2019 Instagram trends to consider for your brand

Still using the same Instagram tips and tricks you learned a few years ago or even a year ago? Well if the answer is yes, it’s time to swap those tips for these 3 upcoming and trending features.

Shopping on Instagram

It is assumed that around 72% of users  buy products they see on Instagram, which are seen either on influencers or even stores advertising products. Shoppable posts are icons which enables customers to go to the product’s page and purchase it once they have clicked on it.

According to TheVerge Instagram will soon be launching its own shopping app. Through this, customers will have the freedom to scroll through apps and effortlessly purchase them with ease.
Shopping online has become a popular activity. As this feature has become available on Instagram, a purchase can directly be made on the app itself.



Curious about how this trend emerged?  

How to tackle with consumers shopping on Instagram until the introduction of the app:

  • Tag the products in the Instagram stories you post. You can do this by uploading the chosen picture and tagging the products by entering their names.
  • One of the perks of being a verified Instagram account is that you will have the ability to include the “swipe up” option in your stories and the link will go directly to the landing page of the product.


source: skedsocial.com

A Change in the engagement game

In order to increase engagement on the platform, Instagram has come out with new tools which have proven to be rather beneficial for businesses. Businesses can interact with their customers by using the sliding poll tool which allows customers to express their feelings from a scale of angry and happy.

Using the new stickers to communicate with the audience is fun yet effective. Most businesses which are active on social media platforms are able to flourish because of engagement with their audience. This is because people that are on Instagram and are actively following you, believe that their opinion makes a significant difference and what they say should definitely be heard by businesses. 

There is a new ‘re-share’ tool which allows customers to share a post on their story while showing the name of the original poster. This is a new way to promote content and increase engagement on your page.


This illustrates the effectiveness of using emojis and whether they capture the attention of users


Getting Nano Influencers to boost engagement with your audience

Influencers are now a way to fuel engagement on social media. Even though influencers are becoming ordinary and used by almost every brand, nano-influencers are the next big trend.

According to a report by Nilsen Report, 92% of customers trust what they hear from people more than brand. Hence, getting nano-influencers who have a trustworthy and respected image is a useful strategy to incorporate in your campaign.

Despite having a low following, the audience nano-influencers are able to capture are engaging and are active social media users. Nano- influencers usually know who is following them. Seeing a friend promote something has more of an impact than a random celebrity advertising something.

According to neoreach, nano-influencers have 60% higher engagement rate than other influencers.

Why is that?

Those influencers have the ability to gain the trust of their followers resulting in them having a more credible image.

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