What is white hat, grey hat and black hat SEO? Which one won’t get your website banned?

White hat, grey hat and black hat SEO all use backlinks from other websites. To prevent Google from banning your website, white hat SEO is the proper way to do this form of off-page SEO. 

Off-page SEO is a way to drive traffic to your website and help it climb up the rankings. There are three methods: white hat SEO, grey hat SEO and black hat SEO.  

Today we would like to show you the difference between each hat, including the advantages and disadvantages, and which one is best to use.

SEO สายขาว สายเทา สายดำ คืออะไร


What is white, grey, & black hat SEO?

Many people may think that off-page SEO is all the same, but that’s not the case. Read on to discover the difference between these approaches. 


White hat SEO complies with Google’s Guidelines by posting quality content that is easy to read and valuable to users. More importantly, the backlinks generated are high-quality, from credible websites. White hat SEO allows your website to climb up the ranking on search engines in an honest and sustainable way.

Guidelines & Advice:

  • Articles must be newly written, not a copy of another article. They must be useful for readers and provide up-to-date information. 
  • Research your keywords thoroughly since they are crucial to the content on your website. People need to be able to find your content when they search.
  • Choose websites with high credibility and create organic backlinks. 
  • Articles should be mobile-friendly.
  • Backlinks shouldn’t come from posts generated by an automatic programme or bot.
  • Keywords shouldn’t be used excessively, hidden, or written unnaturally.

SEO สายดำ Black Hat SEO


Black hat SEO is when you use SEO techniques that do not comply with Google’s rules, which can lead to a Google penalty. Black hat SEO exploits the gaps in Google’s algorithm. It may help your website climb the rankings faster than white hat SEO, but you risk getting caught and penalised by Google. This often means that your page won’t show in the search results and may even be banned altogether. Google is constantly developing its algorithm to prevent black hat SEO so that users can access the best content. 

How Black Hat SEO is Done

  • Cloaking: when you hide or show different versions of your content, displaying one version on your website for readers and another for the bots.
  • Keyword stuffing: repeatedly putting keywords in the content without considering quality or user needs.  
  • Spam links: links with no quality, used purely to create backlinks, generated from broken websites or a programme. 

Google Penalty

If there is a breach of Google’s rules or regulations, there will be a penalty. Depending on the level of the breach, this could be:

  • Deduction of website points 
  • A drop in website ranking
  • Not showing in search results
  • A ban


Grey hat SEO uses strategies and techniques from white hat and back hat. It complies with Google’s rules like white hat SEO does and exploits the gaps in Google’s algorithm like black hat SEO does. The results are faster than with pure white hat SEO, and it is less risky than black hat SEO. However, there is still a risk of getting banned.

Now you know the different types of SEO and their differences; if you want your website to be top of the rankings and build credibility that sticks, white hat SEO is the method for you. Most importantly, it will also prevent your website from getting banned and dropping down the ranking.