Boost Your Ranking with Link Building

Boost Your Ranking with Link Building

Link building is an essential strategy for building a successful online business, as you ensure high-quality websites link back to your website. Why do you need this? the The more premium websites that feature links back to yours, the better your website looks in the eyes of Internet users and search engines like Google. The benefit of this is a higher SERP ranking – the Holy Grail of SEO.

To do so effectively, you only want to link to sites that add something to your website. You don’t connect merely for the sake of linking. This means finding relevant, well-written content from reputable sources that underlines and supports the message your content is also trying to deliver. But finding those websites is only half the battle. Link building is such a complicated task to perform well because your content has to convince others to share your work. You want to entice high-quality websites to link with your content-rich site in a win-win scenario. It's called natural link building, and it's essential in maintaining your website's credibility and reputation.

Become a Backlink Pro

Become a Backlink Pro

If you want to start adding beneficial backlinks to your website, it can be difficult to know where to start. But there are a variety of convenient avenues that are well within reach for your budding business. Consider friends, family and former colleagues or clients to give you an initial boost. You can build advantageous relationships by getting involved with established forums and social media groups, while providing testimonials for a product or service is a smart way to earn a backlink.

Starting a blog showcases your industry know-how and can build high-quality links, while guest posting on relevant blogs and publications is another proven strategy. You can also search for mentions about your brand online and ask the source to include a link to your website. Meanwhile, you can also create helpful infographics, reports and case studies that industry professionals will admire or even launch an engaging podcast to increase your following.

Increase Traffic with Powerful Link Building Strategies

Increase Traffic with Powerful Link Building Strategies

Because the process of link building is so complicated and tedious, most dedicated link builders commit to a specific link building strategy to create their quality connections. Ironically for the digital age, many of these strategies include person to person contact. These are called outreach link building strategies. In any outreach link building strategy, the common hurdle is that you must knock on a door, it must be opened, and you must be invited in. It's like being a door-to-door sales rep at times.

Developing a successful outreach strategy is well worth the effort. First, you need to find a suitable site; second, you must ask them to link back to your website. Some link builders scour the desired website for broken links, some launch mass email campaigns targeting their favourite sites, and some seek out influencers and noted people in their industry on social media and approach that way. As mentioned previously, link building is a fundamental tactic used in search engine optimisation (SEO) because links signify to search engines like Google that your site is worth citations due to its quality content.

Dominate the Competition with Backlinks

Dominate the Competition with Backlinks

If you want to do link building right, you need the help of an agency, and Primal is the top link building agency in Bangkok. We have been providing this vital service to brands large and small for many years, and we've honed our skills into a useful tool to help expand your website's ability to be noticed by the people and entities that matter most.

At Primal, we can effectively increase your website's capacity to get seen by the bots that crawl the Internet looking for rich content. Before we start building your links, we study your website and provide improvements to the content and keywords it offers; this is helpful when we get down to the business of pursuing a strategy designed to earn you more backlinks than ever before. Primal will deliver the link building in Thailand results you need to compete with the top players in your industry. For more details about link building services, please contact our professional SEO tribe today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Link building is the process of earning hyperlinks (aka 'links') from other websites to your own. Links are critical for building up site authority and being searchable in Google.

Nowadays, link building is about quality over quantity, and it's much harder to get away with so-called 'black hat' practices in their pursuit. Let the professionals do the job correctly.

You want links originating from authentic sites with solid social media shares and quality content. To get them, you have two options: build them yourself or earn them naturally.

It can be done via email outreach, press outreach, influencer outreach, social outreach and personal outreach. Best results happen when the focus is on quality content creation and mutual support.

There are numerous link building techniques that you can employ; they will vary depending on the topic of your site, your resources, your industry/niche, your audience and your goals.

When it comes to SEO, the company you keep is significant. All sites need to have links from quality-rich webpages going back and forth, to boost everyone's ranking.

Outreach serves a two-fold purpose for websites: 1] build up their stock of ‘link juice’ (quality/quantity of site backlinks) and 2] gain invaluable credibility (via association with established sites).

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