Why are blogs an important addition to your digital campaign

Who doesn’t want more hits on their website? Majority of businesses nowadays are online and wish to increase their presence online.

So how exactly can you drive traffic to your website? Social media is the answer to driving majority of traffic to a website but blogging plays a major role too.

Increases your presence online and allow users to find you organically

Every content on your website impacts and increases your website’s visibility. The more content you choose to add to your website, the more pages your domain becomes inscribed in search engines. Resulting in an improvement in search visibility.

Another way that you could possibly boost your presence on search engines is by having a network of inbound links which are from external sources. By getting well-known sources to link you site in either your blog or elsewhere, is an indication to search engines that the information provided on your website is trustworthy and is a valid website. Creating blog content allows you to attract new users to your website and is also read by regular users as well if your content incorporates new and useful information.

Increases possibility of inbound links

What if there was a way you could get more links to your website than your competitors? Would you actually spend valuable time doing so? Well, believe it or not, but just through blogging you can receive “97% more links to your website”



Inbound links are almost like the ‘life line’ of any website on the web. This is because the higher the amount of quality backlinks you have, from a variety of websites, the higher the possibility of your website showing up higher on search engine results. As there are millions of websites starting up each day, it is essential to continue increasing inbound links to stay up the top in search engine results.

*So what exactly are backlinks: Well basically a backlink is ‘when a web page links to any other page’

What is the use of backlinks?

  • It helps boost your organic ranking
  • Increases referral traffic
  • Efficient Indexing → search engine bots are able to search for new web pages by following backlinks. Only once you are discovered it will be able to go through your website effectively.

Creates a sense of authority

Writing blogs in the field that your brand specialises in and sharing related information and insights to users, is a means for you to establish yourself.
Being an expert in your particular industry, gives you the freedom to showcase the information in any way possible. This allows you to further build your image and gives you power in the niche you cater to. Through this you will also be able to see an increase in your conversion rate.

So, what exactly allows you to gain authority and success in your niche:

  • Users are able to find answers to their questions from your blogs while the blogs are fun and interesting to read
  • People who have been reading your blogs will have far more knowledge than the others who enter the sales process
  • If an individual has a question which requires a detailed answer it can be found in the blogs you have written. These blog posts are a means for you to be in touch with potential users before their purchase of your product / service.

Don’t have the time to write blogs but wish to see your website on the first page of search results? Give us a call today or visit our website, and learn more about how we can help you boost your website’s presence.