Hootsuite: Social Media Management Tool

In this day and age, social media plays a significant role in our daily lives. It’s used as a communication medium for individuals and organisations, and keeps the whole world connected. In the business world, social media stands out above all other channels. But, due to its multiple features, users often struggle to manage their channels and content efficiently. Today, we’ll introduce you to Hootsuite, a tool that will help you operate and manage your social media channels more efficiently.

Hootsuite คืออะไร

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool with various features that can be used across many social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, WhatsApp, and more.


What Can Hootsuite Do?


You can conveniently manage the content you want to post, whether you want it posted instantly or scheduled for later. Hootsuite saves you time and effort when creating posts across different social media platforms by integrating them into one calendar page where you can easily view and manage the content. You can even preview content before you post it. When using the post-scheduling feature, the system will suggest the best time to post so that your followers are more likely to see your content.


Hootsuite gives you the necessary information to connect with and engage your followers better. The tool gathers all your messages and comments on one page, allowing you to catch up and reply to any messages promptly. What’s more, you can easily assign yourself or someone on your team to be a moderator.


Hootsuite also helps you to check information like your number of followers, reach, and the growth rate of each social media platform.


With this feature, you can manage and run your advertisements across all your social media platforms at once. The system also gathers the stats from your social media accounts on a dashboard, so you can see which platforms you need to spend more or less on depending on the results they produce.


This feature allows you to get a data summary where you can view both insights and overall data with just one click of the dashboard.


Now you have learnt what Hootsuite is and how it can help you manage your social media accounts better. However, if you’re still unsure whether this tool is a good fit for your business, we recommend the 30-day free trial. There are different plans to choose from: Professional (1 user/10 social accounts), Team (3 users/20 social accounts), or Business (5 users/35 social accounts). Choose your plan and then see for yourself what this handy tool can do for you.