What is HTML And How does it relate to SEO?

Wondering what exactly HTML is? HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It’s a scripting language used to write web pages.

How much do you need to know about HTML?

SEO is important for online businesses because having high visibility on search engines creates selling opportunities. HTML helps increase a website’s visibility, so a basic knowledge of HTML structure is very useful for SEO.

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What is HTML Structure?

Now you understand the definition of HTML; it’s time to introduce the structure of HTML and its elements.

HTML files are displayed in text format only. The web browser displays the coding of an HTML file to show elements such as bold text, underlines, italics etc., depending on the commands written. HTML files have two main components:

  1. Header: title
  2. Body: text, images, and other materials

However, every component of a web page has an HTML Tag to control its display.

What is an HTML Tag?

An HTML tag is a command that controls the display of text and media on a web page. In other words, it is a command to customise the display of web pages to be beautiful, easy to read, and memorable to visitors.  

The HTML tag is put between < and > and acts as instructions. There are two main types of HTML tags.

  1. An HTML tag is a single command (an empty tag) placed in front of the text, for example, <br> being put in front of a new line as a line break.
  1. HTML paired tags (container tags) are opening and closing tags. The opening tag is placed in front of the text. The closing tag is the same as the opening tag, but the sign “/” is added to the closing tag. For example, if you put <html> at the beginning of an HTML tag file, you would put </html> in the closing tag.

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Which HTML Tags are Important for SEO?

There are different HTML tags to input photos and videos and adjust the text. However, the ones we recommended understanding for SEO purposes are: 

<HTML>….</HTML> The beginning and end of the web page’s HTML file.

<HEAD>….<HEAD> The beginning and end of the Header section.

<BODY>….</BODY> The beginning and the end of the body.

<H1>….</H1> The beginning and the end of Heading No. 1.

Example of HTML in web pages


  <head> <title> Primal provides SEO service to get you to the first page of the Search Engines </title> </head>


  <H1> How to Do SEO </H1> 

<H2> What is SEO? </H2>

     <P> SEO is the strategy to rank your website on the first page of Search Engines </P> 



Where do you put the keyword in an HTML tag?

The answer is the header part of the title, the meta tag, the headings H1, H2 and H3, and the Alt Text, which is the image’s description. The keywords in the HTML tags help Bots understand the context of your site and rank it more easily. Moreover, using HTML tags to bold, italic, or underline text also helps to increase the Bots’ understanding of your page.

For those who do SEO, it’s important to know what SEO is. Learning the HTML language and HTML tags are the basics of effective SEO. They will help Bots understand your content and allow your web page to gradually climb to the 1st page of the search engines without difficulty.