From Foreigners to Local Favorites | Cullen And Jung

Many foreigners and expats have found unparalleled success in the lifestyle blogging space in Thailand, resonating deeply with Thai audiences by sharing their unique perspectives and experiences of living in and exploring the country. These creators often bring fresh eyes to local customs and places, blending narratives, bridging cultural gaps and fostering a sense of global community.

One such example of popular lifestyle blogging in Thailand is the charming YouTube channel “컬렌 Cullen HateBerry,” brought to life by Cullen and Jung, two engaging Koreans who have quickly become a sensation since the channel’s launch in April 2022. Despite struggling with Thai language challenges and their unique take on grammar, they have captured Thai viewers’ hearts with their fun and captivating explorations of the country. 

In an impressively short span of just two years, they’ve gathered a staggering following of over 2 million, reshaping the influencer scene with their infectious enthusiasm. Let’s uncover the secrets to their astonishing success and what makes them so beloved by their audience.


Thailand Through The Eyes Of Cullen And Jung

Meet Cullen and Jung, the dynamic duo lighting up YouTube with their adventures in Thailand! Cullen, originally an EDM producer from the band “HateBerry,” found his way to YouTube after spinning tracks as a DJ in a Korean bar in Thailand. His deep appreciation for Thai culture and his striking resemblance to Thai people inspired him to start his own channel, showcasing his explorations across the country. Initially, Cullen took to the camera solo, respecting his friends’ privacy while sharing snippets of his daily life, music production adventures, and his experiences living in Thailand as a Korean.

His debut video, titled “Music Producer Life in Bangkok, Introducing Myself,” set the stage for what would become a series of engaging and fun-filled vlogs. In it, Cullen promised in Korean to share his “fun daily life, life as an EDM producer, and life in Thailand,” ensuring viewers it would be an exciting journey.

In February 2023, Jung, a Korean businessman with a sunny disposition who had made Thailand his home, joined the channel, making his first appearance in an intriguing video named “Thai local BBQ buffet, Only $7?” 

Already a friend of Cullen’s, Jung brought an extra layer of warmth and camaraderie to the channel. Known for his friendly and approachable nature, Jung’s chemistry with Cullen enhanced the content and cemented their place as much-loved influencers in Thailand. 


คัลเลน-พี่จอง ยูทูบเบอร์สายเที่ยว

Cullen and Jung, travel YouTubers

Why Do Thai Audiences Love Cullen And Jung?

What makes Cullen and Jung so beloved by the Thai audience? It’s a blend of cultural fascination, personal charm, and authentic storytelling that captures the hearts of viewers across Thailand. Let’s dig into the details. 

Embracing The Korean Wave

Thailand’s deep-seated love for Korean culture, often referred to as the Hallyu Wave, plays a pivotal role in Cullen and Jung’s swift rise to fame. This fascination with Korean entertainment, beauty, and lifestyle solidifies their channel’s appeal.

Charismatic Appeal

Cullen and Jung’s innate humour, charm, and authenticity resonate deeply with their Thai followers. Their ability to engage viewers with their genuine personalities and heartwarming friendship makes their channel a joy to watch.

Delightful Language Missteps

Interestingly, their imperfect Thai and playful grammar mistakes endear them even more to their audience. Cullen and Jung’s approach to the Thai language, far from being a barrier, has become a beloved quirk, encouraging a trend of embracing and celebrating language learning journeys.

A Fresh Lens on Thailand

Their channel provides a unique perspective on daily Thai life from the viewpoint of foreigners. This includes reactions to local food, customs, and places, offering Thai viewers a refreshing look at their own culture through the eyes of Cullen and Jung. This blend of curiosity and appreciation for Thai culture adds an extra layer of entertainment and connection.

Building Cultural Bridges

Beyond just entertainment, Cullen and Jung’s channel serves as a cultural bridge, celebrating the similarities and differences between Korean and Thai cultures. Their adventures and experiences foster a greater understanding and appreciation among their viewers, highlighting the beauty of cultural exchange.

Relatable Content

They craft content that speaks to a wide audience by focusing on everyday experiences, adventures, and the simple joys of life in Thailand. This relatability is key to their success, making viewers feel like they’re part of Cullen and Jung’s journey.

In essence, their channel is a celebration of cross-cultural friendship and discovery.

คัลเลน พี่จอง และจูดี้ คลิปเที่ยวสุพรรณบุรี

Cullen, Jung, and Judy in Suphan Buri


A Fresh Perspective On Influencer Marketing In Thailand

Cullen and Jung have revolutionised the world of influencer marketing with their widespread appeal, drawing the attention of numerous brands keen on forging partnerships with them. Their unique approach to product endorsements, which are subtly and seamlessly integrated into their engaging travel content, has significantly elevated the credibility of the products they feature among their audience.

For instance, their collaboration with La Roche-Posay sunscreen is a prime example of their effective marketing strategy. By integrating the product into their travel adventures, they showcased its utility and made it more relatable and appealing to their viewers. This natural integration enhances the product’s appeal, demonstrating its effectiveness in real-world settings and boosting viewer trust.

Similarly, their partnership with Samsung has intrigued audiences, particularly through Cullen’s charming efforts to pronounce product names in Thai. This genuine attempt and viral behind-the-scenes footage have endeared them further to their followers, creating a buzz around Samsung’s products. This strategy goes beyond traditional advertising, building a deeper connection with the audience and generating natural awareness and enthusiasm for the brand’s offerings.

Furthermore, their authenticity and relatable content creation have set a new benchmark in influencer marketing. By focusing on genuine experiences and integrating products into their lifestyle in a meaningful way, Cullen and Jung have shown how influencers can effectively bridge the gap between brands and consumers. Their approach entertains and informs, making brand messages more impactful and memorable.

In transforming influencer marketing, Cullen and Jung have illustrated the power of authenticity, engagement, and strategic content integration in building brand affinity and driving consumer interest. Their success is a fantastic example of the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, where influencers play a crucial role in shaping consumer perceptions and decisions.


In wrapping up, it’s clear that 컬렌 Cullen HateBerry has transformed into a cultural sensation in Thailand! Thanks to Cullen and Jung’s heartfelt connections, down-to-earth content, and savvy partnerships with brands, they’ve truly made a mark. Their influence in reshaping influencer marketing highlights just how much they’ve captured the hearts of Thai fans. It’s this blend of authenticity, fun, and clever collaboration that keeps their audience coming back for more.

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