What is the keyword stuffing? And Why is it a Big No for SEO?

The meaning of keyword stuffing is using keywords repeatedly within your web pages in an unnatural manner. You might think that loading as many keywords into your content as possible will help your website rank highly in the search results, but actually, keyword stuffing can harm your website. This article will explain more about the definition of keyword stuffing and how it can be dangerous for SEO.

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What is Keyword Stuffing?

Your website needs to feature relevant keywords to match those your potential customers are searching for. Still, it’s also important that your keyword density is within the guidelines set out by Google. If you use your keywords too often within your content, it can be seen as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing, by definition, is inserting a large number of keywords into your on-site content. Google bans this, and its bots are likely to consider your website as spam, leading to a penalty or Google removing your site from the search listings entirely.

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People looking through books at a library or a book store.

Keyword Stuffing Examples

Keywords used: second-hand bookstores, second-hand books.

Content: Mr Foog’s bookstore, the second-hand bookstore, has a wide selection of second-hand books, especially for you. If you are looking for second-hand books in second-hand bookstores, consider visiting My Foog’s bookstore.

How can keyword stuffing be harmful to SEO?

Keyword stuffing for SEO might lead your website to be banned or penalised. It can also harm your website in the following ways:

  • Black-hat SEO
    Keyword stuffing is a technique that is ineffective for readers as it doesn’t help with the user’s search intentions. It is considered a black-hat SEO technique that may result in a Google penalty that can be detrimental to your business.
  • Negative user experience
    Keyword stuffing will ultimately hurt your website’s ranking because your content will not satisfy the user, creating a poor user experience.
  • Search ranking demotion
    The main purpose of SEO is to provide the best user experience and match your content with the user’s search intention. If you start keyword stuffing on your website, the content will not serve your visitors, and your website could face a search ranking demotion.


Free Keyword Stuffing Checker Tools

Keyword Stuffing คืออะไร Copywritely


The first keyword stuffing tool we recommend is Copywritely.com which calculates the keyword density in your content. This tool is user-friendly; simply copy the webpage URL or content and paste it into the box. Then click the button to calculate the keyword density and show the results.

Try it now on Copywritely.com

Keyword Stuffing คืออะไร Webconfs


Another tool to check you’re not keyword stuffing is Webconfs which has various support tools you can use, including a keyword density checker, which calculates the number of keywords in your content using the link you provide.

Try it now on webconfs.com

Keyword Stuffing คืออะไร Small SEO Tools


The last keyword stuffing tool we recommend is SmartSEOTools. This tool supports links and content, including Meta Tags, Titles, and Alt Tags. It also provides clear results for Tag Cloud, Top Keywords, and Keyword Density.

Try it now on smallseotools.com