Get to know the LINE services that will benefit your business

Have you ever wondered how many different services LINE has and what they are? Even though LINE recently closed its LINE TV service in Thailand, it still has many other services. This includes content services, LINE for Business, Online to Offline services, financial services, and games.

We cannot deny that the LINE application is the most popular and most well-used chat application in Thailand. Recently, LINE announced its success with over 50 million users in Thailand, more than 75% of the population. But LINE is not just a chat application; it has many services that can be used as a marketing tool to help your business grow. Today, we will look at the many LINE services that business owners can use to drive business growth.

บริการของ LINE ที่ควรรู้

The LINE services everyone should know about

LINE’s services can be classified into the following groups:

  1. LINE Chat is the basic free LINE service. There is no registration fee unless you subscribe or purchase additional services. Its primary functions are Chat messages, 1-1 and in groups, OpenChat, LINE Melody, LINE TODAY, and LINE WEBTOON.
  2. LINE for Business is for businesses and merchants who want to build a following. This is used to communicate and send information to target groups, and includes LINE Official Account, LINE Ad Platform, LINE Idol, LINE Today, LINE Point, and Sponsor Stickers.
  3. Online to Offline (O2O) provides additional services that help expand and develop a business. It helps to connect online and offline media using LINEMAN and LINE SHOPPING.
  4. LINE Pay is a financial service in the form of an e-wallet, which can be used to pay, top-up, or transfer money. There is also a service that works with partners such as Kasikorn Bank to provide a full range of financial services.
  5. LINE Game offers popular online games that have attracted many users.

LINE’s services in 2022

Now we know how many LINE services there are and what they are, it’s time to look at how LINE can benefit your business and the services that will be available in 2022.


Everyone has heard of LINE OA or LINE Official Account, the official account for business owners that allows direct communication with a target audience. This can be either in 1-1 chats or by broadcasting messages, images, and videos.

Primal recommendation: Whether large or small, every business should have a LINE OA to communicate and build relationships with customers. They should also upgrade the account to a LINE certified account (blue shield) and create at least a Premium ID. This will make it easier for customers to find you. Read more about LINE OA here. 

LINE Ad Platform

For business owners who want to advertise their products to reach LINE’s 50 million+ customers and display ads on VOOM (a new feature) and LINE Today, options include Banners, Slide Ads and Advertorials. These can help create awareness, remarket your products, and generate conversions.

Primal Advice: As things are today, to advertise through the LINE Ad Platform, as a business, you cannot do it by yourself; it must be done through an agency. Read more about the LINE Ad Platform.


Influencers who want to communicate directly with many followers at once can use LINE Idol’s service to talk and engage in activities. Live Stream via LINE OA in Real-Time is also another option.

Primal tip: Business owners can discover influencers that match their needs through LINE Idol and easily connect them to MyShop in LINE Shopping.


There is nothing more popular than online shopping in this era and with a user base of more than 50 million accounts in Thailand, LINE has a large and important customer group. LINE has therefore created an online shopping channel to meet the needs of its consumers. Importantly, it also allows businesses to create a store in LINE MyShop. So, you can talk to customers and close sales via LINE OA, and then they can use LINE’s payment channels to send you the money. This makes it more convenient and faster than ever for both buyers and sellers. 

Primal recommendation: LINE MyShop is one of the most comprehensive sales funnels available. From ordering and payment to tracking deliveries and monitoring your inventory system, this tool can do it all and is suitable for small and large businesses.

As you can see, many LINE services meet the needs of general users and business owners. With this information, we hope that you can use LINE’s services to your advantage and tap into their large customer base to benefit your business.