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6 Thai Brands Crushing It On Instagram

Instagram started off life as a small indie app for artistic types, but has quickly grown into one of the most influential platforms on the internet, especially when it comes to social media marketing in Bangkok. Instagram’s focus on high-quality visual content, and now the intimate behind-the-scenes feel of the videos on Instagram stories, make […]

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Quick Guide Facebook Boosting

The Quick Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Facebook Boosting

It’s no secret that Facebook’s much-hated feed purge has led to a very dramatic decline in organic reach. A study by Social@Ogilvy reported that organic reach for pages with more than 500k fans had plummeted to only 2%. Marketing Land found that Facebook’s organic reach for publishers decreased by 52%. What Has Driven Facebook’s Organic […]

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Video marketing for social media 101

Video Marketing for Social Media 101

In less than a year, according to Entrepreneur associate editor Erin Schultz, 80 percent of all online content will be video. Those businesses that don’t utilising video marketing in Bangkok, Thailand within the year may face the same fate as did those who didn’t go mobile a few years ago—they’ll be left in the dust. […]

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21 Powerful Tactics To 3X Your Instagram Following (Proven Tips + Examples)

While we’ve used primarily hotel examples in this article, these strategies are applicable to hospitality, travel and lifestyle industries. You can use these Instagram marketing tips right now to directly increase your followers, engagement rates and potential conversions and click-throughs. With 70% of travellers having done travel research on their smartphone before booking, it’s clear that […]

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5 Steps To Maximising Your Facebook Spend by 2X

Previously we talked about the importance of landing pages in a lead generation funnel. Right now your landing page is floating in space. … So, how do you find people and drive them to your landing page? One of the techniques we’ve used to effectively build awareness and get leads online are Facebook ad campaigns. […]

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What The Facebook Local Relaunch Means For Your Social Strategy

We saw Facebook launch their Facebook Events app last year, and it didn’t really take off. They’ve now relaunched Events as the standalone Facebook Local app. Here’s what we know about Facebook Local so far, how we see it impacting businesses and how you can get ahead of the game. So, what is Facebook Local: […]

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Maximise Your Brand’s Reach with Targeted YouTube Advertising Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet? With over one billion users world-wide, this platform boasts the potential for global reach. Springboard your company to a global audience with our unrivalled YouTube advertisement management. We’ll spearhead your company’s objectives with […]

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Strides Ahead Of Other Linkedin Management Companies LinkedIn differs from other platforms, as it provides a great opportunity for professionals to network with industry leaders and like-minded peers. The platform therefore poses an invaluable means for connecting with an audience actively interested in learning about new products and services. Choosing to expand your digital marketing […]

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Tweet your way to Success with Elite Twitter Marketing Achieve better results within the social space with Primal’s strategic Twitter marketing and advertising. By capitalising on the advertising potential this powerful platform yields, you’ll tap into cost effective avenue for businesses results. Twitter campaigns help you better identify and refine your target audience, increasing brand […]

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Harness Facebook Marketing & Reap the Rewards Functionality & aesthetics Amongst the social media’s front runners is the social media mega giant, Facebook. Boasting 1.2 billion+ users, this social platform poses an invaluable opportunity for your company to engage with users actively looking for companies like yours. Facebook’s targeting processes allow you to target particular […]

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