3 Digital Marketing Myths

As digital marketing has become the back bone of most companies, there have been several misconceptions formed with regards to its success and what should and shouldn’t be included in digital campaigns. Have you heard of certain misconceptions which make you question why your digital campaign isn’t successful?

Here are a few myths companies should stop believing in:

SEO can just be set and forgotten about

As the internet is constantly evolving, so is SEO and its ability to reach your targeted audience. At this point your company may not have the budget to invest in an SEO Agency to help manage and control your strategy. However, there are certain tips and tricks you can follow in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

1.  Keywords is the crux of an SEO strategy.

A great place to start is Google’s Keyword Planner. Through this you will be able to accurately see Google’s data and select keywords which you believe will benefit and fit your website.



2. This may be obvious but incorrectly implemented most of the time.

Ensure that the keyword is mentioned at least 2-4 times on your landing page. But most people often end up “keyword stuffing”. This won’t work in 2019, Google will rank pages which are most relevant to the readers. Keyword stuffing is also annoying for readers, when they keep reading the same word repeatedly it makes them doubt the reliability of the content.

Content marketing isn’t useful

Most believe that once their website is successfully up and running, they don’t need to focus on their content anymore. But in order to connect with your existing and new customers emotionally, content is always beneficial.

– The purpose of content marketing is not just about the numbers, which make your company stand out and increase brand visibility. It is also about ensuring that it helps gain customers and encourages them to stay and retain loyalty.

– Creating a story for your brand gives it a personality which customers can resemble with. This strategy strengthens the quality of your content and simultaneously assists in controlling the cost of marketing. Being consistent with the story and only posting the best content will enable your business to maintain a positive image and increase revenue.



Only a website is enough for a company

The uprise of social media platforms has opened a new path for businesses to connect with their customers and an opportunity to boost value beyond just brand awareness. Websites are a starting point, but to increase brand recognition being present on multiple platforms has become mandatory.

– A common misconception is that followers and revenue are correlated.

Businesses need to recognize that customers would like to follow them to learn more about their products/services. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that they continue to engage potential customers with consistent and relevant posts to convert them into a sale.
With progression the responsibility of a business to monitor its platform increases. A customer’s journey is vital to a company and this can only be done by having consistent engagement with them and ensuring their needs are being met.

– Picking out the appropriate social media platforms for your business is crucial.

With the rising number of adults on social media, choosing the apt platform for your target market is a must. Selecting platforms that work for your business will prove to be effective. Certain points to keep in mind when choosing a platform:

– Where are your competitors
– Which social media platform does your target market most engage on
– Understand what type of content is most successful on the chosen platform



Boost your digital campaign with the few changes and watch your business flourish. Got the budget to invest in a digital agency to help you monitor your campaign? Give us a call today to understand strategies we can implement to help you grow.