Let’s take a look at the Facebook Ads Objective update for 2022

At the end of 2021, Facebook (or should we say, Meta) announced that it would change its Ads Objectives, reducing the number of objectives from 11 to just 6 to improve performance.

It’s very common for Facebook to release new updates. This update affected those who advertised through Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels in the Meta family. Most recently, at the end of last year, the 11 Ads Objectives were reduced to just 6. This article will take a closer look at the new Facebook Ad Objectives and Facebook’s ODAX model.

What is ODAX?

ODAX or Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences is an option to set an ad targeting objective that focuses primarily on the desired outcomes, such as Awareness, Leads, or Traffic.

Facebook Ads Objectives: 6 new categories

Facebook initially divided the Ads Objectives into 11 topics, a reasonably detailed subdivision. But with so many options, some people missed out on choosing the most accurate objective. So, the move has now been made from 11 to 6. Let’s take a closer look at the changes:

Old Ad Objectives New Ad Objectives
Brand Awareness Awareness

Build brand awareness amongst your target audience and increase the number of people seeing your ads.

Traffic Traffic

The purpose of this is to increase the number of visitors to your website. Visitors can either come from clicking your ad on Facebook or through other channels.

Engagement Engagement

Build and drive user engagement. Whether it’s Likes, Shares, Comments, Views, or sending a message, this new Ad Objective combines many overlapping and similar objectives under the Engagement theme.


Video Views
App Installs App Promotion

Intended to increase the number of people downloading and installing applications.

Lead Generation Leads

Increase the number of leads or potential customers and give them a way to contact you. Lead generations can be generated through engaging content or promotional messages, including CTAs, which allow you to request customer contact information.


Conversions Sales
Increase sales through various channels such as viewing the catalogue or visiting the store. You can enter the location and opening hours and set the Facebook display to users in the area. 
Catalog Sales
Store Traffic



How have the Ad Objectives changed? What are the consequences?

The Benefits

  • Facebook’s Ads Objective makes it easier for teams to configure ads to better fit their marketing goals. It also helps reduce the confusion caused by complex and overlapping options. This will help end the problem of choosing the wrong Objectives and having your ads perform poorly. In essence, it will increase the accuracy of your ads.
  • Ads Manager will analyse your ad targeting purposes and recommend the most suitable settings for you to achieve your marketing goals.
  • It will facilitate the running of multi-channel campaigns, for example, on a website and an app.

Other must-know information

You may need to select Conversion Location on the channels you want to use. Then, select the Conversion Event you want users to perform; for example, if you want people to go to the application, select Register.

Facebook revamping its Ads objectives will enable your marketing team to approach your audience more accurately and allow them to generate more sales, despite the challenges of Facebook’s policies. This change helps you to target your ads more efficiently than ever before. However, Conversions, Messages, and Video Views are unlikely to be affected by the change, primarily because of the grouping of overlapping or similar categories.