Top 5 Social Media Trends in 2022

Social media channels are essential for marketers these days as it’s where potential customers spend time online. Communicating with customers via social media is a great way to reach and engage with them. But in order for a brand to market itself on social media effectively, it must have a deep understanding of the social media trends. Today we will highlight the top 5 social media trends marketers need to know about for 2022.

5 เทรนด์โซเชียลมีเดียที่น่าจับตามอง

TikTok Will Continue to Grow

If you thought that TikTok had peaked in the last year, think again. With the number of active users reaching 1 billion a month, this social media platform is one that is continuing to grow. We all know that users have a preference for shorter video content; no doubt it was this that prompted the creation of the Reels feature on Instagram and Facebook. The rising popularity of TikTok presents brands with a great opportunity to use the platform to build awareness, increase engagement, and ultimately drive sales. 

Facebook Will Still Be A Focus

As new social media platforms continue to emerge, you could be forgiven for thinking that Facebook is old news, favoured by the middle-aged. This thinking could also be reinforced by a recent survey looking at Gen Z’s social media behaviour, which revealed that Facebook’s popularity had dropped to 6th place. But can this really be the case?

After taking a closer look we found that Facebook continues to remain the most popular social media platform in the world with 1.5 billion users per day, the majority of which are working people with high purchasing power. So, even though the younger generation has turned their attention to other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, Facebook is still an extremely powerful social media platform that shouldn’t be overlooked by marketers. 

Podcasts Are Drivers of Engagement

Despite the fact that the Clubhouse craze has calmed down, most marketers still see the value in live audio platforms as a way to increase engagement and build brand awareness. As such, many brands are turning their attention to creating podcasts to engage with their target audience. 

Instagram กลายเป็นแหล่งแจ้งเกิดของ Micro-Influencer

Instagram is Nurturing the Micro-Influencer

This year we’ve seen that TikTok is not the only place influencers are created. Instagram has paved the way for the creation of the micro-influencer. These influencers have fewer followers than the major influencers out there, but their followers are often highly-engaged and loyal. They have the power to influence, and increase the attractiveness of your product or service with friendly and relatable content. Therefore, influencer marketing on Instagram is a great avenue for marketers to explore. 

2022 is the year of online events

Many people think that now the pandemic is easing, online events are no longer necessary as we are able to gather face-to-face. However, many are still opting to stay at home or do hybrid working. Therefore, meeting online is still as important as ever, whether that’s via Facebook Live, Instagram Live or any other online meeting platform. Different brands have adapted in different ways and it’s now very normal to see online concerts, fan meet-and-greets, and even fashion shows. This is one of the most interesting social media trends of 2022. 

There you have it, those are our top 5 social media trends for 2022. As you can see, although some platforms seem to have fallen out of favour, they can still be great channels to generate sales for your brand. The most important thing is to make sure you create interesting content that suits each platform. Therefore, businesses should take time to understand their target customers’ behaviour in detail.