heavy focus in the world of travel and we’re seeing travel companies using a digital and content-first strategy to build an emotional and inspirational brand centered around experiences. With women being key decision makers in travel, and 68% of Instagram’s user base being women, it makes sense to take advantage of this visual medium to craft your brand story. source

Here are 21 ways the best players in the hospitality, travel and hotel industry in Asia Pacific are using Instagram for business and driving bookings:

1. Share User Generated Content

Not only is it a great way to get your users engaged with your brand by showing them a little love with a re-post. You’re also doing double duty by encouraging visitors and guests to get creative and snap away for the chance of their Instagram being featured on your page.

You can find the content that your user base is sharing under your tagged images or geolocations. It’s a smart way to increase the content available to you by curating the best that’s out there. And with user-generated content having a 4.5% higher conversion rate source, it’s a good idea to incorporate it into your Instagram promotion strategy.

2. Use Visually Stunning, High Quality Edited Images

Instagram is a visual medium.

Much like YouTube, the low-quality 10 minute video you throw together isn’t going to cut it with the people that are using high-quality photography and videography gear.

To play at the top, you need to make sure you stand out. Invest in having a high quality camera as part of your hotel’s marketing arsenal to capture those eye-turning shots and turn your Instagram into a marketing tool.

Don’t just use a seperate camera, use all the arsenal you have – which should include some editing programs. If you don’t have a designer with photoshop at your disposal, make sure your marketing team touches up your Instagram photos to make them look their best.

Instagram Editing Apps/Options:

  • VSCOCam
  • Snapseed

Two excellent options to get started with tweaking your photos to look their best.

3. Create An Instagram Theme

Humans have shorter attention spans that a goldfish.

We’re going to scroll past in less than a few seconds if there isn’t something to hold our eye. With digital medium’s throwing so much information at you at all times of the day, you need to capture your audience as quickly as possible and get savvy with your Instagram how-to.

One way to do that is with an Instagram Theme.

Themes create visual consistency. It immediately tells the user what they’ve showed up to and what they can expect in one quick look.

Like a restaurant, you should be able to walk in and straight away get a feel for the type of place, atmosphere and potential cuisine (is it a Mexican restaurant or Japanese?)

Do this with:

  • Using the same filters for a visual palate.
  • By photo-type or photo style. A food blogger might only post photos of clean neutral plates from a top angle. A travel page might only post very high quality sunsets.

A great example of an Instagram theme that’s smashing it is the @beautifulhotels Instagram page.

  • Very high quality photos
  • Light tones and aspects of blue or water
  • The name and images reflect what you expect to see if you were to follow the page (which makes it an easier decision for the user to take.)

4. Incite Travel Wanderlust With Fantasy

Why are the Kardashians a multi-million dollar empire?

People love fantasy and the unattainable. It’s why reality tv, as trashy as it might be, does so well.

It’s an escape. Apply that to your Instagram strategy with experience focused images that incite strong feelings and emotions. Strengthen the image with great copy that reinforces feelings and notions of aspirational experiences.

We can see here with @ITCHotels, they showcase a private morning tea session as part of the presidential suite at the hotel. It’s the smart way to use Instagram for business at a high level.

5. Mix Up The Promotional vs Non-Promotional (Balance Authenticness)

Nobody likes the feeling of being sold to.

Keep your promotional posts at a rough minimum to an average of 4:1. You might be tempted to blast out lots of posts about your room or buffet specials, but you’ll find you won’t gain long-term audience engagement that way.


Move away from a sell-sell attitude and mix in posts that the user can connect to and/or are relatable.

This could be showcasing an experience, a feeling or a moment, where there is no direct mention, image or link to a promotional action.

Your key objective should not be an immediate sale.

We can see in this post by Alila Seminyak, they’re evoking the feeling of a relaxing session by the pool. Tying your brand to feelings of relaxation and pampering, so the next time your audience are looking for an escape, your hotel might be top of mind.

If you do sell, make sure it’s aligned with your brand, tone and audience, like this promotional style post from Mandarin Oriental Tokyo in clean colours and luxurious finishes.

[ Looking to increase your social media ROI? We run fully integrated campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LINE and other digital channels. We’ll show you exactly how you can 2X your current leads and bookings with a customised Digital Marketing proposal, contact us to get yours.]

6. Create Your Unique Branded Hashtag

A unique hashtag can spread fast. It’s way for hotels to:

  1. Create an online identity and new segment
  2. Promote your products and services to new audiences

With a unique branded hashtag, it may require some thinking. Many one or two word hashtags that may be suitable like #wanderlust are already used on a mass scale and associated with various feelings, brands and identities.

It could be something that references your hotels mission or vision but goes beyond the standard hotel hashtag (like #starwoodhotels #intercontinentalhotels)

Within the travel industry, bloggers created the #LifeWellTravelled hashtag to showcase new destinations.

We can see The Dorchester applies this strategy with their #DCMoments hashtag, which is then picked up by their guests.

7. Showcase The Hotel In A Creative Way

Everyone expects a shot of the hotel room, the products or the view. It’s not necessarily going to stop the scroll or grab their attention.

Instead incorporate angles and perspectives in your feed and Instagram for business strategy.

Create a feeling through photos of what your guest can expect to experience when they visit your hotel.

It might be by filling out the scene. See at Intercontinental Danang where instead of just showcasing the hotel restaurant, we see a table full of food that invites you to “step into the picture”.

With Pullman, they recreate a lazy morning lie-in with a loved one and a view, from the perspective of the guests.

8. Collaborate With Influencers/KOL’s

Influencers have attracted a strong following in their niches, that could be luxury travel, fashion or fitness. Partnering with an influencer is a way of exposing your brand to your potential target audience who are out of your brand circle.

Because influencers know their audience well, they can put together creatives like photo and video they know their audience will want to consume.

You can also approach this by collaborating with other social media brands and cross promoting. We can see Sofitel Sydney had partnered up with a local Sydney theatre to offer an experience for their audience.

9. Incorporate Industry Related Hashtags in your Instagram marketing

Optimise your posts by including hashtags that are audience browse and use to discover new content.

Use your hashtags strategically. While you might be tempted to use very popular tags like #travel, you want to mix in relevancy and smaller, less saturated hashtags.

You can see The Udaya in Bali has included Bali-specific hashtags like #explorebali and #thebalibible as well as descriptive tags like #monkeyforest.

10. Keep Up With Instagram Trends & Video

We saw Boomerang take off in 2017. Instagram live sessions, q&a’s and event promotions are now commonplace.

You can keep up with the newest Instagram features for business on their blog: https://business.instagram.com/blog/

Utilising the newest features will make sure your content stays attractive, which can help your overall engagement, increasing your posts reach.

11. Craft A Story By Making The Hotel A Non-Focus

Instagram is filled with pretty pictures.

Nobody’s coming to instagram as the first place they look for a 2000 Baht a night hotel next to the Ekkamai BTS.

Instead focus on the non-tangible selling points vs the tangible ones, or find a way to show the benefits and value of your tangible selling points.

You might have the best late checkout in town at 4pm instead of the usual 1pm. You could highlight being able to enjoy afternoon tea in your room because you don’t need to rush the next day.

W Hotels highlights not just their Ski resort, but shows the emotional aspect of enjoying the beautiful view with a friend.

12. Encourage Fan Engagement Uniquely

No longer is the humble “like this post” enough. With user engagement driving Instagram’s algorithm and your brands reach, you need to see clicks as currency.

Get creative in the way of asking for engagement. Whether it’s:

  • Asking users to tag a friend who they want to share the image with
  • Asking users to comment if they relate to the image
  • Asking users to like if they feel a certain way
  • Running Instagram competitions based on engagement

13. Have A Creative Profile Bio That Is On Point

Optimise your profile bio with great copy and make sure your key elements are there.

  • Relevant, appealing profile photo
  • Branded Hashtag: are their branded hashtags you’re using which should be included?
  • Call-To-Action: are you driving your users to your website, a campaign or a latest piece of content.
  • Bio Content: Does your bio capture exactly what your brand is and highlight your unique selling points?

14. Include Some Behind The Scenes Photos

Add to your brand’s character by showing the strategy, care and thought that goes into creating the final product.

If you ran a fashion brand, you might show the manufacturing process.

With a hotel you might highlight the local florist that creates the floral bouquets every week in the lobby.

With Four Seasons Koh Samui, they’ve highlighted a part of the hotel that wouldn’t typically be noticed or easily found in the usual promotional materials.

15. Infuse Humour Into Your Social Character

It doesn’t all need to be picturesque staged shots.

Create a tone and persona for your brand through Instagram by aligning your humour with your audience, seasonal happenings and trending moments.

16. Stay On Top Of Timely And Trending Topics

From holidays to industry relevant topics like #NationalDonutDay, keeping on top of trending hashtags can help improve your reach when you’ll have a heavier volume than normal of people browsing a specific tag.

If you run a social media account, it’s a good idea to align your posting calendar with key dates throughout the year.

17. Get Involved Locally With Attractions And Events

Don’t just stick to promoting your hotel. After all your guests are unlikely to be visiting the city simply to stay at your hotel.

Show off local attractions near the hotel and events that are happening.

With many users using Instagram as a travel guide, curating travel attractions are a way to also attract them to your page.

An example below of the One & Only resort at Wolgan Valley in Australia in the blue mountains. They show off one of the most popular attractions to do in Australia: see the kangaroos.

18. Add Geo-Tags

Create a great user experience by including a geo-tag on your posts.

Users on your page can explore other images using the geo-tag

New users can find your posts if users in their circle have used your geo-tag

In fact posts with a geo-tag can get up to 79% more engagement than a post without source. All helping that beautiful brand reach and growth.

19. Highlight Unique And Speciality Services

Are there special touches that make your hotel uniquely you?

Maybe you offer morning yoga sessions on the rooftop, Ferrari pickup from the airport or you have access to extra experiences at tourist spots. Show them off!

It’s one thing reading about it, showing it off can encourage users who are looking for unique experiences. At the M Gallery in London, you get a unique view of London’s Leicester square which you can enjoy with champagne in your room with a loved one.

20. Add Personality With Your Hotel Staff

Do you have long standing staff members or staff that play a special role at the hotel?

They can be a reason to come to the hotel and keep returning. If guests have commented previously on an exceptional experience because of a staff member or something a staff member has done – use that in your hotel arsenal.

21. Make Your Hotel Instagramable

Instagram is pretty, no doubt it.

The quickest way to up your Instagram game? Make it easy to want to show off your hotel.

Encourage social engagement. If you don’t have an amazing view or unique design to work with some quick ideas include,

  • Unique pop-up displays at the hotel or at your hotel events. Can you work with a champagne brand to get a branded champagne vending machine?
  • Brand your products. Maybe you have balconies with all your rooms, can you add something unique with your hotel name that will encourage people to include it in their selfies and holiday photos?
    From branded coconuts to beach towels or beach pop-ups.
  • If you don’t have the luxury of mind blowing architecture, see what can be created that will make users want to include it in their photo or even better inspire a photo session.

So there you have it, the foundations to build a strong growth-focused Instagram strategy. These are proven content creation methods that are working across the travel, hotel and hospitality sectors.

Mix some of these strategies into your Instagram schedule and watch your follower and engagement rates rise.

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Victoria Thoo

Head of Marketing & Growth

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5 Steps To Maximising Your Facebook Spend by 2X

Previously we talked about the importance of landing pages in a lead generation funnel.

Right now your landing page is floating in space.

… So, how do you find people and drive them to your landing page?

One of the techniques we’ve used to effectively build awareness and get leads online are Facebook ad campaigns.

You can use Facebook ads to generate leads within the platform or send them to your landing page.

But, before jumping into setting up your Facebook ads and using Facebook for lead generation, you want to get really deep into the mind of your audience.

Setting Up Campaigns To Get Leads Online For Your Brand

For the best ROI, you need to be thinking about them and not you.

See, creating a sales funnel is like dating. You’re not going to ask your date to get married the first time you meet them.

There’s a lot of steps before you get them to commit to you.

Before you “sell” anything, you need to woo your audience.

So, how do you do that?

By developing a strong buyer persona, you get to know the needs, wants and desires of your audience. You’ll develop a highly customer-focused strategy.

The side effect?

You’ll automatically be marketing more effectively to your audience.

You can show them exactly what they want, and talk to them in their language.

That’s where the magic happens.

For new prospects and new leads, they don’t know us yet.

So what we’re going to do is deliver them a set of experiences tailored to them that will move them to the next stage.

Here at Primal, we use the Five A’s to move them from Awareness to eventually a raving fan.

Developing Your Buyer Persona

Before diving into your campaigns, you want to really understand your customers.

Your core ideal target audience, and the people who will be jumping to buy your products and service.

The better you know your customers, the better your campaigns will perform.

You can dive deeper into their hopes, dreams and fears and use these to drive your campaign advertising, copy, tone and images.

The depth you go into is up to you, the size of your company and the resources you have on hand.

For a simple buyer persona you might define areas like:

• Where they live
• How old are they
• Where do they work

For a more in-depth definition, you would look at segmentation by:

• Psychographics: profiling by their interests, activities and opinions
• Behavioural: profiling based on buyer behaviour and consumer attitudes

You can keep going down the rabbit hole. What are their values on different topics? Where do they like to hang out on the weekend? What types of websites do they visit?


A well defined buyer persona means you can write directly to your audiences pains and problems.

In the Curlkit Ad, we can see they’ve identified a major pain point and used it in their copy:

1. Finding products that work with curly hair

If you have an existing database, you can draw from your existing customers and the knowledge you have on them to shape a buyer persona.

Setting Up Your Facebook Campaigns For Lead Generation

Facebook reach is huge. 42% of marketers say that Facebook is critical or important to their business (source).

Here’s how you can use Facebook to effectively drive traffic to your landing pages.

To set up Facebook Ads and campaigns or boost your page’s content you’ll do this in Facebook Business Manager.

You’ll see a screen that looks like this.

1. Define the objectives of your campaign
2. We want to find your audience (segmentation)
3. Deliver them an ad that appeals to their needs
4. Move them from aware to inside your brand funnel (convert)

Creating Your Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns

Let’s say we’re looking at driving leads to our landing page for a condo pre-sale event.

1. In Facebook Business Manager, go into the Power Editor section
2. Click Create New Campaign and use Guided Creation
3. Select Lead Generation (you can select traffic if driving them to your landing page)

Audience Targeting With Facebook

Here’s where your buyer persona planning is going to kick in.

You can drill down to the exact details of the type of people you want to see your ads.

• How old is your audience
• Where do they live

You can get really granular with Facebook’s audience tools.

• Specify which internet browser they use
• Identify an audience which likes specific business pages or brands
• Target people who have travelled in the last week
• .. and more

You can shape your ads by their interests and online behaviours.

Not only can you include variables, you can also exclude certain audiences.

If your product is targeting married couples looking for their first home, you can set a parameter to exclude anyone who’s listed as “single” on Facebook.

What Types Of Ads Should You Show To Your Audience

We suggest creating multiple ad creatives and formats and testing them with different audiences to see how they perform.

If you were creating ads for the presale of a new luxury condo.

Ad Creatives

• You might test formats, images and videos.
• You could test different types of images, messaging, tone and copy.
• You can test single images or a carousel of different images and messages.

Audience Ad Sets

You can create different audience ad sets and mix and match with different creatives.

Let’s say we know that the budget for the new condominium is at a certain range. We might deduce that the people who are looking for a condo in that range also like luxury car and fashion brands.

We could set up an audience of males in the 30-60 age range who have shown an interest in Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini cars.

We can then:

• Create an image ad that promotes the condominium project that would appeal to a 45 year old male who enjoys high-end, fast paced cars.
• Create a carousel image ad that highlights their other interests like certain activities, hobbies and brands. For example, golf and Rolexes.

    Create different audience sets by relevant interests (ie Luxury Brands for High-end Condominium Sale)

The idea is to go broad to gather data and from there you can increase budgeting around the areas that perform the best.

This is where you can go beyond the awareness stage. You can create Facebook funnels that remarket to audiences that take certain actions.

You can show different ads to your audiences that show interest or “convert” via an action like clicking your ad.

If driving them to your landing page, you can measure if they visit your landing page but don’t fill in the form and show them a new offer.

Where Do You Capture Leads

You can choose to send these leads to a landing page or your website if you want to deliver them more information or you can capture them directly in Facebook.

With a multi-channel approach you might direct your Google search advertising to a landing page and capture your Facebook leads internally.

Other Tips:

•Make sure to setup Facebook Pixel on your website to track visitors from your ads to your website.
•A/B test different offers, creatives and CTA’s with different audiences.
•A/B test qualifiers for leads, like your lead generation fields in Facebook.

Facebook Ads are one platform to generate leads, but a great marketing campaign combines multi-channel strategies. Utilise different channels, offers and formats to drive the best performance for your objectives.

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Victoria Thoo

Head of Marketing & Growth

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What The Facebook Local Relaunch Means For Your Social Strategy

We saw Facebook launch their Facebook Events app last year, and it didn’t really take off.

They’ve now relaunched Events as the standalone Facebook Local app.

Here’s what we know about Facebook Local so far, how we see it impacting businesses and how you can get ahead of the game.

So, what is Facebook Local:

As Facebook Product Manager, Aditya Koolwal says “The new app, helps you easily find what to do, where to go, where to eat, or what you need – all recommended by people you know and trust.”


Facebook Events App Relaunches as Facebook LocalThe new Facebook Local that will change how people interact with businesses and events


We’ll see this new app rival existing platforms like Tripadvisor, Yelp and Foursquare.

The app connects to your Facebook account, making it easily accessible to get started. Whilst the app is currently only available in US app stores, we expect to see it rollout worldwide soon, which means it doesn’t hurt to start tailoring your Facebook Marketing and advertising strategy now.


What We Know About Facebook Local And How It’s Different To Events

We saw the previous Events app fail.

The big reason?

It didn’t offer any extra value and became an extra thing for people to use. For no real purpose.

While Events collated information that was already available in the normal Facebook app, Local is different.


“How is Facebook Local different to Facebook Events?”

With Facebook Local, it simplifies the search process. With the app,

  • People can search for locations and events by name or categories
  • Categories include food, drinks, games, fitness, film, music, religion and health
  • People can sort these results by relevance, popularity, distance and rating
  • The app will show events and locations your friends and facebook network have showed interest in
  • People can sort by opening times
  • Each listing contains key information about the spot like hours, photos of the location, address, Facebook rating and popular keywords mentioned
  • Directions to the location will be linked via third-party maps app
  • People can go directly to the Facebook page, website or call the spot within the app


Facebook Local connects your Facebook account to the app, adding a whole host of functionality.

Whilst platforms like Yelp or Foursquare allow you to find a restaurant and read the reviews, Facebook Local allows you to do that plus combines it with your trusted network.

Here’s why that matters:

With other platforms, you’re seeing reviews from people you don’t know. With Local, it highlights reviews and activity that comes from your friends. Most likely people whose opinions you trust.

You can also filter by opening times, allowing for on-the-go search. That makes it great for attracting  last minute attendees to your business or event.

Private Events are also integrated. Birthday invites, parties, celebrations – they can all be stored and added along with public events.

Find the Events section of Facebook messy?

Local solved that.

They’ve included a dedicated calendar to allow you to keep track of upcoming events and past events. Basically it streamlines the entire process of finding and saving events.


What It Means For Your Facebook For Business Strategy

Facebook Local can change the way people search for information and make decisions.

What does that mean for you as a business?

The app will influence how people spend money. Like Instagram and fashion e-commerce. Local is a vehicle for the right people to find your business.

What does that mean for Local Businesses:

From eating at your restaurant, staying at your hotel or buying a ticket to your event. Your target audience will potentially be using this as a first and final step in their decision making process.

Other benefits include:

  • Added Layer of Social Proof: By connecting your friend network, events and locations are vetted by those you trust.
  • Attract Tourists: With the trending now feature, it will be easier for tourists to become aware of local entertainment, events or specials at your business.
  • Personalization:  Facebook has taken search options to the next level. Facebook Product Manager Aditya Koolwal says the app “makes it a lot easier to do certain kind of look-ups that are very common when making plans with friends.” Better delivery of search results and a more personalized user experience will help conversion.


How Do We See Audience Engagement Changing

It’s also an extra channel to generate awareness and reach your ideal target audience.

Think about the way someone may have searched before. Let’s take a restaurant as an example:

  1. Pete is a 28 year old corporate worker in Bangkok that enjoys eating out and trying new restaurants.
  2. Pete is looking for a restaurant to eat at on Tuesday night. He feels like a bowl of Pho.

Before: Pete might have done one or more of the following:

  • He might have gone to Google and searched for “Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Bangkok”
  • He might have visited Tripadvisor and sorted by “Bangkok” “Places To Eat” “Vietnamese Restaurants”
  • Used a Food Review Platform to search (like Yelp or Foursquare)

Facebook Events Local Marketing An Example Of The Current Search Experience For Finding Restaurants


Before Pete would need to filter through the results and may not have enough information to make a decision.

He might need to leave the app, which means you might lose the conversion.

With Facebook Local not only will he have everything he needs to know but the growth and reach for the business will be exponential with the link to your social network.


Facebook Local AppSearch, Map and Information Functions from Facebook Local (US) Image Credit: Marketing Land

  • Pete can choose to go to Local, search for a Vietnamese restaurant and see if there are specials or events. Plus, if any of his friends have visited or left feedback.
  • He can see if any of his friends are currently there
  • Call and use maps to book or get to the business within the app.
  • Leave a Facebook review, which will then be seen by his friends (also potential target audience).
  • Visit the business’s Facebook Page within the app

The search and evaluation process is easier with Local.

His positive interaction with the business is easier.

Lastly, it stores his personal likes and event information, increasing top of mind awareness. Simply put? Pete is less likely to forget your business or event as Local is now part of his buyer behavior.


Facebook Local Tips: What You Can Do As A Business Now

With Facebook Local on the pulse of changing decision making for attractions, local events and even travelers.

It has never been more important to be on top of your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Before the full rollout of Facebook Local, you should aim to increase your engagement across your Facebook page and Facebook Events.

By increasing your engagement now, you’ll increase the amount of relevant people who see you on Facebook Local, increasing the potential leads to your business.

We know that Facebook will take into account factors like Facebook Reviews, Attendance on Facebook Events, and Business Information and Popularity.


Where You Should Be Increasing Engagement With A Facebook Marketing Strategy

  • Increase Engagement With Your Page: What does your Facebook content strategy look like? Are you actively working on great and relevant content to attract your key audience to like and engage with your page? Do you produce videos on your page to promote your products or brand?
  • Include Facebook Ads In Your Strategy: If you’re producing great content, are you continuing to expand your reach? Have you got a great Facebook Advertising campaign that targets Lookalike audiences or adds value to make them aware of your offerings?

With Facebook Advertising, you can reach new people who you can turn into returning customers. With Facebook Local, these people will increase your reach across their network.

We’ve created and run many successful lead generating, high-return Facebook Advertising Campaigns. To find out how we can do the same for you, contact us now.

  • Increase Your Facebook Reviews: Encourage your customers to leave a review on your page. Do you have a system in place to encourage these reviews?

Your Facebook Reviews will transfer over to Facebook Local and is likely to play a factor in your business’s popularity on the app. These reviews can be the difference in making a conversion/sale and not.

  • Optimize Your Event Listings: No longer is it good enough to have a Facebook event with the bare minimum information. Create enticing Facebook events to help convert people to click “Attending”.

By cultivating this behavior now, you’ll increase your popularity and exposure on Facebook Local.


Facebook Page Optimization

Is your business information correct?

  • Optimize Your Facebook Page: With maps, calling capability, opening hours, website information and more. Make sure your page is completely optimized to stop any barriers from a customer paying you a visit. If you have an event, is it easy to see where they can buy a ticket? Do you have professional photos of your food or location on your page?

Your Facebook page is a promotion for your business. With behavior changing and event and attraction attendance driven through social media, it has never been more important to make sure you have your best game face on.


The Primal Way – How Will These Changes Drive Sales To Your Business Or Facebook Events

This is a new channel to drive sales, especially for hospitality businesses and event listings. It will have all the information that you might have on your website or Facebook page but with better search functionality and user experience.

Facebook Local gives people the ability to make a booking or see event information (where they can purchase a ticket) directly in the app.

That means it’s the exact place you can reach and promote to relevant people who are going to visit your business or attend your event.

For businesses and events, the work you put into Facebook now will do double-duty across Facebook and later Facebook Local as a sales channel.


Next Actions

Here at Primal, we are focused on delivering bottom-line results.

What does that mean?

We build a streamlined strategy across relevant digital marketing channels to get you in front of the right audience. With the right people consuming your content, we’ll help you increase positive conversions and make sales.

We’ve helped many businesses increase and optimize their Facebook presence. Putting them where they need to be.

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Victoria Thoo

Head of Marketing & Growth

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Maximise Your Brand’s Reach with Targeted YouTube Advertising
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet? With over one billion users world-wide, this platform boasts the potential for global reach. Springboard your company to a global audience with our unrivalled YouTube advertisement management. We’ll spearhead your company’s objectives with a strategic and well-rounded campaign, increasing brand growth, leads and sales. If your online efforts are falling flat, maybe it is time to extend your campaign to YouTube. Primal excels within the YouTube marketing arena, customising targeted YouTube ads to entice your business’s demographics. Choose Primal and we’ll ensure that your efforts provide the best possible results, maximising your online performance to produce profit.
Results other YouTube marketing companies can’t deliver
Using cutting edge YouTube marketing services implemented by our specialists, we’ll target your YouTube ads to your unique audience by age, gender, location and various other factors. This strategic approach to your business’s YouTube advertising allows us to streamline targeted traffic to your business’s website, leading to more sales and brand growth. Primal is backed by world-class resources and expertise, allowing us to produce exceptional results other YouTube marketing companies can’t deliver. As the country’s premier digital marketing agency, we offer local businesses with the best YouTube marketing services in Thailand via strategically targeted ads.
Call us now to kick start your campaign today
We’ll provide your business with ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your YouTube advertising. We’ll make strategic changes and adjustments when necessary to ensure ongoing success, evolving your campaign in time with your business and industry. If you’re interested in finding out what we can achieve for you that competitor agencies can’t, call us now and we’ll start work on your campaign as soon as today.
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Mark McDowell

Managing Director

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Strides Ahead Of Other Linkedin Management Companies
LinkedIn differs from other platforms, as it provides a great opportunity for professionals to network with industry leaders and like-minded peers. The platform therefore poses an invaluable means for connecting with an audience actively interested in learning about new products and services. Choosing to expand your digital marketing efforts to LinkedIn means tapping into a highly targeted audience of individuals more likely to complete a desired action, maximising brand growth, leads and sales for your company. LinkedIn is gaining momentum within the digital arena, and if you’re not allocating part of your budget to a LinkedIn social media strategy, trust that your competitors are.
Unmatched expertise and world-class resources
Choose us to spearhead your LinkedIn social Media strategy and our specialists will assist you to make the most of your campaign through effective LinkedIn management. We’ll target your ads by age, gender, industry and location, as well as various other factors, ensuring that they reach your desired demographic. This will allow us to streamline targeted traffic to your site, by extension, increasing brand growth, leads and sales. Our LinkedIn management services will help you smash your business’s objectives, stay strides ahead of competitors, and ultimately, achieve long-term success within the online space. We’re backed by unmatched expertise and world-class resources, offering results other LinkedIn management companies simply can’t.
Your very own expert LinkedIn management consultant
Your LinkedIn management consultant will track your performance making changes and adjustments as required in order to manage your unique budget and ROI. This approach means your campaign will evolve along with your business and industry, producing sustainable and on-going results. There are no hidden fees, and we take no cuts from your overall ad spend, all we ask for in exchange is a small monthly fee for our LinkedIn management service. You won’t find another LinkedIn management company with our commitment to achieving the best possible results for businesses.
Call us now to start your campaign today
A is cost effective way for your business to generate more clicks and impressions, why not invest part of your digital marketing budget to a LinkedIn social media strategy? A tailored campaign will ensure your business experiences substantial brand growth, as well as increased leads and sales. Call one of our friendly LinkedIn management consultants now and we’ll start work on your campaign as soon as today.
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Mark McDowell

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Tweet your way to Success with Elite Twitter Marketing
Achieve better results within the social space with Primal’s strategic Twitter marketing and advertising. By capitalising on the advertising potential this powerful platform yields, you’ll tap into cost effective avenue for businesses results. Twitter campaigns help you better identify and refine your target audience, increasing brand growth, leads and sales. Choose Thailand’s premier digital marketing agency as your Twitter advertising provider, and we’ll have your business tweeting its way to success in no time.
Excel within the digital arena using Twitter
A powerful campaign constructed by our firm will help you engage with current followers, and promote growth by projecting your message to prospects. As a marketing agency that excels within the digital arena, your company can count on Primal for exceptional results. Specialising in Facebook and Twitter advertising, we’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of competitor firms. This dedication to refining strategy and producing the best possible outcomes has solidified us as a reputable Twitter management agency Thailand companies can trust.
Measurable results and ongoing support
Let us help you make the most of your online presence through a highly strategic Twitter campaign. We’ll identify your company’s demographics, set a budget, and take strategic steps towards smashing your objectives and achieving long-term success. Our team of Twitter advertising experts will secure measurable results for your company, and provide strategic adjustments to your management and advertising strategies as your brand evolves.
Start tweeting today
Want to find out how Primal can help you construct a powerful Twitter campaign that will increase brand growth, leads and sales for your business? Call one of our friendly consultants now and they’ll run you through what we can achieve on your distinct budget today.
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Mark McDowell

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Harness Facebook Marketing & Reap the Rewards
Functionality & aesthetics
Amongst the social media’s front runners is the social media mega giant, Facebook. Boasting 1.2 billion+ users, this social platform poses an invaluable opportunity for your company to engage with users actively looking for companies like yours. Facebook’s targeting processes allow you to target particular users who align with your distinct demographic. This means that you can ensure your Facebook marketing efforts are working at the most optimal level, maximising brand growth, leads and sales.
We’ve got the knowledge & experience
Our agency is made up of some of the best in business, keeping us ahead of competitor firms and cementing us as the number one choice for Thailand brands. By teaming up with Primal Digital Marketing Agency for all your Facebook marketing and management needs, together we’ll target your Facebook advertisements using the most relevant factors. Through our vast knowledge and experience constructing targeted campaigns, we’ll determine which user traits will allow us to construct the best possible campaign for you. Some of these traits include, age, gender, location and interests, and through thorough research and analysis will determine which strategies will serve you best.
We’ll optimise your marketing campaign & maximise results
The account managers and social media marketing specialists in our firm are seasoned within the digital marketing arena, and are passionate about results. We pride ourselves on our ability to construct social media campaigns that drive revenue, and our unwavering commitment to ongoing support and maintenance. As your audience evolves and your brand does along with it, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to ensure your campaign continues driving forward.
Safeguard your business with our unmatched expertise
Choose primal to construct your campaign, and our consultants will ensure it meets your unique budget and needs. Through strategic and flexible Facebook management that maximises results we’ll help you achieve long-term success, and safeguard your campaign from failure.
Let’s talk objectives
Want to find out more about how Primal can boost your company’s online performance? Let’s talk objectives and strategy. Call one of our friendly consultants now and our specialists will start constructing your company’s Facebook management campaign as soon as today.
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Mark McDowell

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Four Social Media Marketing Mistakes that can Harm Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, it can be easy to channel all your energy into your SEO or PPC efforts. However, in a world dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to use social media as a key marketing platform. Social media channels present many opportunities for businesses to gain publicity, drive sales and expand their client base. In the current digital age, adopting an effective social media marketing strategy can ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. To make sure that your business takes full advantage of the many marketing opportunities presented through social media it’s important that you avoid the same mistakes as your competitors. Here are some of the most common errors you should steer clear of in order to maximize your conversion rates.

Avoid overselling

While it is important to regularly share posts, try not to push your brand too hard. Spamming your newsfeed with endless advertisements and promotions will turn away existing and potential clients. Moderation is key. Make sure that you occasionally post blogs and share articles that do not directly advertise your services. This will help build trust and establish a loyal client base.

Misuse of hashtags

Hashtags are a key promotional tool that can be used across various social media platforms. They are a great way for businesses to extend their reach and gain publicity. Trending hashtags that relate to your product, services or target audience will dramatically increase your brand awareness. However, irrelevant or excessive hashtags can be annoying and turn away sales. Make sure that you use hashtags appropriately to ensure that your business reaps the rewards of this fantastic promotional tool.

Forgetting to proofread

Poor spelling and grammar will negatively affect your brand. If your newsfeed is riddled with errors you will lose credibility. Uphold you professional image by taking the time to proofread posts before uploading. Sloppy grammar will discredit your business model and overall expertise.

Ignoring your followers

It’s important to directly engage with your target audience by establishing a positive flow of communication. Your followers need to know that their opinions are being heard. By ignoring comments and tweets, you will quickly lose followers.

Social media is one of the best online platforms for propelling a business ahead of the competition. Build your brand exponentially by adopting an effective social media marketing strategy free of errors that can negatively impact your conversion rates.

Rubbing shoulders in the digital world: Marketing on Twitter

The internet can be a scary place if you weren’t born into it. If you’re not a natural computer whiz or you’re of an older generation, using social networking for business can be a daunting prospect. If you’re a small business and you’re not sure how you can compete with larger, more established companies, you might just not bother.

But don’t worry! Getting on social network is a positive step in growing your brand and company. Twitter is an excellent first choice for a social network. Its tight character limit means you’re not in danger of giving away too much or rambling. It’ll also make you a better writer for your website. When you’ve only got a double handful of words to express an idea, you get creative and agile very quickly.

Here are a few rules you can follow to help get started on Twitter.

It’s not a soapbox, it’s a dinner party

Some companies make the mistake of treating the website like a lecture hall, waffling on and on about their own products and only their products. Twitter was designed to be the town hall of the Internet.

Get out there and press the digital flesh. Use the ‘@’ function to address individual users. See someone a supplier you’ve dealt with in the past, or a favoured client? Start a conversation! Building your reputations online is just as important in building them offline.

Don’t limit discussion for people you know outside of a computer screen, either. You’ll get people asking you questions, and you should respond to them. Knowing that you’re speaking to a business owner – that there’s no one more knowledgeable in the company they could be speaking to – is empowering and affirming for customers. How many times have you heard someone demand to speak to a manager? It’s that same feeling of getting a bit of special care that can convert incidental inquiries into repeat business.

A rising tide lifts all ships

Cultivate a relationship with your competitors. Don’t give them your leads, but interacting with each other on Twitter in an organic and human way breaks through a lot of the filters many customers have for advertising.

This is the power of social media – it can humanise a business in an instant. And your key online demographic – Millenials – hate interacting with businesses. Any way you can bring out the person behind the keyboard is going to make them sit up and take notice.

The mainstream social media craze is over a decade old at this point, but there’s still money to be made and joy to be had for savvy businesses looking to acknowledge that there are a different set of rules here.

Don’t treat Twitter like a series of roadside billboards your customers drive past one at a time. Think of your online space like your physical space; everyone who comes into your store might not have the intention to buy, but it’s your job to convince them to.