8 Methods: How to Optimise Facebook SEO

You might be familiar with SEO on Google in which you strive to get your website on the first results page. But did you know that you can also get your Facebook page to rank as well? Read on to discover our eight tips to optimise your Facebook SEO and reach your target audience. 

How to Optimise Facebook SEO

8 Methods to Optimise Facebook SEO 

Select Your Keywords

Your keyword analysis and research should be focused and specific. You can adjust your website to follow Google’s criteria and enable you to rank higher, but the same is no possible with Facebook SEO. Therefore, specific or long-tail keywords are key to enabling your Facebook page to reach your target audience.

We suggest using Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to find the right keywords for your business so that the systems can better understand what your content is about.  

Choose Your Name Wisely

A simple, concise, understandable, and business-related name helps the user to understand what your Facebook page is about. Moreover, using business-related keywords on the page, such as ‘clothing shop’, ‘SEO company’, or ‘beauty clinic’ also helps people find you.

Consider Your Facebook Page URL

The URL of your Facebook page is significant for SEO. This is another reason your username should be short, concise, and relevant to your brand. It could be the name of your brand, for example, which would easily allow customers to search for your page.

Complete Your Business Info

The About section is a great way to introduce your brand to customers; therefore, you should complete the details, such as location, category, telephone number, opening hours, and website, which you can register and verify through Google.Effective ways to promote your Facebook page

Create Alt Text

Alt text or alternative text describes the content of an image which cannot be viewed on a website. It allows Google’s bots to understand the image details, which is another important factor for Facebook SEO.

Create alt text by:

  • Accessing your Facebook page
  • Go to the image
  • Click “Edit” on the three dots in the top right 
  • Select “Edit Alt Text”
  • Create a short and concise description of the image in English 

Use Backlinks

Backlinks occur when one website links to the page of another website – this can be a Facebook page or other platforms such as a website, blog, e-commerce site, or social media channel. Backlinks are an essential SEO factor as they are used by Google as an indicator of a website’s popularity and reliability. When a user clicks the link, it shows they’re interested in the content, which helps your page rank higher. 

Create Strong CTAs

A CTA or Call to Action on your Facebook page encourages the audience to take the next step. CTAs can be in different forms, such as a button to purchase now, apply now, register, contact the company, or anything else that prompts further action. Your CTAs should relate to the content and be displayed clearly to the audience. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags should be short and simple words that can be easily searched. Generally, a specific hashtag will appeal to the audience more than a general one because the audience searches based on their specific interest. For example, they may search #womensperfume rather than just #perfume. 


Conclusion: How to Optimise Facebook SEO

The above are basic steps to optimise your Facebook SEO to promote your brand. However, the competition for Facebook SEO is high – the same as for website SEO, because digital marketing is a well-known method to promote brand awareness, and brands compete with each other to rank on the first results page.

However, the key to marketing is consistency; therefore, you should post content regularly to encourage engagement. By getting users to Like, Share and comment on your content, it creates the possibility for the content to go viral. If there is little engagement on your page, your SEO ranking might.  

SEO might take time, but if you do it correctly, the results will be worthwhile. If you are looking for an expert to support you with website and social media SEO, Primal Digital Agency, the number one SEO company in Thailand, is ready to help you. Contact us today!