Top 10 YouTubers in Thailand in 2022

Nowadays, we consume news and information from various kinds of media. YouTube is a famous and influential social media platform where many people create their own channels to host their content.

Today, we will share the top 10 Thailand Youtubers in 2022 under 5 categories:

10 อันดับยูทูปเบอร์ไทยหมวด Life Style ในปี 2022!

Thailand’s Top 10 Lifestyle YouTubers in 2022 

Lifestyle content is popular as it doesn’t tend to have a specific target audience. It generally focuses on producing viral content, including news and advertorials. YouTubers have to work hard to create a unique style of content to increase their subscribers. 

The Top 10 Lifestyle YouTubers in Thailand in 2022

  1. Kaykai Salaider: 15.7M subscribers
  2. Bie The Ska: 13.7M subscribers
  3. My Mate Nate: 11.9M subscribers
  4. SpriteDer SPD: 9.26M subscribers
  5. HeHaa TV: 8.46M subscribers
  6. Kyutae Oppa: 8.10M subscribers
  7. MNJ TV: 7.02M subscribers
  8. VRZOchannel: 6.92M subscribers
  9. 108Life: 6.06M subscribers
  10. PRIMKUNG: 6M subscribers

10 อันดับยูทูปเบอร์ไทยหมวดท่องเที่ยว ในปี 2022!

Thailand’s Top 10 Travel YouTubers in 2022

When we think about Thailand, we also think about nature, culture, and tradition, all of which attract both Thai and international tourists. Travel YouTubers know the popularity of travel and hospitality and use this to create content to promote travel. Travel-specific YouTube channels are very popular, with millions of subscribers. Their target audience is travellers looking for new adventures and experiences in different places. 

The Top 10 Travel YouTubers in Thailand in 2022

  1. Mark Wiens: 8.79 M subscribers
  2. I Rome Alone: 2.68M subscribers
  3. Tamjaitood Official: 1.84M subscribers
  4. YES I GO: 1.27M subscribers
  5. Annaontour: 944K subscribers
  6. KaoSupatsara: 888K subscribers
  7. SunitJo Travel: 830K subscribers
  8. WabisabiTV: 826K subscribers
  9. TheGaijinTrips: 820K subscribers
  10. DABOYWAY: 810K subscribers

10 อันดับยูทูปเบอร์ไทยหมวดอาหาร ในปี 2022!

Thailand’s Top 10 Food YouTubers in 2022 

Food lovers won’t want to miss this list. These food Youtubers will help you discover secret restaurants and hidden gems. These channels are another way for restaurants and cafés to promote themselves to food lovers. 

The Top 10 Food YouTubers in Thailand in 2022

  1. PEACH EAT LAEK: 7.83M subscribers
  2. AntiheroLifeTV: 4.41M subscribers
  3. KunTi: 3.48M subscribers
  4. Pi-Sure-Ma-Laew (Tiger Zap): 3.37M subscribers
  5. Gin dai aroi duay: 2.71M subscribers
  6. Arainy:2.55M subscribers
  7. FoodTravelTVChannel: 2.55M subscribers
  8. Nickynachat: 2.51M subscribers
  9. Kruapitpilai: 2.06M subscribers
  10. Icesy-Kin-Yua (Icesy Eating): 1.83M subscribers

10 อันดับยูทูปเบอร์ไทยหมวดเกมส์ ในปี 2022!

Thailand’s Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in 2022

The gaming and streaming category has millions of subscribers. The target audience learns new playing skills and techniques through the content these channels produce and receives recommendations on gaming accessories, chairs, and PCs. 

The Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Thailand in 2022

  1. Zbing z.: 16.1M subscribers
  2. RUOK FF: 9.87M subscribers
  3. UDiEX2: 8.85M subscribers
  4. PojzPlaza: 8.19M subscribers
  5. CGGG: 8.07M subscribers
  6. HEARTROCKER: 7.79M subscribers
  7. TAE: 7.08M subscribers
  8. LowGrade: 6.65M subscribers
  9. SkizzTV: 5.88M subscribers
  10. MonDEV: 5.1M subscribers

10 อันดับยูทูปเบอร์ไทยหมวดความสวยความงาม ในปี 2022!

Thailand’s Top 10 Beauty YouTubers in 2022

Beauty, fashion, and makeup techniques are hot topics beauty YouTubers often cover in their videos. Tutorial videos are particularly popular amongst the target audience. 

The Top 10 Beauty YouTubers in Thailand in 2022

  1. Nisamanee.Nutt: 1.78M subscribers
  2. Amy Kitiya: 1.38M subscribers
  3. nuttiesll3ll: 1.37M subscribers
  4. Archita Station: 1.35M subscribers
  5. EYETA: 1.32M subscribers
  6. WIRI: 1.25M subscribers
  7. Mintchyy: 1.12M subscribers
  8. Gamgy channel: 1.12M subscribers
  9. NOBLUK: 1.12M subscribers
  10. MadammPam: 1.03M subscribers

Reach Your Target Audience Through Thailand’s YouTubers

YouTubers are now major influencers with the ability to impact their target audience’s purchase decisions. Through this channel, your products can reach your target audiences more authentically. It’s easy to estimate ROI (return on investment) from the subscriber numbers in each category. YouTube is another marketing channel we recommend investing in. Our lists of the top 10 YouTubers in Thailand in 2022 are a good place to start when considering promoting your products or services through influencers.


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  • Information correct as of May 6, 2022