Digital Tactics #6 | What’s The Best Social Media Channel To Use?

Hi, I’m Mark, Managing Director of Primal, and today’s question is what social media channel is the best channel to be using in order for me, as a business, to reach my audience.

So, the answer lies in actually looking at your audience. What their behaviour is, what their online behaviour is, what the demographics are. Basically, what channels they hang out in the most. If you’re looking at perhaps Thais between ages 18 to 24, you’re most likely gonna be looking at more recent platforms like LINE and Instagram,

and perhaps some older audiences like Facebook, which is been around for much longer. What we find is that social channels which have been around for much longer tend to have older audiences. And the reason why this is is because when there is a new social media channel, it tends to be teenagers that jump on this first, and then once it becomes saturated, you start to see the teenagers parents start joining the platform afterwards,and audience on that

particular platform grows.  So look at your audience.

You could do a small survey to find out some of your existing customers, and see what they do

with themselves online. One thing you can definitely look at is looking at this, if you’ve got an iPhone there is an app on there called, in the settings, called screen time.

You can actually have a look to see where people spend most of their time on their phone.

And what you’ll find is with certain age groups, you’ll be able to identify which apps, and which social platforms across their particular behaviours and where they spend most of their time.

You can use this to gauge where your efforts should be in terms of producing and advertising any of your content. Thank you.