ChatGPT for SEO: Techniques to Boost Website Rankings

ChatGPT, or the AI chatbot of GPT-3.5 Language Generation Software, interacts with the user naturally, answering short questions, researching information, and even writing code. Marketers might wonder if ChatGPT can help with SEO and how to use it to their advantage. Read on to discover more about using ChatGPT for SEO purposes. 

ใช้chatgpt ทำ seo ได้ไหม


Introduction to ChatGPT – High AI Technology 

ChatGPT stands for Chatbot Generative Pre-trained Transformer; it’s an AI chatbot system that interacts with humans naturally and efficiently. This chatbot was first launched in November 2022 and developed under OpenAI by Sam Altman, CEO of Y Combination, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. After five days of launching, the monthly users reached up to 16 million people. ChatGPT is designed to interact with and support humans by verifying information and answering questions. Moreover, ChatGPT utilises a specific technique called machine learning under Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to provide accurate information and natural interactions.


How to Use ChatGPT for SEO

You can use ChatGPT for SEO purposes when creating topic ideas, writing content, and testing appropriate backlinks. However, ChatGPT needs to develop a Thai version to be able to write blogs in the Thai language; therefore, for Thai users, ChatGPT only supports information research at this stage. Below, we introduce three ways to use ChatGPT for SEO purposes.

Keyword Research

Keyword research identifies the words used most often on Google to search for something. The right keywords can increase a website’s visibility and drive more website traffic.

ChatGPT analyses data and identifies targeted keywords following your prompts. For example, you ask it to: “List 5 popular questions related to [Keyword]” or “List 10 keywords based on their search intent of [Keyword]”.

Content Optimisation

Content optimisation is the process of improving the content on a website so that when the search engine bots crawl the website, they can record the data and rank your website accordingly. The information that needs to be optimised includes the content, title, description, alt text, and conclusion.


ChatGPT selects the best keywords from the database. For example, you can ask it to: “Generate a title tag of a maximum of 60 characters including [Keyword]”.


ChatGPT can write descriptions for search engines. Simply ask it to: “Generate a unique description of 160 characters for [Topic]”. ChatGPT then processes the information to create descriptions that include the keywords to attract users to click on the website.


Frequently asked questions impact a website’s ranking, so you can use ChatGPT to create the best FAQS to help your website ranking. 


ChatGPT can write a summary of a specific number of words, including your keywords so that it is optimised for SEO purposes.

Link Building

Link building is the practice of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your website to build credibility with Google. ChatGPT recommends only related website links and also recommends web blogs for collaboration. Remember, higher-quality links to your website will increase your website’s ranking on search engines.

ChatGPT ทำ SEO

The Limitations of ChatGPT for SEO

ChatGPT supports SEO, but we do not recommend using AI to write your entire content because of its limitations, including:

Incorrect or inappropriate content generation

ChatGPT can sometimes create content that is not related to your intended topic; therefore, an SEO writer needs to create the content and verify the content’s accuracy before publishing it. 

It was last updated in 2021

ChatGPT can retrieve data from before 2021 only, which means that your content could be out-to-date, which can impact your ranking. Therefore, content writers should create the content and just use ChatGPT as a support for additional information.  

It is not human

AI is unlike humans; it has no thoughts or feelings. Therefore, ChatGPT can not create content with real feelings behind it. Humans can express emotions and create content based on their actual experiences, which AI cannot do. 



ChatGPT is a recommended tool for effective SEO; however, we recommend only using it as a tool for creating quality content, rather than using it to write content for you. Remember to edit and check any content you create to ensure it will benefit the reader and your business. 

Aside from ChatGPT, there are many tools available to assist your business. Find out more about these tools and ChatGPT by contacting Primal Digital Agency. We can provide professional digital marketing advice for your business.