6 Thai Brands Crushing It On Instagram

Instagram started off life as a small indie app for artistic types, but has quickly grown into one of the most influential platforms on the internet, especially when it comes to social media marketing in Bangkok.

Instagram’s focus on high-quality visual content, and now the intimate behind-the-scenes feel of the videos on Instagram stories, make it possible to reach consumers in a way that can’t be achieved on any other social network.

For brands big or small to get ahead today, it’s vital they have a clear Instagram strategy.

Thailand is one of the world’s fastest growing markets for social e-commerce and there are predicted to be 16.4 million Instagram users by 2021.

Here are six local brands that have had huge success on Instagram. By paying close attention to the type of images and videos they post, how they encourage interaction, and how campaigns are integrated into their Instagram strategy, we can come up with a recipe for success that any business can follow for stellar results.

1. Thai Airways


Thai Airways was founded in 1960 and is the flag carrier airline of Thailand, flying to over 90 worldwide destinations and carrying over 24.5 million passengers each year.

Thai Airways’ Instagram strategy focuses around promoting different destinations around the world. It does this not only with some of the best-known tourist attractions and spectacular scenery, but also music festivals and lesser-known events, such as Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling in England and the Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea.

World cuisine is also celebrated – meals served on-board different routes sit next to some of the most appetizing dishes to be found globally, such as Vietnamese pho, Russian pelmeni, and Austrian apple strudel.

Whether you love food, travel, or both, the Thai Airways Instagram feed is the stuff of dreams.

2. Pomelo Fashion


E-commerce fashion brand Pomelo started in Bangkok and now delivers to 50 countries worldwide. The brand focuses on fashions from Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul and works directly with suppliers and in-house designers to deliver on-trend fashion at affordable prices.

The popularity of the label quickly grew throughout Asia and it now has its sights set on the rest of the world. The brand has been featured in influential publications such as Vogue, refinery 29, and Rappler.

Pomelo’s Instagram feed combines fashion looks with curated flat-lays, travel and lifestyle imagery and user-generated content, encouraged with the hashtag #IAMPOMELO

A wide range of ethnicities and worldwide locations are depicted to emphasise the global reach of the brand. Follower interaction is encouraged with friendly discussion and questions to start a conversation.

Sales and special promotions are given maximum exposure on Instagram stories with a direct link to the ecommerce site.

3. Sephora Thailand


The Thai branch of beauty brand Sephora includes some model shots and user-generated content of women using the products, but the images are mostly flat-lays and attractively styled shots of the products themselves.

The carefully curated feed includes creative product shots with similar colours for a coherent look such as lipsticks on a sandy beach, a face cream surrounded by freshly cut roses, and colourful hand balms displayed as a rainbow.

Consumer participation is also encouraged with hashtag campaigns such as #FREETOBE to support International Women’s Day.

4. Jaspal


Contemporary Thai lifestyle and fashion brand Jaspal has been around since 1972, but the company has embraced the modern social media age and amassed an impressive following on Instagram.

The images for the feed are carefully chosen for a coherent look and similar images are posted in batches to give the feel of fashion spreads in an upmarket magazine.

Jaspal is also very responsive to customer comments and questions on social media, using Instagram as a platform for customer service as well as social media marketing.

5. Siam Paragon


The Siam Paragon shopping centre in Bangkok is one of the world’s top shopping locations for luxury goods and houses a hotel and events hall, as well as 90,000 sq. m of retail space.

Siam Paragon emphasises its status as a luxury fashion destination by posting images and videos (including live video on Instagram stories) of fashion shows and other special events.

The feed is dotted with appearances of both Thai and international celebrities and influencers including Violette Wautier and Drew Barrymore. This helps to re-enforce the exclusive feel of the brand.


Siam Paragon also takes its Instagram strategy into the real world by providing beautiful backdrops for photos and achieving status as one of the most Instagrammed locations in the world.

6. Kata Rocks Phuket


Kata Rocks is a five-star luxury resort in Phuket that offers guests a unique blend of exclusive island style and comfort with traditional Thai hospitality.

The travel industry is one area where images are really worth a thousand words. You could describe the perfect palm-fringed white sand beaches until you’re blue in the face, but a beautiful photo will always be more effective – no matter how persuasive your copywriting skills are.

This makes Instagram a natural platform for businesses in the travel industry and this luxury hotel resort is taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Photographs on the Kata Rocks Instagram account are aspirational –not only depicting the beautiful location and luxurious design of the private villas, but also encouraging followers to picture themselves enjoying a cocktail by the pool or sunset dinner for two.

Have a magical weekend ??@tee_smyth

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The vast majority of content on the account is user-generated – a smart choice that many brands are catching onto these days.

Not only is user-generated content more cost-effective than hiring professional photographers and models, but it also comes across as more authentic and genuine when pictures are taken by real people enjoying the resort.

A Winning Instagram Strategy

What all these brands have in common is that they connect on an individual basis with people viewing their Instagram feed. Putting a human face on a big brand so that customers feel included rather than intimidated is one of the most powerful benefits of social media.

A great Instagram strategy isn’t just about posting pretty pictures, but rather, using the platform as a way to inspire, connect, and provoke conversation.

With minimal budget and a little creativity, any brand can grow an audience and a dedicated following both for their Instagram and their business.

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