What is Content Monetisation? How to Make Income from Content?

At this age, blog posts or articles are out-of-date. It is because the different types of content can generate income, for example, by selling the products and promoting other brand products, known as an influencer.

We might have been marketing slaves or promotional victims because of the social media content. Once we purchase products or services, the influencer will receive the income automatically from promoting the brands.

Consequently, content is essential for modern marketing. Even though we do not have an online business or sell any products, we can create an income from being the influencer, which this method is called content monetisation. In this context, we will explain the definition of content monetisation and how to do it.

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What is Content Monetisation?

Monetisation is the platform created that is utilised as a tool to convert content into income. 

Data monetisation might be familiar in the online platform, which means utilising user insight to analyse and develop the products and services for an effective marketing plan that creates the company’s profits.

Therefore, content monetisation is to create an income from content on the platform, which is familiar to the content creator as they receive the money once the content is consumed. Moreover, the platform allows the user to donate money to the content creator, or the third party can hire the influencer to promote the products or services to receive income. Affiliate marketing is another feature that provides a product placement function and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement for influencers.


Technique on How to Effectively Monetise Content 

Branding is a significant factor in content monetisation. For example, the brand personality is cheerful, so this identity should be promoted and presented without alluding to others. We have the techniques to follow below:

Goal setting

The content creator sets the target audience and understands the expectation of the content to foresee the result to plan and strategise the content that can achieve the goal.

Reliable content

The content from the writer’s belief can create a feeling in the context, which the audience perceives once they read the content.


The language enhances the reader’s feelings. Therefore, selecting the language that aligns with the target audience is necessary. For example, food content uses wordings that influence the reader to crave the food, or the beauty clinic selects wordings about beauty for people to use the services. Therefore, the language is significant for the context to influence the reader, which might affect income.

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Components of Content Monetisation


Simple and noticeable topics such as entertainment news headlines influence the audience to follow the content and read more. The power of headline draws interest, but it needs to be aware of excessive headlines that deceives the audience because they create negative results for the content creator and SEO.


The introduction should be interesting and attract the audience because this part presents what the audience receives from the content.


The highlight attracts the audience to read the content. Therefore, influential words should use to draw the audience’s attention to read the content by adding wording such as a giveaway or time limitation. 


The promotional content for services and products is different from website content. Therefore, content monetisation should be concise to match the audience’s behaviour nowadays. For the long content, the creator should divide it into several short parts for the audience.


Consumers prefer fast content such as short videos or short contexts to skim read. Therefore, the conclusion supports rechecking the content on the writer’s understanding, so the audience will receive the advantage from it. 


Appealing photos or infographics attract an audience to stay on the content, which the photo might contain three short sentences to easily read and remember.


Content monetisation is another channel to make an income for the content creator because social media marketing is active tremendously, so the content creators can create content on well-known platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., to generate income which we are also the supporters to them.

The content influences the consumer, so the business should apply effective content for business growth. However, you want to create content but are still unsuccessful. Primal Digital Agency provides professional content creators and writers to support your brand. 

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