Business & Tech Influencers in Thailand. Who should you follow?

The world is moving at a fast pace, and so must we in order to keep up and reach our full potential. Your perspective on many topics, including marketing, business and tech, is likely to have been broadened by the tech and business influencers in Thailand that we’ve included in this article.

To many people, business and tech appear to be very specific topics and you might assume that those following influencers in these areas have a genuine interest in the topic. However, thanks to technologies that have developed across the globe, which serve as cornerstones of our daily life, we all deal with marketing, business and new tech on a regular basis. By watching the content produced by business KOLs in Thailand, you will discover fresh ideas from seasoned entrepreneurs, which can be particularly useful if you’re a forward-thinking person.

If you’re interested in these topics, read on, as we’ve gathered the stories of top technology, business and entrepreneur influencers in Thailand. 



Aum, the owner of “iaumreview”, an IT review page and YouTube channel, has become a well-known technology influencer in Thailand for her reviews of IT devices and gadgets which she delivers in her own distinctive style. She often evaluates IT products from the viewpoint of actual users, including smartphones, tablets and even cars with innovative technologies. Her reviews are of great value to those interested in the products she reviews and her opinion is well-respected.

lda world

LDA World

Feunglada started out by running her own YouTube channel which she eventually developed into an IT empire called LDA World that predominantly targets females. Like other review channels, the majority of her earlier content was focused on reviews of IT products and gadgets. However, Feunglada and her team decided later to define LDA World as a technology channel when new technological trends like 5G, virtual influencers and the Metaverse started to play a bigger role in our daily lives. All of her reviews have now been transferred to a new channel called LDA Review.

Beartai แบไต๋

beartai แบไต๋

When it comes to tech, nobody can overlook this technology KOL in Thailand. This channel reviews gadgets, IT devices and emerging technologies in a variety of IT-related fields, including digital and finance. This kind of content will be of interest to anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, stocks or worldwide market trends.



If you like luxury and exclusivity, this YouTube channel is worth checking out. There you’ll find reviews across several luxurious lifestyle product categories, including first-class travel, sumptuous automobiles, expensive watches, in addition to reviews of IT devices and cutting-edge technology.

iclass university

iClass University

This channel is a must-watch if you want short, easy-to-digest marketing content that’s packed with practical knowledge. Most of its content is devoted to marketing techniques learned from real-life experiences. New entrepreneurs or those interested in marketing and expanding their earning potential will find this channel very interesting.

nop pongsatorn


If you want to learn about business models, marketing analysis, and lessons from leading global brands, you must watch this YouTube channel by Nop Phongsathorn. He is a university professor who also specializes in marketing and business. This entrepreneur KOL in Thailand is creating targeted content that includes case studies as well as simplified marketing theories, business modelling and thinking methods.

the secret sauce

The Secret Sauce

This channel is not only about business; it also contains a wealth of knowledge and intriguing content on topics including world events, finance, the economy, society and a variety of technological advances that are poised to revolutionise our world. It is an affiliate of The Standard, a famous news agency.

These are just a few of the many tech and business influencers in Thailand, but we strongly believe that they each produce valuable content that can benefit their followers. The advantage of living in the digital age is the abundance of free knowledge; it’s just up to you to decide which form of content you want to digest.