What is Link Building?

What is Link Building?

Link building is simply a difficult and tedious process of getting a number of high-quality websites to link back to your website. The more high-quality websites that feature links back to yours, the better your website looks in the eyes of Google and other Internet users and the higher your ranking will be.

But you also want to link to websites that add something to your own content. This means finding relevant, well-written content from reputable sources that underlines and supports the message your content is delivering. But finding those websites is only half the battle.

The reason that link building is such a complicated task to perform well is because to do it correctly; you have to actually earn those links. This comes back to the importance of having high-quality content of your own. You have to make those other high-quality websites want to link with yours. It's called natural link building, and it's important in maintaining your website's credibility and reputation for high-quality content. This is where an effective link building strategy can help you.

What is a Link Building Strategy?

What is a Link Building Strategy?

Because the process of link building is so difficult and tedious, most dedicated link builders commit to certain strategies in order to create their quality connections. Some involve a strategy of mentioning influencers in the industry in their content, hoping that by dropping these names, people will be drawn to read the content. They also try to create quality content and backlink to the article on the website. Of course, the content you provide has to be well-written, informative and relevant, so in this way, you have to earn those backlinks.

Ironically for the digital age, many of these strategies include person to person contact to complete successfully. These are called outreach link building strategies.

An outreach strategy simply involves some method to get another site's attention and then simply asking them if they will backlink to your website. Some link builders scour the desired website for broken links, contact the webmaster informing them of the broken links and then use that as an introduction in asking them if they would backlink to your website.


Some launch mass email campaigns targeting their favourite websites to ask them if they would provide backlinks.

Another strategy is to seek out the influencers and noted people in your industry on social media, establish a relationship with them through that social media connection and then pop the backlink question.

In any outreach link building strategy, the common hurdle is that you have to knock on a door, it has to be open, and you have to be invited in. It's like being a door-to-door sales rep at times. Just like a successful sales rep, some are skilled at it and thrive at the challenge of link building. But only the best rise to the top.

Primal is the top link building agency in Thailand. We have been providing this vital service to brands large and small for many years, and we've honed our skills into an effective tool to help expand your website's ability to be noticed by the people and entities that matter in your industry.

At Primal, we can effectively increase your website's ability to noticed by the bots that crawl the Internet looking for valuable content and keywords. This is because we can supply valuable content and those keywords.

Before we start building your links, we study your website and provide improvements to the content and keywords it provides. This is helpful when we get down to the business of pursuing a strategy designed to earn you more backlinks than ever before.

The key attribute is quality. By providing quality content and the most popular keywords, we can transform your website into one that everyone in your industry will want to link to.  

Primal will deliver the link building results you need to compete with the top players in your industry.

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Link Building is a Proven Strategy that Enables Users to Find Your Website

Link Building is a Proven Strategy that Enables Users to Find Your Website

Nearly everyone who uses the Internet on a regular basis has clicked on a link or two in the course of looking for information, reading articles or just browsing a website. In fact, it takes some discipline and perseverance to stick with a boring, but informative article when you are faced with lots of snippets of different coloured text within the article.

But links are not just handy further addenda to an article; they are there to serve a dual purpose. Sure, they may be informative. But link building is also an essential function in SEO.

For SEO, the company you keep can either help you or hurt you. There is sort of a mutual aid society among websites where everyone wants to be able to provide backlinks from one content websites back to another, in order to boost everyone's ranking. Quality backlinks are the holy grail in terms of link building.


This is one of the positive criteria Google uses in assessing a website's ranking. The more high-quality, relevant and related content a website is linking to, the higher their ranking. The importance of the phrase 'high-quality' cannot be overstated, because, on the flip side of the coin, Google will penalise you for low-quality links to thin content that is scarcely relevant to your website or the article containing the link.

This is because in the past, Google wasn't focused so much on quality as quantity and many Black Hat SEO companies made a comfortable living link building to worthless websites with thin content.

Thankfully, Google was able to see the inherent value in favouring high-quality content in their approach to links. Thus, the practice of SEO link building became a useful tool to add to the SEO companies array of methods they employed. Successful link building both publicises a website to users who might not discover it otherwise and raises its ranking.

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