What are Bumper Ads? 6-second YouTube Ads

YouTube is a pivotal tool boasting 1.9 billion monthly users, though it falls slightly short of Google’s dominance. For online sellers, YouTube serves as an additional marketing channel to cultivate brand recognition and drive sales.

On the YouTube platform, users who opt out of the monthly premium package will encounter brief video advertisements before or during their desired content. These particular ads are known as bumper ads. Online sellers gravitate towards this ad format due to its inherent value and its ability to amplify brand awareness.

Today, we aim to delve into the world of bumper ads, equipping entrepreneurs with invaluable techniques to craft superior ad formats.

Bumper Ad Benefits

What are Bumper Ads?

Bumper Ads are a type of YouTube advertisement that have a maximum duration of 6 seconds. These ads are specifically displayed on YouTube videos that are partnered with Google, making them non-skippable for users. Bumper ads can appear before, during, or after the video concludes. Furthermore, Bumper ads have evolved from TrueView In-stream ads, with the intention of displaying more frequently in order to reach a wider range of target audiences.


6 Seconds Of Efficient Advertising Impact

Bumper Ads are designed to showcase advertisements for a brief duration of only 6 seconds, ensuring minimal disruption for users. This concise video format enables ingenious communication with the target audience, allowing brands to effectively convey their message. As a result, users are enticed to click on the link and visit the brand’s website, thereby enhancing brand awareness.

According to Google’s findings, Bumper Ads have proven to increase the rate of viewership for longer videos. This is attributed to the fact that these 6-second ads effectively deliver the key brand message, captivating the audience and encouraging them to continue watching the complete video. 

In addition, Bumper Ads are displayed not only within YouTube videos but also on Google’s partner websites and Disney application videos.


Bumper Ads Offer Budget Control

Marketers often have concerns regarding the cost of Bumper ads. However, the beauty of Bumper ads lies in their flexibility, allowing marketers to maintain control over their budget. Whether it’s a small campaign targeting specific groups or a larger campaign catering to a wider audience, Bumper ads offer versatility.

Bumper Ads employ the CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) model, where brands are charged once their ads have been viewed 1,000 times. This metric ensures transparency and provides marketers with a clear understanding of their advertising expenses.

Why Bumper Ads matter?

Mastering the Art of Bumper Ads

Extensive research on Google ad campaigns has revealed a remarkable finding: 70% of Bumper ads have demonstrated the ability to significantly enhance brand awareness among audiences, with an impressive impact of over 90%. As a result, leveraging Bumper ads has become an indispensable technique for achieving superior marketing results.

Streamlining the Message:

When it comes to Bumper ads, it’s crucial to remember their short 6-second format, which differs from longer 30-second videos that can accommodate more information. As a result, it’s vital for marketers to focus on a single, clear message in their Bumper ads. By providing concise and unambiguous information, audiences can easily grasp the key message without distractions.

Simplicity is Key:

Content within Bumper ads should be straightforward, concise, and easily comprehensible. Marketers need to carefully plan and craft their 6-second videos to ensure that audiences watch until the end without feeling overwhelmed or annoyed by excessive interference. The message should be concise, yet impactful, fostering increased attention towards the products or services being promoted.

Striving for Remarkable Content:

Creating a lasting impression is essential within a six-second Bumper ad, particularly in the first second. Marketers should strive to captivate the audience through amusing content or captivating visuals, allowing the brand to stand out from its competitors.

Exclusive Content for Bumper Ads:

It is advisable for marketers to avoid repurposing segments from a 30-second video for Bumper ads. Doing so can result in the loss of the original idea and miscommunication to the audience. Moreover, maintaining consistency throughout the video becomes challenging, potentially hindering audience engagement with the ad.

Harnessing the Power of Video Series:

By transforming a single message into a series of 6-second videos, marketers can pique interest and deliver the message using different visual imagery. This approach helps sustain audience engagement and provides a cohesive narrative across the series.

Sound’s Role in Bumper Ads:

Sound is a pivotal component in Bumper Ads videos, as it helps capture the audience’s attention and enhances memorability. Incorporating sound can entice viewers to watch Bumper ads even while multitasking.

Setting up Bumper Ads on YouTube: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today, we will guide you through the process of setting up Bumper ads on YouTube in just five minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Access the Campaigns Page from the menu and click on the blue “+” button.
  3. Select “New Campaign”.
  4. Choose the type of video campaign.
  5. Specify the purpose of your ad, such as “Brand Awareness and Reach”.
  6. Click on “Standard Awareness – Drive Reach, Impressions, and Views”.
  7. Fill in the necessary information, including the campaign headline, daily budget, date and time for ad display, language, and target audience location.
  8. After the setup, switch from Maximum CPV to Maximum CPM.
  9. Under “create your ad group”, define the ad type and set the maximum CPM bid. Select the target audience, demographic, and relevant keywords.
  10. Enter the video URL for the advertisement in the “Create your video ad” section.
  11. Choose the Bumper Ads type.
  12. Provide a name for your ad and select the “Auto-Generate the Video’s” button to finalize the setup.

By following these steps, you can quickly and efficiently set up your Bumper ads on YouTube, ensuring maximum reach and engagement for your campaigns.



Bumper ads have emerged as a prevalent advertising format, effectively generating brand awareness. Marketers can boost their marketing results by incorporating Bumper ads alongside TrueView In-Stream ads, as both forms enhance the ability to reach the target audience.

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